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  1. i have moments when am just skimming through screens like tactics and player profiles and the game just freezes for 5-10 seconds, mayb its my computer was wondering if any other beta players experienced it?
  2. im looking at the premier league and clubs have there full names but when i checked out the brzilian naitonal 1st division all the clubs dont have there full names they are just the first 3 letters in capitals eg. GRE - gremio
  3. i have exhausted my board requests asking for financial boosts so maybe thats why the option is not currently available, but thankyou
  4. i have started with 0 coaching badges and earlier i saw an option to start a coaching course at the expense of losing some focus on training, searching for some time i cannot find where this option has gone can anyone help?
  5. i have started with newcastle as a sunday league footballer with zero coaching badges and determination 1/20 ( this affects how you can persuade the board into requests) shockingly the first things i did was request 2 things and they were both accepted - increase scouting range and larger wage budget, thanks to big mike ashley!
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