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  1. I am having the exact same issue with my game after the steam update!!!!
  2. Problems with FM 2016

    I have been having the same issue since Saturday night, not sure if I had an update installed. Since then I have had to do a full reset of windows on my laptop and re install everything. I only have windows defender running as anti virus, no custom skins etc, and have had to re install game due to re installing windows, this is becoming very frustrating now!!!
  3. right neil thats me downloaded the most recent graphics card for my laptop but im still getting the exact same error message this is doing my head in now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thats me deleted the old download and downloaded again this time doing it direct to my desktop but still keep getting the same error this has been nearly a week i have downloaded deleted and downloaded this patch why do yous keep launching the games when they are obviously not ready same thing happened last year took me 3 weeks to finally getting the game to work properly mate!!!
  5. im having serious errors installing the 10.2 patch have tried the direct download and the bitorrent 1 too and keep getting errorsit unzips but during the update of fm10 it crashes with an error: A hardware I/O error was reported while accessing C:\users\scott\appdata\local\tempWZSE1.TEMP\FM2010 v10.2.0 patch installer.exe. can any1 help with this error please
  6. ive tried to download the patch now twice 1 was a direct download and the other was from bitorrent and neither are working can any1 help?
  7. i have been playing on the new patch for a few weeks now with no problems im now half way through my 3rd season and cant load the game it keeps crashing and coming up saying saved game cant be loaded any help?
  8. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    You are receiving the error: ‘This application has failed to start because saAuditMD.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem’ this keeps coming up everytime i try to launch the game i have downloaded the zip file but i cant open it just keep getting the message i cnat open this file as access is denied any help would be appreciated i have had the game for over a week and still cant play it shocking from si and i have reported it to the bbc watchdog programme see if they can get any answers about all the problems!!!!
  9. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    im having problems running fm2009 everytime i install it doesnt appear on my program files and if i try to run it windows keeps crashing and restoring i have all the upto date graphics and audio any1 any idea of how to overcome these problems?
  10. ive managed to download the file but it still shows my version is just 8.0 i cant get the new 1 to run any ideas?