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  1. Hey fellow Leeds managers I started a save with Leeds not so long ago and found a lot of inspiration for players and tactics in this thread. Therefore now when I'm halfway in my second season I thought that I would share my experiences with you guys. My save is started with update of the January 2017 transfers. In my first season I finished 6th and won the playoff final and claimed the promotion, so lucky, won the semi on penalties and 2-1 in the final. So now I got the team in the Premier. First I'm just going to write a few thoughts on the first season and afterwards about the second season. First season: A piece of advice, also mentioned by others earlier in this thread, sell Charlie Taylor in the first window, he's going to leave anyway, so just try to get as much money for him as possible. It's going to give you more money to move around in the first transfer window, where we start of with a small budget, think I started with around £500 k. So cash in for Taylor would be my advice. I didn't do this, and of cause Taylor is a quality player, so he played very well, but if I could do something over for the first season it would be to sell Taylor. You might look for Tyrone Mings or Matthew Targett as replacement. So I didn't sell Taylor, which left me few opportunities in the first window, so i got two players in on free transfer (Kieran Richardson and Ronaldinho) and two on loan (two defenders from Spain). All of them just got a role as back-up players. I tried a couple of different formation the first season, but had most succes with classic a 4-2-3-1 formation, the one you can find in the very first post. However, I also had some succes with a 4-1-3-0-2 (One DM and no AM), a formation where I had Chris Wood on top together with either Doukara or Roofe. Second season (Premier League): As mentioned I got the promotion, so I had to prep the team for the premier. Also I like to play a formation with ball-playing central defenders, a defensive midfielder, attacking backs and inside forwards on the wings. A formation I didn't had the players for, so I had to do a lot in the transfer window, so I almost sold half of the team. I also sold Stuart Dallas for £ 50 (65). As a sold half the team I also got in a lot of new players, I'm just going to highlight some of them. Benoit Costil (GK): Green stopped after the first season and Silvestri made a lot of noise, so I didn't want him in the club. I got in Costil on free transfer, and he has been a key player for me. Really good performances. Michel (Right back): Got him cheap from Las Palmas and he has already been worth all the money. Really good value for money in him. Miroslav Stoch (left wing): Also good value for money in Stoch. He fits my tactic as the inside forward on the left wing and with Roofe as a back up. He's best if you have a tactic with inside forwards. Lewis Cook (loan): Why was he ever sold? Hope I can get him on a permanent deal, but it's going to be hard. Seferovic: A good attacker, I got him on free after first season. I think he's same level as Lasagna, just costs a lot less. Definitely worth going for Seferovic. Chochev: Last player I want to highlight. He has also been a really good player for me. A good box-to-box midfielder, so check him out. I have also tried to get Snodgrass back to Leeds, but he wanted too much in wages. I'm still looking for a right winger, I have two players on loan covering that position now, Zinchenko from Man City and Kuki from Malaga. Zinchenko has been good, Kuki not so much. So I'm still looking for a good right winger, I think I might go for Solly March from Brighton.
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