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  1. I must say new fitness system have been very good addition! From superhumans to close(r) to reality - I like it! Oh, and DM's are good, which is nice! I just played 4 hours straight and enjoyed it. It seem like more balanced, properly working and players' fitness finally needs some planning. I've asked more challenging game and you delivered one. I'd say its still easy to pick up and play but for hardcore gamer it's more challenging to master. SI, thanks for a massive update! There have been some hard times, but you guys have been working hard as usual and FMM19 is back on tracks.
  2. Dear SI Games, FMM have become too buggy to be enjoyed as so many bugs interfere and makes game unenjoyable at many times. You probably know most of these, but bringing these up once again I'm hoping it might get fixed. Maybe it's time to start new game from scratch? Or your bosses pours some needed money to fix things So, I'm playing OnePlus 6, played with iOS before but had to change phone due work. I even bought game second time (and many years in row now) this year so I really want to support you guys. So the bugs: - Annoying but minor: most recent save isn't the most recent - Buy-Out doesn't work - only starts bidding war, which I assume shouldnt happen? Just get rid of it if it can't be fixed - VAR is buggy - Game is still way too easy, euro cups are walk in the park particularly - I have like 10 young keepers, but English national team only have 1 - Light training develops players more that medium/heavy, even when trying to balance things - DM's a nightmare - too many unavoidable late match draws Goalfests are down nowadays which is very pleasing!
  3. For me, at the First season im in currenty every pre-loaded loan is at 100% wage. Highly unrealistic and very annoying. In FMM19
  4. From first months into season, it seems like game difficulty have been raised slightly? Only a good thing if so! Waiting for a hardcore mode to be installed
  5. Loanees with (unrealistic) high wages in lower league clubs. 100% wage contribution slapped to all?
  6. Last version pre-loaded loans were all without wage contribution, now it seems like everything is 100%. Kills pretty much every small lower leagues wage budget. Don't think its meant to be like it? For instance Boreham Wood paying 3.5k£ for a on-load player? Dont think so irl. So maybe a bug?
  7. Not related to OP problem, but I've noticed that my players are often overlooked when it comes to international call ups. My current game is in 2020 with Fulham and my young talents O'Riley and R. Sessegnon are by numbers and stats clearly best at their position, but still not a single call up. T. Abraham with 22 league goals, still no England call. Happened many times before in different saves. National teams tends to be quite static and from smaller stature clubs are maybe too overlooked. Squad selection to friendlies could be more adventurous, it would maybe add a touch of realism?
  8. Sorry about off-topic, but Fleetwood in EPL, blimey. I once saw Cardiff relegated to Conference! And year was only around 2025-26! We should put up a topic about great rises and falls, would be interested to see what kind of progressions people have come across
  9. Ah yes. Sounds very familiar. And giving him proper training he's turning into world class striker in few seasons, right? I once signed L2 striker to EPL with Aerial and Strenght green, movement and decisions, pace and finishing just above 10. Otherwise he was c**p. But playing him as a alone up front as a target man, combined with early crosses and shoot at sight, he scored 22 in 33 appearances
  10. I believe this is down to the fact that FMM goal amount is through the roof. And game is way too easy. If you're having even mediocre striker and he plays almost whole season it's nearly miracle if he doesn't be league top scorer.
  11. This! AI keeps buying players with large sums and don't play them. Seems like AI buying players is very random thing and it's nothing related to squad weaknesses or needs, which I find odd. Same thing with players which doesn't get any playing time. They seems to be more than happy to spend 4 years without single appearance. But loaning them out isn't happening and asking prices are ridiculous. Game needs more player movement as a whole, I think. Countless time following process happens: Big club buys player X with large sum (Lets say 16m). After 3-4 seasons he's managed to play under 10 games altogether or even none. In real world any professional player would seek loan or transfer out. But no, no cut-price deals, as parent club want 15m+ for this player who haven't played much
  12. Well I did not. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Very nice gesture and sad story
  13. Im with this guy. I get a lot of games' enjoyement from detailed management of my club and its youngsters. So option to choose reserve league instead of some foreign league would get my vote
  14. This guy had few interested clubs but decided to call it career. At 22 years old.
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