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  1. I'd like to see of how you would build a 4-1-2-2-1 Barca style, using the width to stretch defences to demolation, but working for non-wordclass teams also. Don't know if this would be possible though.
  2. Don't know what you guys are doing wrong in away games. Using the beta before about a hour I dominated Valencia away with Köln 10:22 in shots, game ended 2:2 but I was quite pleased. It's also kind of this in other matches.
  3. If you have good wingers this tactic seems unbeatable... I have Podolski/Fernandinho upfront and Buonanotte/Krivets on the wings...magic play! For possession you need strong MCs which are also vital, Sissoko just fired 2 sensational long rangers in one game... Can't stop to see my team playing haha, it's so beatiful
  4. I'm using tyler's approach also. I think the strong company through the team is a big factor, so make sure your players blend well together, this gave me insane results - especially for the defense. I assigned 12 friendly matches in Pre-Season I think with friendly matches between some games only to make sure they blend well together. Also it is important to have a strong striker on the left, because he has much heading opportunities in match.
  5. V4 and V5, although I start all games with V4 now because it seems to be more consistent. If I cannot create any or feel we're getting dominated, I switch to V5.
  6. Chea!! We had 15-9 shots, 5-2 on goal 2-0 CCCs and 56% possession. Dominated!!!
  7. I am in my 3rd season with Köln now and running away with the title Our record so far is - Played 17, Won 13, Drawn 2 and Lost 2, 33:9 goals To add - 8 points clear to the second
  8. I just mean I switch between them in game. If I see we cannot create any chances or are getting to much shots on our goal I switch to either V4 or V5. Works really great so far because it leaves you abit "uncracked".
  9. I'm having a mix of the V4 and the V5 tactic with great success. Got 2nd in my 1st year with 1.FC Köln in Bundesliga + won the cup, media prediction was 12th. In second season again 2nd (Bayern is just unstoppable) which is still a great achievement I never achieved with other tactics. At the moment leading the table in my 3rd season, going to win it this season I have a good feeling . Big
  10. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by FuSS: Good to see people still suing my tactic to geat affect, 99% of people generally seem pleased. Just a quick note to confirm there will be no new versions despite the 7.0.2 update, as it didn't make any major tactical changes to thegame engine and so I feel dosn't warrent any form of update. I've personally settle on a man-marking version of V4 myself with a couple of other minor tweaks....I may upload this but only as a
  11. I found out that it's useful to have wingers who can play as a striker too as they have farrows into this position. I also found it important to have defenders who have +14 in pace. Since I consider this I'm even more succesful then before
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