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  1. After watching a video on real madrids and romas facilities on sky sports, it came to my attention that the one aspect of football manager that perhaps lacks detail is the facilities aspect of the game, ranging from very poor to excellent or state of the art. The ability to shape the clubs future in regard to stadium design, training facilities and academy facilities in more detail would allow the player to become more engaged with the club they are managing, and with any requests accepted to renovate existing facilities, you personally can select specific improvements to facilities in order to improve player progress (reach potential ability?). Much like wenger is credited in 'building the emirates', I believe there would be an added incentive to stay loyal to a club if you personally could witness visually the progress being made. I personally feel this would not be an expensive addition to the game, and with the 3D capabilities this game already possesses, there would be huge levels of excitement seeing your club build modern, training facilities which would have an impact on performance in games. For example, you could select individual items such as new training grounds and gym facilities which improve player morale and would incentivise players originally out of your realistic transfer targets to join. Obviously, this should have an impact on transfer budget and should only be available for the wealthiest bracket of clubs, but the idea of a budget being allocated for improving facilities with visual representation for me represents an exciting long term project within the football manager series.
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