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  1. Try to change these in FM Preferences -> Skin colours It should be in panels-> player-> player profile personal details.xml
  2. Did you reload the skin, unticking Use caching to decrease page load times?
  3. Open player additional attributes panel.xml from skin folder-> panels-> player. Delete lines from 21 to 43. Reload the skin.
  4. Yes, it should work well. If you have any issues, please send me a feedback.
  5. NEW VERSION 1.2 UPDATE 02/03/2020 Changelog v1.2: Edited sidebar icons colour New Match Preview Panel Some minor graphical adjustments
  6. NEW VERSION 1.1.1 UPDATE 12/02/2020 Changelog v1.1.1: Fixed colours for Dark version Added player faces to Player Search Fixed Fixture Details Panel Some graphical adjustments
  7. You can continue to use my skin for your resolution: it should work well
  8. Thanks, @Faisal070! Did you buy the In-Game Editor? If you don't have it, you can't see PA The preferred foot is only in Overview->Attributes panel (see image below):
  9. panels/processing bar.xml. You can extract it from sitoolkit/panels/.
  10. NEW VERSION 1.1 UPDATE 28/01/2020 Changelog v1.1: Added Dark Version! Fixed double league history in Club Overview New Fixture Details Panel Fixed bug after Instant Result Added custom colours for Attributes
  11. NEW VERSION 1.2 UPDATE 02/03/2020 First release of the skin based on Football Manager 2020 Base Skin (thanks to bluestillidie00). IT'S MADE FOR LOW RES (TESTED ON 1280x800). It works very well at 1280x800 - 100% zoom. I didn't test other resolutions: please feel free to try and give me a feedback. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST FUNCTIONS THAT ARE NOT PRESENT. I WILL NOT PROVIDE ASSISTANCE FOR ISSUES NOT RELATED TO BUGS/ISSUES OF THE SKIN. IMPORTANT: IF YOU WANT TO SHARE MY SKIN IN YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE, PLEASE KEEP THE ORIGI
  12. Thanks @krlenjushka, I tried your file, but I think there's a bug (also in mine): I must register players twice, one for my edited rules and one for the original (see pictures)
  13. Ok, thanks @krlenjushka. I attached the file in my previous post.
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