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  1. I installed the beta and tried it. Now it's smooth again, both 2d and 3d! Actually, I think it's much smoother than before. I hope there are no other bugs. Thanks!
  2. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Intel HD Graphics 4000 (1280x800) Full screen mode It always lags during a match (both 2D and 3D) at mid level and low level settings. It also lags in menu and during processing. Before the 19.2.2 update it works very well. No other programs running
  3. Thanks @krlenjushka. I did this: I imported the file in the editor Advanced Rules -> Continent -> Fixture rules I added Rules 0 Rules 0 -> Competition -> I searched for Champions League, then added it Squad selection rules - > I created new rules such as 2 homegrown for the club, etc... Saved Editor Data So, I begun a new career, but no registration dates for Champions League, so I can't register my team. What's the problem? EDIT: I also added Squad Registration Initial Start Date and I selected 15 jun 2000 as date, but when I create the career, Champions League registration rules dates are between 11 june 2019 and 1 september 2019, and 1 january 2019 - 31 january 2019. So I can't register my team
  4. I tried to add Continental rules to Champions League. I edited the registration rules and everything works, but I can't register the team because registration dates are june 2019 and september 2019! I added custom dates, but it doesn't work!
  5. I'm interested too. I want to edit the registration limits.
  6. Hi, How to edit homegrown rules for the Uefa Champions League? I want to change this limit. Thanks
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