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  1. Hi James, if I dont read it and i press continue it goes back to it, can i ignore it somehow, like mark all as read? Thanks Joao
  2. Hi James, I uploaded matiasprt9_affiliatecrash. As I stated as soon as you click continue and go to inbox you will have a report about Tondela (affiliate) and as soon as you click it, it crashes Regards Joao
  3. James should I upload the save or something like that for your team to have a look? I really dont know what more to do to fix this :S Regards Joao
  4. Hi James, I had run a few steps of this "tutorial" already, now I reinstalled the directx and .net framework. Also I use only the dark skin of the original FM '17 version. And no custom graphics. I had the club symbols but I deleted all those so its not that as well. Still it did not work. Now I noticed its on the affiliate club report and not on next opposition report, dont know if this is helpful or not for your investigation Regards Joao
  5. Hi all, A couple of days ago my fm2017 copy started to crash when I am reading my inbox and its always when I get to my adversary report. I have win10 64bits 16GB of RAM and I play with a large DB, player count is around 34k, computer perf 4.5stars and speed 4 stars. game version is 17.3.1 // 17.3.1f939048(m.e v1704) I have done the steps i read on the FAQ, so delete the cache / delete the preferences and verify the game integrity. Tried to allocate 773308448 bytes is the message i get I really don't know what else I can do or if I can give any more information that will help to solve my issue. Regards Joao