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  1. Can't seem to "edit face" when setting up new manager. Everything works well, can edit clothes, randomise face, etc, but I can't change features whatsoever. Nothing affects anything. Anyone else encountering this? On an iPad air 2019
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to rant a little. First season, won the championship, Second season 5th place, 3rd season won the europa league (10th place in league), 4th season 2nd place in league and won the FA cup. Mike Ashley goes and sells the club, the embargo ruins my chances of getting Mbappe before he renewed his contract, and now my "budget for the season" is 9m pounds, exactly the amount i had as a surplus from the season before! Hoping they recalculate before long because this is ridiculous!
  3. Hey guys, so i'm currently at the beginning of my fourth season for the Magpies. Have turned down numerous job offes (juve and arsenal being the biggest) and won the championship, europa league and euro super cup. League placings were 1st in Championship, 5th in first BPL season, 9th in the 2nd (focused on europa and won it). This is my problem. Asensio and Rudiger (i did so well to sign them without release clauses) have been agitating for moves for over a season now. I've alr been forced to sell Dembele from Celtic for his release clause (35 million gbp, director of football negoed his one contract as we never could agree) - so i promised them both we'd go into the champions league next season. They say i've broken my promise as we finished 9th in the league, and totally ignored the fact we had a europa league final as a way to get into the champions league. It's the new season, they're still unhappy! They're playign decent, but i can't interact with them, or even try to offer them new contracts. Rudiger has i think 2 years on his contract left and asensio about 3 years. I've waited out players before when i know i can't replace them with similar calibre signings (tom davies) and they've eventually been ok but this is ages. attached a screenshot of my team.
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