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  1. Perhaps the realists need to realize that possession isn't tracked the same way in FM as in real life.
  2. I think there's still an issue with the "defending - wide" module not being in the list?
  3. Even without wingers, it still cranks up a bit the wingbacks' mentality.
  4. So if I didn't misread, you'd advise not to pair a mezzala with an inside winger on the same flank?
  5. The "vertical tiki-taka" is effectively the Sarri-ball, so I'd say it's a good starting point if you want to replicate Sarri
  6. It's impossible for the moment, it either has to be hardcoded (which means SI have to do it, along other things, to replicate historical formats (like OOTP does) but it's really unlikely) or there needs to be a more advanced and stable editor than what we have at the moment, which is... unlikelier.
  7. Because he's always right and if you dare have a different opinion you're a fanboy (of whom or what, I still don't know).
  8. If you're not gonna make an experiment, then don't throw around terms like OP. And I fail to see the link between my post and what you call being a fanboy, care to enlighten me?
  9. Because there's no scientifical control. How about trying with no team instructions (as a control subject) and with other playing styles?
  10. Or maybe SI could add the structure and let the players do the database and download if they want to play with it. That doesn't cost more money and players who wants to play women football are able to do it by downloading a database.
  11. I mean, we don't need to have the full database, just a structure that works well enough for modders to create database of players and clubs.
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