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  1. I don't know if anyone can help me with a problem I am dealing with regarding the Reserves League because I can't have my Juventus Reserve team to play in such league in fact isn't there at all. So, does anyone know how can I modify the file in my editor so my Juve Reserve can play in the above mentioned league? How can I do that an if it could be done? Thanks :-)
  2. Hello! I was searching for something I want to try myself but can't find the answer: Is there a way to let my ass man take charge of generic training and not only pre-match preparation? I want him to take care of all the training including the area, the level for all the teams of my club...just to check it out if he can do better than me somehow and what improvement he could achieve compared to my work throughout a whole season. Thanks alot for your cooperation. :-) Vincenzo
  3. am I the only one missing the youth team training? it is not available at all.
  4. I was looking for this tactic for my great BiancoNeri...I could not recreate one myself so all I am asking is that is this for the latest patch 13.1.3 ? I am in offline mode so still using 13.1.2 because MrHough tactic does the job for my Juventus...so please let us know :-) Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Kenco I enjoyed very much your FM10 version and also I played with it also in a modified version including the reserve team for Juventus in WL10 South Europe so I could have a reserve team to use for my players not ready for WL1 (in Italy there is no reserve championship of course)...and I had also available youth (Primavera) team and its training option available. Also added without problems a Youth Championship including 24 highly rated teams from all over the world. Now I see that in this your latest version there is youth championship but there is no training option (disappeared the button) and no players under youth contract...so it is a big problem not have the option to have all this suddenly gone...and maybe there will be no new regens and if so how am I going to train them if I can't have my youth coaches available so I could set them up? Just asking because I am sufficiently good at editing but in this matter have no clue on what the problem could be. Any idea? Thanks in advance to you for your answer and to all the mates here ready to help. Enjoy the weekend guys! Excellent job BTW...greetings from Italy (...fino alla fine Forza Juventus! )
  6. Hi Knap, I am starting off a new season with Juventus and I have few wingers wonderkids and I'd like to use them instead of selling for cheap...I am moving from a wingerless tactic to a classic 4-4-2 and I'd like to try your latest 4-4-2 tactic (the one you sent to Jesseh) Thanks in advance, Vicente
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