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  1. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=68562
  2. started a new save and it has happened again really not good for someone who has bought the game for years.
  3. It happened during a end game team talk i had just switched to windowed. never happened before. Attached is my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  4. Doing a saves with Wolves. Encountered a crash and lost a lot of progress for it. Including a win against Manchester United after penalties in the 2nd round of the cup. Very dissapointed. FM 2018 v18.0.2.1032507 (2017.11.02 20.15.15).dmp
  5. Ok thanks Neil for all of your help with this i appreciate the constant support with the issue
  6. Update to this i uninstalled all skins/graphics/editor data even though they was not being used. Seems to be working good now. Are there any 3rd party graphics you can recommend that wont cause the problem again?
  7. Hi Neil, Quick Update added another user to the pc set up a new game still same issue was about 2 hours of playtime before same issue occured
  8. Hi Neil, Yes RTTS is removed from rig and i also uninstalled OBS still having the same issue really dont know what this could be half of the programmes on my PC have been removed still no fix
  9. Galdr, I have tried every single game setting 2D 3D you name it same issue. I have done all you said, Re validated Game Files, Deleted Cache/preferences Uninstalled My AV Programme and MSI Afterburner, Deleted Custom graphics. My PC is perfectly capable of running 3D on highest settings to. As far as i can think this must be a issue with the new update (17.3) or an issue with windows conflicting with it. Either way i hope we can both get answers as i am a long time fan of this game.
  10. Hi Neil, Did all the steps you asked uninstalled bullguard antivirus and turned on windows defender. After this i uninstalled and re installed FM. played for roughly a day and having same issue again really not sure what to do now frustrating.
  11. Hi Neil, Uninstalled MSI Afterburner and reinstalled FM still having the same issue.
  12. Thanks For the quick reply neil. All info requested has been sent to forums@sigames.com
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