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  1. When you buy a player who does not qualify for a work permit, and then while he is on your books (or maybe because you bought him)he starts playing enough international matches to qualify for a work permit, but he cannot re-apply for the permit in FM08. FM09 should definitely give the functionality of re-applying for a work permit at a later date, and not only give the options of either receiving a work permit upon purchase or being denied a work permit upon purchase and need to spend 3 years on loan in belgium to qualify for a work permit... (real life example being Manucho at Man Utd - he didn't qualify for a work permit when they bought him, but he has now played enough games for Angola and they are in the process of re-applying... imagine them having to wait 3 years before he can play for them)
  2. Another one that keeps baffling me is the way the English commentators pronounce Rosicky - they have somehow come up with the idea that it should be pronounced "Ros-itz-kee". I would have thought it should sound like "Ros-ich-kee" or just "Ros-ick-ee". Can someone from Czech Rep clear this up please!
  3. Actually, the way the English pronounce Kuyt incorrectly as "Cow-t" for some reason. It actually should sound like "Kay-t" or almost like "Kate".
  4. One thing that I have always been frustrated with in FM is when you buy a (normally young) foreign player who doesn't qualify for a work permit. When he is away in Belgium or wherever, he starts getting called up to his national team and based on that should actually qualify for a work permit. BUT FM only allows work permit applications when you sign the player, not when he is already contracted to the club. In real life, this is the ideal situation, for example, Man Utd bought Manucho and loaned him to Panathinaikos for 6 months, and now that he qualifies for a work permit, they are re-applying. He doesn't have to spend 3/4 years playing in Greece in order to get EU-citizenship and only then return... This is quite a basic requirement for the game, and I'm surprised that it has never been looked at...
  5. I would like to see: The ability to save "Opposition instructions" - it is extremely frustrating having to set the same instructions game after game... Players over 30 declining at a slower pace - it's too drastiv atm. Transfer system is not very accurate. Players from South America etc can become very expensive, sometimes it's impossible to sign a quality player that is not world class for under 20million pounds. It is very hard to get rid of decent players in your squad, even at extremely knocked down prices. prices that smaller clubs would jump at in real life. a loan back option would be very good with transfers.
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