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  1. It'll be 'just some minor bug fixes'! As a customer I'd love to know all the details if you are changing something to the product I own, a changelog on the website would be very useful!
  2. Hi Knap, There's so many tactics, which one is the best with the latest patch? is there a list/table of your tactics by their points totals/trophies anywhere? if not there should be, it'd be so helpful!
  3. quick pick doesn't work at club level if you don't have a youth development coach employed either (?!!!)...
  4. I changed my backroom staff (all of them Asst Manager, DOF, Physio, Scout, Youth Dev) and I let my staff deal with contracts, scouting, training, friendlies - pretty much everything. Anyway after changing my staff none of them took up their responsibilities (despite them still being selected on the responsibilties screen) and I only noticed when players weren't getting new contracts and I had to take control of a friendly match a few weeks down the line. I managed to fix it myself by taking control of everything then advancing game time and then when it resumed giving back the staff their responsibilities. Whilst changing my staff I also noticed that when I didn't have a Head of Youth Development (I had all other staff members) I was unable to use 'quick pick', the button was greyed out. Only when I employed someone did the option come back.
  5. Something very minor but annoys the hell out of me with FM Touch! There's no transfer history beyond the current season, I used to quite like looking back through previous seasons to see transfer spending, who the club signed, sold, released etc but can't do it on FM Touch (not sure if it's in the main FM game as I don't play that). I'm a bit of a historian and enjoy going back over my previous seasons (especially when I've been at a club for 20 seasons or something!).
  6. Time 4411 is a great tactic. I won the league cup and dominated the Championship with it!
  7. hey Knap just wondering what do you think is your best tactic? Not just out of these but out of all of your tactics?
  8. Update! FM updated 19.2.3 but made no change to tactics. Using the 4411P112ALLCUPS tactics with the original squad (and just one loan signing) this was the result of my first season. Thank you Knap, it's brilliant!
  9. I am just wondering if anybody can help me with the staff responsibilities, specifically the transfers and contract renewals. How do backroom staff determine what is needed with the squad? My DOF is handling transfers (and has made a couple of amazing signings for me!) but my squad (including reserves) has only one LB. Can I ask him to find me a new LB? will he automatically look at the squad depth and go - ah! you only have one LB I will find you another one? An idea for the future, depending on the Chairman's philosophy have Head Coach or Manager positions advertised. If you are a Manager then have two coaches instead of a DOF or have a DOF if you are a Head Coach. I would love to be a Head Coach and be able to talk to my DOF and tell him what squad I need to work with and leave him to do his job. As a Head Coach the Scout would then come under the remit of the DOF or Chairman not me. It's something to think about with a bit of tinkering it could be perfect. I would really like there to be a properly in depth manual, it's something that has annoyed me with FM for years. There's never any help with the mechanics of some features describing how it works, it's always - this is feature A... pick this if you would like this.
  10. Just realised how old this thread is, apologies!!!
  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and it was horrible. Jerky, slow and it crashed all the time, most of the time it would crash on start up and was unplayable. I had the same thing with touch 2018 too. I'll never buy football manager for android again. Buy yourself a PC or laptop ( there's some cheap touchscreen windows laptops out there) and play the windows version!
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