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  1. havnt some ppl who played the beta already figured out these new features? or are they only getting put in on full release??
  2. Either birthing a new title every year is leaving the team short of ideas now or they're holding something special back in which case i will eat my humble pie, but i've been on this ride a long time the game is 95-99% the same each year, lets hope that's not the reason for such silence, at least lets see a preview of the new lay out of the basics screens (not asking for the world here by any means don't si care about pre orders? Maybe its just me but im left disappointed the game is available for preorder all this time while were all in the dark for at least another 2/3 weeks :/
  3. i had my longest ever save on fm18 11 seasons at the mighty toon <3 fm18 wasn't perfect but i will 100% be buying fm19, eagerly awaiting some news which i expect this or next friday
  4. playing a a relegation tipped team how do people win away games, playing as newcastle doesnt seem to matter if its arsenal/ macity/swansea away games i loose 99%
  5. my transfer window closing on 16th august with my first premiere league game on the 19th (2nd season of beta)
  6. i was jealous of how your regens have faces, then i noticed your playing on fm16 (fm18 beta we have no faces on our regens right now) i have noticed the better youth facilities you have the higher chance of better regens
  7. i have my whole team back defend them bar 1 forward and my x2 dc and x2 mc man marking due to them being tall, jumpers and can tackle. theres not much i could do to make it more solid, maybe ill put everyone on zonal
  8. thanks for your help, there's nothing to post about my tactics its just a flat 442 standard>flexible, but mostly its 442 defensive/counter as i get destroyed every game
  9. jesus conceded 80 goals and 22 from corners i need to retire im worst in the league but only marginally brighton and palace only conceded 3 goals from corners and i have 16, although i make notes and wrote 22 myself, if there's a lot of passing/ long highlights after a corner then the goal comes does it not count as goal from corner?
  10. good question i cant find the screen to see this i have looked around for it like a mad man. also where can i see goals conceded because its beyond shocking, havnt had a clean sheet all season and conceding 1-6 goals each game
  11. i have set up my whole squad to go back for corners expect 1 striker whos stays forward, i have my tallest/best markers man marking, with DR+DL on posts. 8/10 its cross>header>goal 2/10 its cross few touches in my area > goal. i need to have a look but i can confrim its over 20 goals in 38 games in prem (as newcastle)
  12. i been playing the game for many many years im a micro manager first thing i did was set up set pieces, meh too deflated to counter argue a dice roll simulator
  13. i cant believe i wasted so many hours making notes and researching to just roll a dice, im a relegation tipped team i EXPECT to loose a lot of games but when swansea who are rooted at the bottom of the league beat me 2nil and play like ajax in the 90s i have to walk away.
  14. beta summary : results are totally random regardless of any tactics, with a selection of short 1/4 day injuries and lots of goals for the ai from corners.
  15. i have no problem with the interface a few extra clicks meh no problem, the tactics and match engine are very bugged and make the game harder than it should be, this isnt just my opinion its very clear.
  16. *4 saves all with newcastle and 50 hours game play here. i have 25 years experience playing and been on these forums since they were here, known in r/l as a seasoned veteran of champ>FM and i have to say the problems with the game are astronomical, yes its beta and things can be expected but its beyond that for me, change your testers for the next product. The list of fixes for live is gonna need to run into the hundreds. i love this game too much to refund it and im putting my heart in front of my head purely because i was pretty much brought up playing the franchise but im
  17. im 20 games in with a relegation tipped newcastle havnt seen a 0-0 , every game i played has between 2-8 goals in it, unable to win/draw any game away from home it seem an automatic loss for now, as its beta i have been saving and reloading playing away games 3,4 times with different tactics but same result, best i can do is play counter or attacking football and loose 5-1 rather than setting up a structured defensive tactic and losing 6-0. Several times i have conceded 2-5 goals in the first 45mins... i also find the match highlights very predictable at times but i have been playing the
  18. Manging as Newcastle from day the board status : Mike Ashely is willing to listen to offer for the club, good work SI what do you mean by transfer stuff? ( i dont wanna get players who shouldnt want to join me, ganso wouldnt come to newcastle anyway when i bid the 7mil hehe
  19. i dont think Deandre Yedlin (newcastle united) should be on the transfer list ? hes our main right back and this season hes been solid, his stats dont reflect it either but that ok hes young and improving. also Ganso (22mil release clause) is on the transfer list for 7mil, is this legit?
  20. diame is worth 17mil and joselu is worth 14mil im gona buy like 3 players from the brazil u23 squad :)))
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