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  1. I got a harder brexit than his can’t sign players young foreign players at all really
  2. the game seems easy but i think its due to passive ai away from home , coupled with strikers scoring alot and teams going on long unbeaten runs. put myself with a Sunday league reputation in charge of a premiership mid/low tier team its harder for few months at least
  3. I find this extreme difficult mode interesting but like I said already having a large database with 200k players and only being able to sign 4/5% of them It will kill the game for many, this thread will get massive when people who get hard mode brexit realise their peril...
  4. Ultra hard mode activated currently hehe, I’m hopeful things will be a little less restrictive otherwise the large database isn’t worth having unless you want to move around the world managing?
  5. I have a very nice laptop running a large database with many leagues very happy... hard brexit comes in and my 120k player database is now pointless as 80%~95% of players cannot be signed as work permits are impossible to get unless players already play in a high reputation league with international caps and regular starters. inever used to poach Brazilians for 100k when they were available but this brexit thing has really left my game play style unplayable, I guess I can adapt and change but my desire to play is less. I don’t wanna be too negative the beta launch and me seem decent
  6. my core play is around taking over Newcastle and building a squad of 18 year old Brazilians up over 6-8 years my brexit has made that impossible. im partly mad and partly exited for new challenge
  7. try having a sunday league reputation in charge of a top divison team whos tipped for relegation (newcastle) all team hates you and everything you say comes off poorly if you can survive a few months after selling everyone and bringing in 10 brazilians all from the under 20s international team
  8. can someone link me a facepack link, sortitoitsi link arent working for me, thanks in advance..
  9. few hours bro it aint april fools dont play with peoples emotions my daysssss
  10. would you play a full squad of players under 23 in a top league or championship league? (i have and do)
  11. conformed for tonight by football manager Facebook page, they had too speak out........as all the retailers were falsely advertising he beta as available. be like 11pm the way things look right now.
  12. tonight then, will be a long day enjoy your last day of peace smug mods before the feeback thread opens at 9pm.....................
  13. you can get a full refund on steam for any game you have less than 2 hours gamplay of
  14. i got the impression from the way he was speaking it seemed legit, yesterday proved that right so far... more miffed as SI for leaving us stewing last night, and probably again today with the dinners ready whens its ready. zzz
  15. foxinthebox youtuber confirmed earlier today, as he plans to stream from the launch on the 10th.......
  16. the youtuber, ginger lad confirmed already tomorrow is the day. the youtuber, ginger lad confirmed tomorrow is the day.
  17. the way he says it in the video, theres a plan in place it its tomorrow, just a matter of what time tomorrow.....
  18. matt can you resend face packs to the hotmail i sent you, thansk in advance
  19. there is a hidden topic called russian women (code name put-in) 3 devs currently browsing.....
  20. i wish i could get this exited for real life events ..... all tingly lets go si
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