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  1. This is something I’ve been wishing for too. Like in squad page when looking transfer status, there could be “Available for reserve” tap too? Demoting/promoting is sometimes very time consuming. And with B teams demoting player to play only next match many times turns out to be many matches as something is wrong with Senior / B-team connection. Reserve teams seem to be working properly.
  2. B-Team bug is most definately still there. All clubs with B-team / Youth team in real leagues have this notable bug in which players doesn't progress and are unhappy. Those "basic" reserve teams works well as it should be. One of the most best jobs and challenges would be take control of good youth producing team (Like PSV & Jong PSV or AZ, Ajax etc) and turn those into real young talent factories, but this B-team bug takes fun out of it unfortunately. This is something I'd like to fixed most in FMM as B-team is actually far more worse to have than reserve team! This have been the case for
  3. About those B teams, are you currently looking into issue with youngsters not developing in B teams (Like Jong PSV) like in reserve teams and they tend to be more dissatisfied in B teams as in "Regular" reserve teams? You only can get young players developed when promoted to A Team (in which their attributes skyrockets even without playing) versus being and playing in B team. Also, they somehow turn down every loan opportunity when in B team, but if I promote them first then they'll accept all loan offers. B teams, like Jong PSV, are just not working correctly and have multiple issues. Coachin
  4. Hi Louei, I actually sent save file yesterday straight from game when I stumbled upon this. I’ve played a lot and this is first time I’ve seen anything like this in 2021 edition. Maybe because those were free AI thought that those would be good additions for the squad, or something like that. On a side note, I don’t know if it have been addressed but relatively quality players still tends to be stuck at squads for multiple years even without getting any or very rarely games. Keep up the good work!
  5. I noticed quite the opposite. I found team with 17 keepers! I sent that file for you if needed. I thought this was something you’ve already sorted out?
  6. I’ve noticed couple times that my player have played 2-3 minutes and still got 8 rating without goals or assists in match they should be max 6. International ratings seems like rolling the dice at times.
  7. Aberdeen plays in Scottish Premiership and issue was because European international matches were played at the same time, most of my player are either Scottish or English. This happened 2 seasons ago and have not happened ever since, though. Also, anyone else have corners leading to goals marked as counterattack goals in commentary? It seems like it doesn’t matter if I’m playing counter or attacking mentality.
  8. Hi, Encountered this bug with majority of my squad is on internation duties, but I still have 2 matches against Rangers (which also have multiple players away on international duties) in Scottish premier League. Not sure why this happened, maybe possible match days have run out, but still its pretty crippling to have way over 10 players away. This have been only time I've encountered this bug. I saved to that point in case you'll need to look at it. Still managed to get decent enough starting eleven to win matches!
  9. I’m feeling like sharing my experience after playing few season this year’s edition of FMM. It’s been a very positive one and gladly give a feedback to FMM team who has made a great game in difficult 2020 circumstances. First of all, comparing to previous years, this year have been completely bug free for me (I understand that some bugs have been present, but considerably less than previously). Great job & testing! Really enjoyable! Current COVID-crisis and match congestion is really great challenge to make it through. For a player who have played for 6-7 years, it proved a might
  10. I’ve noticed this one too! I’m using iPhone XR and swiping noticeably more sluggish than in FMM20 Otherwise 2021 have been great in terms of new features! And after few hours of playing I’ve noticed any bugs so far. Other than swiping being unresponsive, of course
  11. Hi, unfortunately I've advance in my save past that, sorry. But this happened at least in 2 occasions. This was shown in assistant managers report on international matches with 2 GK from my reserve side with both showing 90 mins playing time.
  12. Hi, I have couple young keepers which both plays for England U21 squad. It's quite amusing that most matches both get 90mins of match time! So that's 2 goalkeepers playing - at the same time.
  13. After over one month of playing it's still the best FMM so far! I've played all but first previously but 2020 edition is easily the best with reserve team addition and improved squad interaction. No major flaws or bugs came across to me which is surprising and great of course. Started new game before Christmas and decided to turn mighty Kings Lynn Town to EPL club. Now 5 seasons in My observations: -There are fewer above-your-league freebies which you can sign easily than I. Previous versions. Obviously good and more realistic. Also I've struggled to get good players ch
  14. I was sceptical at first remembering last year release was not so smooth. This year there seem to be a lot less bugs and game is running smoothly! Well done SI! New features are good and reserve team action is very welcome feature. Developing youth players now is well done for a mobile game. I'm absolutely loving this game, heck I even like new colours and looks. 10 goals games are in past too (or is it just me?) And AI seems to be maybe bit more intelligent than in previous game. Selling fringe players isn't easy money anymore, or at least I tend to have a lot less than previously
  15. Im old school players who use only text based matches. I get kicks out of detail and depth. Just more depth, especially on finances and teams' training and second team / yout team action would be very welcome additions. Oh, and mostly, no bugs
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