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  1. this is far too heavily scripted in. ps dont tell me things arent hard coded/scripted to happen its obvious and not up for discussion, thanks.
  2. ive currently got a 17 year old out for 3 months with a blood clot, hes not jamaican either , ear me now as they say?
  3. i have never won more than 3 games in a row, but when your trying hard to win its really easy to loose 6/7/8/9 games in a row, for me anyway, man i suck i guess, **** sake :/
  4. can someone from SI confirm if you must be a certain age or if you must be at club for 20 years?
  5. 1st season fresh and hungry to play - singed benassi willian jose and cutrone among what i believe some high profile signings for newcastle , lost 23 games in the 1st season had to reload a few games to not get sacked, came 17th, i knew at this point, 246 hours ago IN that first season i could never go far with this save because im very disciplined with this game and will not allow and cheating at all, but the game was in a laughable state when the save began. willian sose kieran tierney benassi and cutrone all only signed if we made europe in our 3rd season, realistic and i was happy to
  6. gary neville mentioned in this morning on sky sports, could you imagine the wage bill on fm with that many, some of my top scouts are on 6-10k each! whats the most scouts ya'll ever reached in fm? i got to 18 or 22 on older versions im sure
  7. try to play football through the middle with short passing, not with a big team where even poor tactics can work. then come back and tell me your experiences please
  8. can i ask......i was on the beta do i need to change anything??
  9. to stop conceding 30 yard screamers, goals from crosses , when im away from home these leak in 2/3 per game, at home just as much to be honest.
  10. i found the match engine very poor, moved to the beta, which is better i think but not much better.
  11. penalties against me red cards for me, goal of the month worldys against me 4/5 times a month, i got the hint thanks wasting my spare time theorising tactics when im just watching random number generation stacked in the AI's favour because i dont play wide football or wing play. my options, go start a save with man city or barcelona etc or leave, im out cya
  12. i don't like using other peoples tactics but the 250 hours and 5 diff tactics have tried have made the game look very structured around pivotal failure, on par with hollywood style highlights game after game i really am at the point where i would appreciate a forum ban.
  13. got the news icon come up basically hinting if you don't get a result in the next game your sacked, away to brighton and 2nil down within 34 seconds. ..... ..........
  14. how do you win away game? my copy of fm is scripted in that i loose 97% of them
  15. its every game for me but am i playing a risky 433 , im in january in my first season lost interest in this save completely sad to say and starting going on holiday for away games, once u start doing that you might as well take a break (stop playing the save)
  16. pretty much every game for 16 games now im conceding from outside the box mostly absolute wonder goals (lol) , could be the tactics im sure i will see in replies but i believe this me is poor, not as poor as official mind you, still playable just about ish i guess meh, im out for a while. thats is as toned down as i can make my dissapointemnt without being a troll. SI much work to be done here. :/
  17. i know from your point of view is it seems a lot but in reality not many of then will have the workrate/det/hidden attributes to actually make it so don't worry about this
  18. can we expect an ME update BEFORE the classic winter transfer update we usually get around feb?
  19. Balotelli has been left out of the italy squad, it seems he hasn't featured enough for his domestic club, literally the next paragraph is ..... balotelli has been ever present for Newcastle this season. Having been critical of the game in the last week taking time to reflect i have decided to step away and wait for a match engine update, i hope to see the end of corner manager 2019 sooner than later
  20. i don't know the stats in real life but 95% of goals from crosses 5% from working ball into box , if you dont play without wingers your gonna have a bad time
  21. its frustrating that i cant put my heart and many hours into a long term save as i desire to do each year with the game it its current state for me personally its unplayable. i have tried 5 times to start a long term save im too much of a veteran (13 years on forums 20+ years playing) to waste my time playing more than 1 season right now. spend 20+ hours accumulating staff players etc then you just get a game that should be called if CornerManager/Crossing Manager/PenaltyManager Oppositon throw in leads directly to you scoring manager could go on but its early and im off to work *yawn*
  22. i dunno how there aren't more complaints as someone who has been on these forums 12 years and on the game longer i cant take the tactics/match engine seriously enough to even consider a long term save.
  23. i want to start a long term save with newcastle but i cant take the game seriously right now.
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