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  1. How to improve shot accuracy?

    This is what I use. Basically I use, 4-2-3-1 as my main tactic with control mentality and Fluid approach. In terms of player roles, I use advanced forward that shoots often, more risky passes and roams. (Icardi). For left wing, I use Alexis Sanchez as Raumdeuter against adventurous teams that like to play and inside forward against teams that sit back with full backs overlapping. His instructions are mainly about holding ball, risky passes, nothing specific about shooting selected. Right winger usually Winger or Inside forward, one who crosses often from byline, shoots less often and comes narrower if its inside forward as I have Bellerin at right back who will attack and dribble/run wide and further forward with the ball. My left back is conservative and has support role with less risky passes and less forward runs. I play advanced playmaker/attacking midfielder in the middle who holds the ball, dribbles less, shoots less often but looks for more risky passes and stuff. I play with one box to box midfielder who gets further forward, dribbles more, shoots less often and less risky passes, other midfielder is usually deep lying playmaker who supports against smaller teams, defends against good teams. Goal keeper is keeper only and not sweeper keeper, who rolls out to full backs and does it quickly. Other than that, I try to go 4-3-3, wide with wingers and similar instructions, though sometimes I go for 4-1-2-3 DM wide where I sacrifice attacking midfielder for a defensive mid/ball winner and play my forward as deep lying forward. Lemme know if you need anything else or suggestions.
  2. How to improve shot accuracy?

    Player attributes: I have World class players, Alexis Sanchez, Icardi, Felipe Anderson, Berardi, Ozil and co. Most of my shots are from inside the box or just from the edge of the box. Could look at composure part though. Tempo: I usually play on low or normal tempo, only switch to high while chasing the game which is not that often to be fair. Only 10-15 percent of games I would say. But it could be that, still does not explain such low conversion rate. Risk: yes, I learnt this hard way. It seems that if you switch it to attacking or overload, they tend to shoot more and wayward often, which is pretty stupid if you ask me, if I am losing and I change I think to attacking, mostly results in to players shooting more and more and gifting ball away from stupid positions. But I mainly play on control or standard and keep it fluid while sometimes I go for attacking just to finish teams of friends quickly or so I would seem. About lack of passing option: that is my biggest grief, I play with wingers, inside forwards and Alexis as Raumdeuter quite often, also my one full back is attacking while other one is on support, point is that there are always options, I have lost count when player has free pass on in box and he either shoots straight at goalie or side nets it. Sick and tired of that issue. There are always options, that's the biggest problem. In system with roles I play, I rarely isolate my forwards, most of the time it is at the expense of defensive aspects, so unless I am seeing something wrong, there are always wide and central receivers. If you want, I can post my tactics and roles along with mentality page. It is just annoying when you are having 15-20 shots per game and you still end up scoring 1 or 2 and sometimes not even that.
  3. Hello, As title suggests, how does one improve shooting accuracy of the team, or in other words, how do I make my team more clinical in front of the goal? I am in my second season at Arsenal, I am top of the league by 7 points in December and topped my CL group. Even then, I am 18th in terms of shots on target ratio. It lies at around 37 percent which is only higher than Burnley and Brigton who sit 15th and 20th in the league. I have taken around 101 shots, which is almost around the other teams in top 4. Also, in player instructions, apart from Icardi who is my striker, everyone has shoot less often instruction. So what should I do to improve? I have best defense in the league with 11 clean sheets. I have scored 3 less goals than Liverpool who have highest goals scored in the league. Is there any solution for this or I am just being FMed?
  4. Hello everyone, As title suggests, I have difficulty in understandings how tactics in away game work, there are gross inconsistencies in how team plays despite of the fact that tactics and roles are assigned with a specific purpose. It just seems like there is no effect of those specific instructions, moreover, it is difficult to get any sort of consistency in away games I play in. Almost every time they score with two shots while I end up with no goals after 20 shots. I have tried 3-4 different tactics with different roles along with very reserved and attacking approach both and I still end up getting random results like that. Is it because away games are more realistic in terms of the difficulty curve or am I just **** at tactics and player choices?
  5. Why is it so hard to beat Manchester United

    Pretty much second this. I have played 3 times against them, and I have drawn one and lost two. Even end up losing against them with them playing second choice squad while I played my first choice. I have thrashed Barca, Bayern, City, Spurs and Cheslea this year but can't do it united despite of dominating games. Now I understand that they have some very good players like Zlatan, Martial(though stagnated quite a bit), Rashford(Same as martial), Mata and Pogba(overrated). But it raises eyebrows when people like Lingard, Basti and Felliani start putting worldly displays. And they are constantly linked with Antoine Griezmann. I will just end up buying him so United can't get him.
  6. Issues with Penalties

    You got a Mesut Ozil then.
  7. Issues with Penalties

    I mean, injuries are realistic with Arsenal, so is the fact that we do bottle lot of away games but amount of missed penalties are pretty far from realism offered. Same way, too realistic to get Bayern in group stages of CL and then even after I topped that group, I end up getting Barcelona.
  8. Issues with Penalties

    Yes, I have tried different players. 2-3 players have been missing all the time, Only Alexis Sanchez seems to score every single time. Everyone else has missed some. I am not looking at profiles and expecting them to be good or proper penalty takers. Those are actually really good penalty takers in real life too. It is difficult to keep trying different takers when you hardly get that many penalties in the season and specially at crucial periods. I just thought it could be a bug as lot of people are reporting it or that the engine is designed in a way that it makes sure that certain results happen in certain kinda games. Funny thing is, West Ham away, Bournemouth away, United home, Sunderland away, I can recall missing penalties against these teams in these games with scoreline being 0-0. Could as well be coincidence but then I don't know what it is. This is obviously in addition to injuries issue i have had with Arsenal save, 10 injuries by October and I don't overplay nor have heavy workload in training. I do play fast paced/high work rate attacking football but I rotate all the time. But it is frustrating when training intensity is low and players regularly keep getting training injuries even up to breaking leg.
  9. Issues with Penalties

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post here. I came back to FM recently after few years of hiatus and have been enjoying it thoroughly. I have got few issues to be fair though. I started Arsenal save recently and I have had serious issues when it comes to penalties. I have only scored 3 out of 10 penalties given this season, and players with high composure and penalty stats have been missing them. Santi Cazorla has missed 4, Berardi has missed 2-3 of them. Funny thing about this is that it happens almost every single time at 0-0. I end up missing the penalty and then draw the game. This just gave me suspicion that whether the engine actually decides who wins the game or result of the game randomly? Is this a bug? Any suggestions to solve this would be welcome. Thanks.