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  1. Stats like that of a budget Eden Hazard
  2. Buy Vagnoman. Both sides. Very solid and would develop other attributes with maturity already on his side.
  3. CFs: Fiete Arp, Lautaro (more expensive but meh) LWs: Marin RWs: Bailey Marquee: Asensio. Takes care of pretty much everything set piece related. Goalscoring CM: Sergei Milinkovic Savic (SMS). Sign whatever the price. FBs: Josha Vagnoman. Good on both left and right.
  4. Buy Fiete Arp instead. That boy is the truth.
  5. Don't sell Willian. Sell Pedro instead. Then buy Sancho and rotate both of them. Also, Antonio Marin of Dinamo Moskva is a good buy for LW. CHO eventually hit a ceiling of 3 stars potential in my save even though I gave him a number of starts on both wings. Also, if Kante elects to go, sell him. Milinkovic Savic is more than an able replacement + he would bag more goals than Kante. The only downsides is that 1)he tires out easily, 2) he can never be your defensive midfield option 3)neither can Jorginho. Belotti is a bad idea. He is largely inconsistent in the buildup play phase. I would recommend Lautaro Martinez, Maxi Gomez or a personal favourite: Fiete Arp of Hamburg. Also for FB, buy Josha Vagnoman. Solid, young, develops rapidly with more minutes, capable replacement for Azpi. Sell Alonso if need be cos that guy is instant rubbish. Ampadu too should be given minutes. Errrrrmmmm...also look at regens cos sooner than later you would soon start having EPL rules registration issues. And if you have lost Caballero, look out for Ben Foster, Fraser Forster or one of these English GKs that dropped to the Championships in that first season. Should help with that. Also, sort out a Spanish club affiliate for foreign purchases and loans to balance out work permit problems. Valar Morghulis.
  6. Semedo. Cheap, fast, physical. Good bet. Can also vouch for Koulibaly and Manolas on your list of CBs. Also look at Upamecano too.
  7. Wait...on loan? This loan to buy sounds like a pretty dope plan.
  8. FC Bayern offer This one is a little different. Bayern approached me for Rudiger and I am considering selling him. Already bought De Ligt and really looking forward to developing him along with Ethan Ampadu who has a great PA rating. David Luiz is inconsistently consistent but is a team leader so I cannot necessarily sell him. So..to sell or not to sell; that is the question. Rudiger's form: been pretty good actually.
  9. Fiete Arp or Pietro Pellegri? Antonio Marin or Brunn Larsen? So many decisions.... And is Frenkie de Jong not a bad idea? Great B2B attributes, young and dynamic, q driving force on the ball IRL?
  10. Bro, your stats are monstrous. Also on my BVB save, De Ligt is always being snapped up by Chelsea so he is out of it. If you notice Christensen is not getting game time, you can woo him to come to BVB instead as a compromise.
  11. Frenkie De Jong or De Ligt? Who's the better bet?
  12. Okay brov, I would search the thread for it.
  13. I have always used Borussia Dortmund in the BuLi. Always dominated everytime. I am thinking of doing same but BVB is more of an unknown quantity to me in recent times.
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