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  1. adamdfry

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Iturrino is the most Basque surname you can get on FM from my experience! The Basque-Corsican is born - and he looks really good.
  2. Congrats on bouncing back to the National League. You have to love extended databases because obscure teams always rise the ranks crazily. The rise of Fry's Club has been great because as well as reading about your progress with St Buryan, I have something to look out for at the end of the season!
  3. A team called Fry's Club up in the 6th tier Fairly certain my local team, Rugby Town, are at that level now as well. Congrats on the Tycoon, going to make the ride interesting.
  4. adamdfry

    [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    Oh my word, regen faces that don't scare me shitless! (I miss FM15's regens) Good luck with this, the battle with APOEL a few years down the line is going to be good.
  5. adamdfry

    [FM18] Road to 1,000 Goals: Life of a Striker

    It's a small thing, but I love you've nicknamed him just 'Paulista'. He's looking class!
  6. We could potentially see an Andorran-Spanish-Basque regen come through at Bilbao! Keep up the good work!
  7. Could Vos come home one day to form a dream strikeforce with Inaki Torres if his form at AC Milan doesn't improve? Loving this so far!
  8. adamdfry

    [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Get ****ed Zesco! Persistence pays off!
  9. adamdfry

    [FM17] Adão Dragão - A Managerial Journey

    Another move for Dragao Porto B was a good experience, but I was not a fan of the interference by Nuno in my plans. We did well to come 2nd in the league but it is time for a new challenge. Feirense provides that. I want to spend multiple seasons here, hopefully getting back up to Liga NOS. We have an extra initiative to do well this season, as it marks 100 years since foundation. Let's hope Dragao can bring glory to Feirense (or move to Belenenses halfway through the season)
  10. adamdfry

    [FM17] Adão Dragão - A Managerial Journey

    Porto B - End of Season Update A decent half season. We couldn't quite win the league, but a second-placed finish in the second league was a decent result and should boost our reputation We made a solitary signing; Jose Branco from Limanios for his £32k compensation fee. He established himself as the starting right back under my management and I think he will have a solid Liga NOS career.
  11. adamdfry

    [FM17] Adão Dragão - A Managerial Journey

    The Porto manager has control of incomings and out goings. I think when you manage the first team you can give the B team manager more autonomy in responsibilities but the AI doesn't do this. The only thing I can influence is training and tactics really. I can sign players, but I have no budget to do so. I can only promote or demote players to the U19s. What is annoying is the core of my team, and Porto's best youngsters on the game, have been loaned out or promoted during the January window. It's a challenge I have to deal with and I think if we can win LigaPro it will help me get a job in this division or the Primeira Liga where this won't be an issue. I've not been too badly affected. Most of the players promoted or loaned were too good for this level anyway and needed to further their development. Benfica B was top of the league but have since fallen to 12th, which I assume is down to loans and promotion of players. It's understandable why the board objective is so low now as well.