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  1. I dont think the game it too easy as such but certain tactics are very potent, i won the league in my third season with Newcastle buying only Brazilian players between aged 18-23.  inside forwards and wingers with instructions to swap potion for me is phenomenal but i have made sure players have 5/6 of these attributes 16+ . dribbling flair technique pace acceleration or agility.

    already having st maxim inspired me to build this tactic i have sold him now 70million straight cash was enough for me.

  2. On 07/12/2020 at 03:06, 2481 said:

    Same taker for first two, different taker for the last. Couldn't hit an elephant's bum with a banjo!

    Next game I played saw three penalties, 2 scored one miss. Total of 7 pens over two games, scored 3/7. 

    Haha, sort it out Wilson!


    Good call, might give that a go. I've definitely seen way more pens than in FM2020, and missing a large percentage of them this year. I wonder if this is something that needs to be tweaked...

    just to update you bro i now have my keeper on pens because the guys who are professional with good compsoure and finishing miss 9 (should even have 9 pens? i doplay with 5/6 players dribbling and flair 18 s)

  3. On 01/12/2020 at 17:04, Come_On_You_Spurs said:

    I’m really struggling with Spurs. Started over 4 times now. Probably gonna start over again after I just lost to Villa 5-1. And I’ve been playing these games for about as long as they’ve existed. I did great with them in the beta, but am seriously struggling with them in the full game. Funnily enough, Bale is my constant excellent player. Kane suddenly can’t score in any of my saves, though he got me 30 goals in the beta. 

    Beta was a different game mate 

  4. 4 hours ago, styluz05 said:

    If you look at the restrictions coming into place in real life post Brexit they are very restricting! People can choose to skip around it somehow with a editor, but doesn't remove the fact it is  coming! 

    This mans right sign your 17 year old South American players in the first 6minths of your game once brexit kicks in ACCESS DENIED

  5. On 14/11/2020 at 09:25, Domathon said:

    I find this extreme difficult mode interesting but like I said already having a large database with 200k players and only being able to sign 4/5% of them It will kill the game for many, this thread will get massive when people who get hard mode brexit realise their peril...

    Glad it’s been sorted.

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