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  1. @Blackwolf Hi mate, I have similar CPU model like your and have same issue too. Match engine works smooth, but most sad me is proccesing game "day to day" after clicked "continue" button. Screen freezes on few second, sometimes even on one minute, graphic animation stuck (mean loading circle animation) and then I open Task Manager and see that fm proccess "not responding". After few seconds, game unfrozen and date jump to next days without animation about matches etc. I though the reason could be a setting of database size, but I tried use small size, one league where was only 3k players and is same as for 70k players and medium or big database FM17 works smoothly with 20 leagues and 80k players than one league and 3k players in FM18. Sorry readers for my english
  2. Suggests remove other graphics or move them to another place and try run game with default graphics. This way you can see if additional graphics are causing an error.
  3. laZ.

    Media sources - logos?

    Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Hello all, Is it possible to add logos for the Media Sources the same way as for clubs, competitions, trophies?
  5. Yeah, I have tried too and I agree.
  6. Hello guys, I would like to change small logo "Non Competitive". Someone knows what ID number are? I put normal and small pictures for both Friendly matches, normal pics works fine, but small doesn't work.
  7. @michaeltmurrayuk Thanks for the advice. I found it, but editing this is too hard for me. I wanna change long team name on short team name
  8. Where I can find match_event file? I search and found many files with this name.. in db\event folder and in data updates\1701, 1702, 1710 e.t.c Which can be edited?
  9. laZ.

    Female name

    Hi FrazT, I know this is the best and esiest way to solve this problem, but I would try fix it myself. Now I know where I should looking for the problem. Thanks guys for opinions, are very useful
  10. laZ.

    Female name

    @Spurs08 It makes sense. But I checked name of players through the editor in standard data base and custom data. The result was that I didn't find anyone in all people in game who has name Aneta.
  11. laZ.

    Female name

    Sure Aneta - typical female name in Poland. There is not even a male name similar to Aneta. Only generated players below have that name and in game there isn't "real" players who have such name. Edit: I create new career without custom data and I set 'add players to playable teams" (same as earlier) and there isn't any female name. So it happen when I use custom database, but why add a female name that isn't in the original database?
  12. Hi guys, I don't know if this is a bug but is it posibble to edit names for newgen/generated players for specify nation? I use other database and I always have one, sometimes two players once every 3-4 years who have female name (typical female name). This is normal or? In basic data is only one women in staff which has that name. Maybe in pre-game editor is possible to change something like "nation palyers names"? Sorry for my english and poor knowledge about editor, but I haven't expirence working with any editors.
  13. Slowly guys, reinstalling the game is the last thing you can do. First, try remove your cache and preferences folders: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2017/84_how-to/
  14. Hello, You mean to change individual training in role/position or focuses single attribute? Sorry, english isn't my native lang.
  15. Hi everyone! I'm new here and if I post in wrong place, please for your patient and understanding. My english is poor, so I try simply explain what I want to ask. Namely, is it possible to get "overall" training reports (after month) about progress reserve team and youth team? Currently I get only summary report training about 1st team. Thank you, I greet