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  1. @duca015 Fair enough, you have certainly raised my interest looking into ENG role. These roles with built-in “close down less” PI makes them defensive liability, but guess as a counter balancing measure they might excel exceptionally attacking wise like raum.s, which is worth finding out. Thank you.
  2. This logic doesn’t apply to fm17. Opposition doesn’t see your tactic and doesn’t adapt to it. Pre-match it counts teams reputation difference and current form and based on that fields its own version of defensive/attacking tactic. Changes during the game is also dictated not by accessing your tactic but by necessity to score or preserve the lead. You can see that as an experiment by starting the same game with vastly different formations. Opponent initial tactic with player roles will remain the same. Yes, with the rising number of asymmetrical enthusiasts, we the plain symmetrical tacticians start to look like weirdos.
  3. 5th post of the thread is updated. ... ... IWBs are class in what they do.
  4. Shuffling is not an option for this system, as its primary objective was putting raum.s on the center stage. In its current configuration it achieves it best. I admit that being more flexible with roles may be more beneficial compared to rigid system. But your suggestion of Eng. role would definitely wouldn’t work for me. My opponents usually field 2 DMCs, and Eng. with a “hold position” PI would an easy target for marking. Add on top of it his attack-mindness and decreased tendency to close down… this coupled with raum.s it may lead to overall unbalanced tactic. As Duca rightly points out, it might be because of striker’s presence. When the choice is between free space out wide and congested wall in central area, the obvious choice leads to former. In the absence of strikers, I find raum.s frequently moving centrally in search of space and to untie from the marker. So raum.s working area includes both wide and central areas in strikerless system.
  5. @WhyMe You may have missed them. PIs are right there in the 2nd post of this thread. But there are not many. Every role I pick for the position already comes with a package of built-in PIs. If they are already doing exactly what I’m expecting from them, then there is no need to overcomplicate their role. There is intricate connection between players, and in this particular system roles that are chosen are excelling in their default configuration. You may check out my PPM preference for some players in that post.
  6. 4th post of the thread is updated ... ... Did I mention that raumdeuters are great at taking advantage of advanced FBs? Well, don't believe me, check for yourself
  7. You don't need to do anything special. They are already 1v1 almost always in attacking transitioning. The problematic part is delivering exquisite passes from the other flank that you are trying to implement. See when you overloading the other flank, your players in there have short passing options around them, and when the choice is between a short sure pass and low probability/hard long ball to raum. who is being stocked by a FB… then the player in possession better go with a safer option. Some creative player on support duty in AMC will be best suited ability wise and positionally (shorter passing length meaning higher success probability). And as you ask for ideal variant for raum.s… I would omit strikers from the system as I would like all risky through balls directed onto raum.s path. In the presence of strikers the overall count of risky passes towards them would be shared. Although strikers who come deep like F9, DF may not as much steal the attention. 4-2-3-1 you are asking may be harder to play without being a strong team in a league, unless you have an excellent CMs. IWBs may somewhat negate the inherent central defensive hole of that system. How about 442 midfield diamond with raum.s instead of strikers?
  8. @wkdsoul you may find F9 to have about the same "average position" as SS. Playing against weaker opponent, I find F9 offers bigger attacking threat. Well, my biggest scorelines came with them 8-0, 11-0.
  9. @Mutumba Do you check your opposition’s fullback role? Before your team gets fully familiar with the tactic, your wide areas are vulnerable from FBs who are joining the attack. Your CDs are on stopper duty, so they will be frequently discharged from their primary position to close down opposition in wide areas, so an excellent teamwork is required from your MCs to instantly slot into CD’s position for cover. Playing cautiously (counter mentality), especially in tough away matches, before players gell together to play as one unit is a safer bet. The description in tactics tab (players are willing to die for each other) will likely translate into match, where your players will have supreme understanding when/how to cover for each other.
  10. As I’m on a heavy dose of raum.s at the moment, so I may be competent enough to give an insight on them. Raum.s are somewhat ball magnets, but not in a sense of playmakers. Playmakers are target for pass to their feet. Raum.s on other hand invite through balls. Just like poachers who to try to beat the offside trap centrally, raum.s do the same on the wings. They hang out with wide defender, trying to be the first for a diagonal through ball. So Raum. is a wide poacher. @jc577 Raum. won’t have a privilege of being left isolated. As he is offensive type of player, he will be treated accordingly by opposition. So he won’t see the freedom of being left unmarked as your marauding fullback may enjoy. But that’s not a stumbling obstacle. Raum.s are good at beating their marker. As wide defenders rarely cooperate with CDs to stay in one line, raum.s can frequently find pockets of space and move into channels without triggering offside. Speaking of overloading one side, I’m not sure how it will connect with raum.s on the other side. Through balls are risky passes. Balls across the pitch add up to the risky pass barometer. I mean the length of pass determines the likelihood of attempting at execution and success rate of it. Even if you play with “pass into space”, “direct passing” TI, and PPM “switch ball to the other flank”, I’m not sure it will be consistent occurrence of raum.s receiving killer balls from across the pitch every game. In your particular system, if F9 has creator’s skills (vision, passing), he may be better accommodated positionally to feed your raum with through balls. But ideally I would suggest to have creative player at AMC strata to fully unlock raum.’s potential.
  11. 3rd post of the thread is updated ... ... The importance of speed for raum.s cannot be overstated.
  12. Transition Help

    @jc577 Would you consider giving your wide defenders IWB role? If you are seeking possession oriented football, packing the midfield is a surefire way of dominating possession and employing IWBs achieve this goal. You can still revert back to regular FB/WBs for easier matches, if you want to add variety to your attack. And I would recommend to keep playing on lower mentalities against teams that are expected to win against you, as cautious approach will garner better yields on average against big teams.
  13. Yes. And not only Raum.s. Any wide player in front of IWB will make him move more centrally. In the absence of wide player, the IWB will remain mostly wide.
  14. 2nd post of the thread is updated ... ... Here is the team goal building up from a keeper. Look how centrally IWBs are situated.
  15. Treq. and Enganche are quite interesting roles, but in my system it would be an overkill. Raum.s are very attack minded and are not inclined to do defending/pressing. Treq. and En. being in the same mould of giving little regard to defending, I need to balance the system. And treq. also fashions chances for himself, where I strongly emphasize in my system that raum.s to be getting the end products. Enganche is too static for my liking, and in my league opposition usually fields 2 DMCs, so I’m afraid En. wouldn’t be that effective. As for giving Raum.s a “hugs the line” PPM, don’t you think it will make them less effective scorer? I mean, they already enter the box from tight angles, and need finishing ability to make the most of that chance. If your Raum. hugs the line, the diagonal through balls to him would resemble a pass to a winger. So if Raum. receives the ball and decides to enter the box, he would be at even worse angle to shoot the ball. But that’s just my thinking. I may be wrong. Yes I stumbled upon his site this year, and find his writings compelling. So basically he gave me an inspiration to try out my own version of strikerless.