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  1. @knap Hello, position position role role role filter can you filter what should we pay attention to, for example.
  2. Hello, I bought the game from Epic Games. It constantly beats without an error message in the game. I am reinstalling now, if it happens again, what should I do? Can you help me? @Kyle Brown @Francis Mooney
  3. Merhaba @knap fm2017 4230 KB ,fm2018 523 KB ve fm 2019 da ise 424 İF olan taktiklerle basit bir şekilde küçük takımlarla şampiyon olabilen taktikler yayınlıyordun. Ancak 4132 bir sene işlerse 2. sene işlemiyor. Mesela Fenerbahçe ile 2 sezonda Şampiyonlar Ligini almak istiyorum. Taktik Lütfen...
  4. @knap Merhabalar. Taktik çok güzel işlemekte. Oyuncu transferini nasıl yapalım. Defansif Kanat rolünde mesela Cristian Pavonu oynatalım mı ?
  5. I'm on trial phase. It's going very well right now. How do I get players to wings. You can say good and medium player names. My goal is to collect youngsters after getting champions league?
  6. " !FM18.3.4DARKSIDEKOFMOON343napMUP106.fmf " Is there a player filter for this tactic? you would be better off if you prefer the player in which positions to get efficiency from the players. Great tactic, by the way. Fenerbahçe and first-time champion and I have reached the finals in UEFA European League. I use translate because I do not have English. @knap
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