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  1. Wolfsburg - 2035-36 - New Season Preview Transfers so far All the major deals have been done, still a few more loans to go through and I will look at bringing in a few youngster for the II side. First XI, Second XI Keepers: Morin-Cousin, Jean Carlos LMC has only featured 9 times as he has been Jean Carlos' understudy for my tenure here but this is his season to take the starting job off of him. JC is experienced but showing signs of decline. Right-backs: Zander, Mesenholer Zander is another experienced player who despite declining is still good enough to start for us at right-back. Mesenholer his understudy. Centre-backs: Joao Vitor, Gomez, Amonat, Seegert Joao and Amonat was the starting centre-back pairing until Gomez emerged as a first-team regular. A phenomenal player who arrived for just £3.3m three seasons ago. Left-backs: Calderon, Hellebrand Calderon has been class since following me from Monaco to Germany, and his consistency has caused Hellebrand to stagnate as he could not get a start. Advanced playmakers: Flores, Dowie Flores broke out as first choice last season and has developed nicely. Dowie is a new arrival who I see as more of a deep-lying playmaker but can operate in the AP role. Deep-lying playmakers: Whitten, Alvarez Whitten is a lynchpin of the team, with Alvarez providing high-quality cover for him. Carrileros: Frantz, Enes Karaca I have wanted Frantz for ages but his agent wanted stupid money last summer so I withdrew from the deal. However, his agent left so I got him this summer, what a player. Karaca was on loan a few years ago but has since come back to become a key part of the squad. Right-wingers: Krasniqi, Veenboer Krasniqi can play across the whole front three and is a complete player in my opinion. Veenboer isn't overly well suited to the IF role but still is able to do a good job there nevertheless. Left-wingers: Merino, Luque Merino is very good in this role and Luque usually deputises across the front line. Strikers: Ordenewitz, Manning Other squad players: Melgar, Pazman Melgar was a great free transfer after my scouts brought him up. I got Pazman off Lokomotiva Zagreb a few seasons ago and spent two fruitful seasons at Rijeka. He's now part of the first team squad. Onto the German and European Supercups...
  2. Thank you, I'm so relieved I finally won the Champions League! Wolves job is an impossibility (they finished interviewing) so I'm definitely staying at Wolfsburg into a fifth season (already played through most of pre-season). Past that, Chelsea is a big possibility though if any job that interests me comes up I'll pursue it. For instance, Lazio just got a tycoon takeover and paid £60m for one of my players.
  3. Wolfsburg - 2034-35 - End of Season EVERYTHING COMES TOGETHER TREBLE WINNERS!!!! The. Carcedo. Curse. Exists. Need a lifetime deal for the man. 95th minute from Zander to win the cup was a huge highlight We finally did it. Luque is a hero, coming on for Merino and being our match-winner. Absolute scenes. We managed this final without Ordenewitz, who suffered another hip injury and Veenboer while Whitten was only able to come on in the last 20 after getting injured against Chelsea. It was unique as we faced exclusively English teams in the knockout stages this year. I'm not even sure what to do. Wolves job has become available. They've signed the best Croatian prospect on the game. But how can I leave what I have assembled here in Germany, It's a mess. I'm probably going to make a save where I resign and take the Wolves job, but keep a save where I can stay here.
  4. Wolfsburg - 2034-35 - Mid-season Update Doing well so far this year in spite of a flurry of injuries towards the end of the year. Eased through the Champions League group, tough draw but we've beaten City before. Crippling injury - surely his last Ballon d'Or title, still scoring at a good rate but an alarming percentage of his goals are coming from the spot. Ronaldo-esque. Really want to get him his second Champions League title. Also he's reached 111 Germany goals, which makes him the leading men's international goalscorer of all time. What a player.
  5. Cheers mate, fairly steep fee but the Bruch sale covered it and I think with Krasniqi being younger it made sense to sign him.
  6. Wolfsburg - 2034-35 - Pre-Season Update Bruch the only major departure as he is 27 and had a poor season while I could find replacements Krasniqi is the Bruch replacement coming off a decent season in Italy and World Cup with Albania. With Zander getting on and being injured frequently we needed a new right-back and Mesenholer was available for a decent price. 20 goals in the Bundesliga at 18 years old? For a £10.5m release clause? Yes please. He stays with Hannover for a year while we can't guarantee him starts. Very decent grouping.
  7. To be fair, England have some ridiculous regens so their win doesn't come as a huge surprise but Scotland - aside from Main who is a top, top 'keeper (won the Champions League and Premier League as well as the World Cup) - were a bunch of nobodies! Obviously, both are unthinkable in real life, despite how close we came this summer!
  8. Scotland shithouse their way to a World Cup win, despite a draw and a loss in their first two games. They only conceded twice in the tournament, thanks to this guy
  9. Wolfsburg - 2033-34 - End of Season Update A season of failure really. Bayern won the league comfortably in the end though the momentum would have gone our way had we beaten them at home rather than drawing. Roberto Mancini, who pinched Carcedo off me at Monaco and here, has just retired so I'm going to try and bring him back as I'm beginning to believe in this curse now. Champions League... where to start. The heroics against Liverpool and PS-****ing-G (7-2!!!!) count for nothing due to the away goals rule. I don't think I've mentioned this but I hate Bayern! The irony is Allegri left them to go to Monaco, and I was linked with them all summer but instead they went with Koln manager Niko Kovac who obviously just joined them in real life which I found quite funny. I will give Wolfsburg at least another year.
  10. Bayern are formidable, they can spend £100m on a player whenever they want. The best part of it is that their best player is a Brazilian winger called William. I tracked him for months at Valencia, then had a fee agreed for him at Monaco after he went to Spurs, but Bayern beat me to him and he became world-class! We'll see. I'm hoping to go to England but Italy is certainly a place I want to manage, I had a great time there with Venezia on FM16
  11. Gaspar looks quality. Hopefully Ferencvaros' takeover helps the Hungarian league grow and potentially provide you with more domestic competition.
  12. Wolfsburg - 2033-34 - Winter Break Is the Carcedo curse real? Bayern have been on fire so far and we've been off the pace. Plain sailing in the Champions League but Rijeka proved our toughest opponent, holding us to draws home and away. Liverpool next, who we beat in the quarter-final last year. What a player, still smashing it at 30 years young.
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