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    Still having this issue myself, it's absurd. Must have had well over 15 of these checks so far this season by February, not a single one resulted in a pen (and that's ignoring all the other checks they do, which is just annoying at this point; for some reason the frequency of actually going over to check the monitor appears to be way higher than just having a word from VAR, which I don't think is representative of real life). I think in real life watching Napoli I've only seen one or two "in or out of the box" checks so far this season. And wouldn't that be something the ref can take the VAR assistants word for anyway, given it's a very objective thing?
  2. Siriky Sanogo has been listed as having made 23 appearances and scored 4 goals for Benevento last season in his player history, which are his stats for the u-17 team. In reality he only made 2 appearances for the senior team.
  3. So excluding chance creation the differences really aren't that big, obviously Pjanic is a better passer (it'd be silly to argue that) however a +4 difference based on those stats is too much imo. Here's a comparison I made with some other Serie A players with 14 passing. He ranks above them in almost every area. I feel like he should be somewhere in the middle, probably around 16. I also feel like his dribbling should be slightly higher, however given there's not really all that much subjective evidence I can get my hands on for that I'll leave that to the editors to decide.
  4. You've just provided evidence against your own argument, as those stats are almost identical barring the key passes, which would be reflected in game by other stats being lower than Pjanic's. There's certainly not enough difference there to justify Pjanic's passing being 4 higher than Fabián's, it should be one or two at most according to that. In addition to that, though I said last night that I had basically no complaints, I agree that Fabián seems a bit off. Even ignoring his stats, his squad role is set as "backup" which is clearly not what he was brought in to be given he's one of Napoli's most expensive ever transfers. He also doesn't even seem to have enough potential to ever become a proper first team player at Napoli, which is odd given he was one of the best midfielders full stop in La Liga last season according to my Spanish friends. In terms of stats he's on a similar level to fairly average midtable players like Locatelli, Bourabia and Hiljemark, when in reality he was one of the best players for the side that finished 6th in La Liga last season, and was essentially the La Liga equivalent of Torreira (who is represented fantastically in game). I assume this is mostly on the shoulders of the Spanish researchers, however even if you can't change anything in this update I feel you should keep him in mind for the January update if he continues to perform well. Also on an unrelated note, has Luigi De Laurentiis been made president of Bari? Though Aurelio bought the club it seems that Luigi has at least been made president, given he's the one being handed the keys to the stadium and doing interviews and such.
  5. I'm not sure if it's a Serie A issue or a UI issue, however the start of season "Player Wage Expenditure in Serie A" email appears to greatly exaggerate said wages, ranging from a minimum of €80m annually for Empoli to over €1B for Juventus, which even pre-tax is absurd, and dwarfs the entire gross annual income of the clubs. Not sure if you want to include it, but Insigne has a "verbal release clause" to be sold for €200m if such a bid comes in according to Aurelio De Laurentiis. I do just want to say great work on the new update though, I have basically no complaints overall, I'm really struggling to find anything wrong.
  6. I actually think he was one of our most fairly represented players (I believe he was the only one I didn't modify at all in my personal data update), but personally I'd still upgrade him slightly in the new game. A couple of +1s to attributes like composure, vision and positioning would probably be fair, to bring him to a CA of around 157, with a bump in PA to about 161. As things stand though with his 18 passing and well rounded mentals and physicals I would certainly understand if they didn't update him at all.
  7. Plenty of Serie A players will need upgrades. I mostly know about Napoli as I'm a fan, but Koulibaly, Insigne, Allan, Ghoulam and Gaetano all need upgrades, while Hamsik, Callejon, Rui and Hysaj at least need downgrades (Hysaj especially for crossing, he currently has 13 I believe but he only averages about 5 successful crosses per season). Outside Napoli, I'd say Chiesa (PA/CA upgrade), Barrow (CA/PA upgrade), Belotti (CA downgrade), Candreva (CA downgrade), Wallace (CA downgrade) all definitely need changes off the top of my head.
  8. It's not like he's all that amazing in real life either, his current stats are very fair.
  9. Soooooo it's purple and with rounded edges now. New tactics look dope though.
  10. As the title says, I think it would be a good idea, either at the start of each save or when creating a manager, to randomly generate a playing career for that manager, with clubs played for, appearances, goals etc. Maybe becoming and icon/legend depending on how many appearances and stuff. I believe this is already done to an extent with international careers, so I propose that the playing career option chosen when creating the manager also serve as the parameter of the club career. For example, if one chooses the "International Footballer (Global level)" option, a successful career at the Madrids, Barcelona's and United's of the world could be generated. That could tie into the club reputation system. I just feel that this would add a nice little bit of flavour to the game, and increase the role play aspect knowing that your manager didn't just appear out of thin air with no apparent ties to any club. If that's too difficult, there could also be an option for the player to manually input a career for their manager when they originally create them. This wouldn't have to be season by season, they could maybe select a time frame for their career, choose which clubs they played for, how many goals, etc. etc. (and maybe the game could put that logically into individual seasons? Again may be too complicated though).
  11. @grade I can confirm that the one preventing you from highlighting text to delete/replace it hasn't been fixed. Still very annoyingly present.
  12. What's the deal with the new "current ability-dependent attributes" tab in the pre-game editor? It was my understanding that only determination, natural fitness, flair and determination (and presumably GK attributes for outfield players) had no impact on CA, yet it seems like a lot more attributes (mostly mentals) aren't in that tab. Does that mean those attributes have no impact on the players CA?
  13. Is there anything wrong with Zielinski as your Hamsik replacement? I'd say they're reasonably similar, and Zielinski has great stats. Regarding Mertens Asensio is a superb replacement, his technicals are incredible and he'd probably be even better than Mertens up top. Also could you possibly post screenshots of how the younger players (Diawara, Ounas, Rog, Leandrinho and Gaetano if he had decent potential in your save) are progressing?
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