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  1. I've been buzzing to play this all day.. And I've not been able to. I don't even need to the update, so I'm frustrated at the fact I restarting steam to implement the changes. I'm off on business tomorrow, so I'm hoping it is back up and running when I get back. I understand that these issues happen but in this day in age they should be rare rather than frequent. If this doesn't get fixed, what do we do? I'm many years into a save and I hope I don't need to start again. We deserve answers that's all.
  2. I'm really enjoying my Rangers.. i'm just in January 2023, i've won every league since i started. The only players i have remaining from the squad is Barjonas, Windass and Depude.. got to the last 8 twice, and got put out from Man Utd & AC Milan. The board have lots of money.. so yeah, i'm liking it so far.
  3. I don't know if it is the Scottish coefficient.. it could be a possibility.
  4. Brexit has came and gone.. I think it has been around 2/3 years since it happened. The contracts are all fine. They still have a few years and are on decent wages.
  5. Good morning people, I've been enjoying my Rangers save since the BETA release.. i'm doing extremely well. I got the to last eight in the champions league and my players valuation was ranging between £5m - £15m but as the new season ended.. i have no one over £5mil.. i checked to see if the league popularity changed but that has increased.. Why is this? Is it something to do with the Training facilities? Rangers don't particularly start with a lot of money and i've managed to get the board to 'rich' status but with those players valuation decreased.. it's going to be a little difficult as the Prem clubs are coming knocking now.
  6. I’ve reloaded it and the same issue happened. I cant get past the 2nd leg what do I do? A lot of effort has went into my save and I really don’t fancy starting again.
  7. I seen someone else with the same issue as me and he’s asked if I could post what happens with more info. last night it happened twice, one at HT on my Europa League qualifier. Once I reloaded it.. I got past that and I got to the 2nd leg of the qualifier, once I’m ready to start the match.. it happened again. same thing happened tonight at the beginning of the 2nd leg. It’s really frustrating as it’s midway through the summer transfer window and I lose all the work that I’ve done that week. Ive therefore had to save my game each day. The date of the game is 1st Aug 2019 and it’s Gorcia V Rangers
  8. I'm suffering from the same issue, happened twice yesterday. I'm not using any anti-virus.
  9. After careful consideration I've decided to start a career with Bolton in an attempt to bring them back to the Premiership. I'm not a writer unfortunately so my story telling will be limited. Media Prediction is 1st, so if i don't live up to the expectations it could be a short career. Transfer budget - 0 Wage Budget is sitting in a minus, so bringing in players may be a struggle. I do have a relatively strong squad.. and i have a good few youth prospects. The squad currently has around 8 players that can play central defence, so that will be a position that i will be looking to trim given the way i play my tactic but will be difficult as most are new signings that has been brought in prior to my appointment. I'm going to get started and will let you all know how i get on.
  10. Just play it in the U.K. It's cold enough here
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