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  1. haha i hear you. i experimented with these 3 signings, whether i am a world class manager starting at newcastle or a unknown bum, these players are willing (with many promises i might add) to join the club. thinking about it overnight i guess it seems plausible that there are a number of players who would leave europa league side to prove themselves in a lower/mid tier premier league club.
  2. just signed all 3 for newcastle less than 10 mins into a new save, realistic? im very happy but is the game being generous to me?
  3. we all just waiting for a ME update now, game is playable for casuals i guess.
  4. its just really ****** when your trying to create a long term save and the dice rolls in the match engine are heavily favoured towards giving penalties, crossing being slightly overpowered, and corners are the most pivotal part of any save.
  5. to come back to this, turns out playing through the middle with no wide players is very hard. (with the team i have? or mayb its just damn tough ) set up wingers, and the game feels abit easier already, still very hard for me but im not man utd real madrid etc
  6. okay so i have run 7 general sessions in a row (covers pretty much all attributes) then 7 outfield sessions (again covers 70% of attributes) then 1 attacking 1 defending 1 general tactical and 1 possession after 1 season at newcastle training level is between 7.5-9 permanently with the 11 under 23yr old brazilians progressing very well
  7. as long as you pay over 9.5mil and offer the player 30k per week, on appeal the work permit should go through workes 95% for me , i gutted my newcastle team and bought in 9 brazilians ( been doing this since 06 ) for people who will say you shouldn't pay 18-23 year old brazilian 30k per week its actually a cheap contract most of the players from the brazilian first division will accept 30k p/w with 0 sign on fee 0 agents fee and 0 bonus have fun viva brasila
  8. guys go to player stats and see how many penaltys each player in the league has taken
  9. need looking at im seeing penalties for me and opposition every other game, do i need to restart is my game bugged out?
  10. im 15 games in on 2 diff saves seeing alot hence this
  11. for me or for opposition how ever the dice rolls it pretty mad.
  12. close this thread please the save file is cursed my best result in 9 games was 3nil loss most were 6/7nil what a waste of a sunday.
  13. I read your comment and i had to delete my save
  14. ill admit i am newcastle but i get destroyed every away game i mean 4/5/6/7 nil every time whether is southampton wolves huddersfield or chelsea man city. scraped 1 draw at home to brighton my best result (played 11 prem games now), using the basic cautious counter attack with a standard x mas tree formation, bought 2 top top players in my opinion and my scouts - giani simone and victor kovalenko. i feel like ive strengthened this newcastle team with 2 decent signings, what could i possibly have done to loose 95% of games? how are others getting on with newcastle? maybe this years version is beyond me right now, early's days ofc but god damn im genuinely gutted i cant actually face loading up the game right now. off to youtube and the tactics forum i guess, but when im using basic tactics/templates i didnt expect such a horrendous start, i dont like too usually give my manager good rep+stats but i did on this save.
  15. on the preference page is says version 19.1.1 but on the new career set up page it says in the top right that the database is 19.1.0 , very confused :/
  16. i have gone to settings first team training to make sure i am responsible for, basically everything at the club, but every week due to different games i guess the ass man makes drastic changes, i am missing something?
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