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  1. Didn't know English teams were invited to join, learned something new, thanks!
  2. My point exactly. It would also make SI look like they care about their customers too!
  3. Just for your info. I've started a new game, I'm a different Welsh team, and I've started winning the SPFL Trust Trophy again. This time I've noticed an English(!) team were runners-up... Also think there might be an issue with the final venue as it's stuck with Caledonian Stadium too...
  4. It literally only takes 5 minutes to let people know though, it's the little things like this that make people feel like valued customers...
  5. I doubt we will get a response, only takes 5 minutes to let us know what's changed but for some unknown reason, communication is lacking.
  6. Hi, I see there's been another anonymous update this morning, and straight away as soon as people realise there is a growing list of people saying 'What's changed? Why can't you set up a webpage or even a running forum post where every single change is listed and updated every time anything changes? It's a five-minute job! Normally I wouldn't mind about changes with most games but with a game like FM when something changes no matter how small it is felt by someone, somewhere. Especially if I need to start a new game for example!
  7. When do you receive the money though? It might be better if we received the money the moment we are knocked out?
  8. Same here, I always thought this was just the way things are. Just done a quick search and discovered I've been cheated out of so much money!
  9. Been playing for a while and suddenly discovered that my (Welsh) team are winning Scotland's Challenge Cup. I am not playing any games in the tournament, there are no fixtures, I cannot see anything about the trophy, the Scottish leagues are not playable in my game nor been added in any way. I am only playing Welsh and English leagues (all playable leagues selected) with a large database. Also, clicking the reputation (circled) on any league or cup goes to a blank screen. When looking at the squad screen if your mouse pointer goes over the player status (circled) and it opens up (and stays open), you are unable to click on anything until you go back over it and 'collapse' it. Since the last update it's a lot better than it was, but it still happens to me a lot and is bloody annoying.
  10. Yep, in 4 years I took a newly promoted Welsh second division team to the top and european football with a cup win along the way. Can't get more underdog than that!
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