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  1. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    Still no update?
  2. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    No updates here?
  3. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    The one where video highlights gets encoded before being uploaded? It got stuck on encoding video.
  4. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    I will try that and get back to you. Thanks.
  5. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    err, you said that to the other guy who had goal keeper handling issue outside box, right?
  6. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    As I talked with Miles on Twitter, I am providing necessary info. I have PC, Card I am using is GTX 770m. I update graphics drivers regularly and I never had issue in uploading videos on FM 17. I have latest GFX Drivers. My issue is that I click on upload button and nothing happens. I see no bar nothing. Pic below.
  7. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    Any updates on this? Thanks.
  8. Cant upload videos on YouTube

    Finally some reply. When can I expect some update on this? Thanks.
  9. I have posted this before, I did not get any response. I asked in steam users forum, still no response. Where do I have to post or who do I have to contact to get response? I will be civil and explain again. I have issues with Upload button during match. Just like beta, clicking on it does absolutely nothing. Please, if anyone else has similar issues or developers have seen the bug, atleast acknowledge it if not solve it.
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    Update. He wont re-sign. Its obviously hard-coded. Bollocks really.
  11. As title suggests, I still cant upload videos on youtube. I click on button and nothing happens. Any fix for this?
  12. Alexis Sanchez

    But would they if Arsenal won league? That is the possibility we will not know, hence all possibilities should be kept open. That was the point. They are leaving anyway in real life, no one is debating that.
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    Sure mate. Will let you know. Probably in day or two.
  14. Alexis Sanchez

    Would love to know about this. I started new save, lets see how it goes.
  15. I finished first season and I am right now at 30th June. I press continue and since last 15 minutes It has been loading to go past July 1, 2018. I am not sure if its a bug or something. My apologies if this is a wrong thread.