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  1. Not sure there's a rule, on fm18 I found a new gen player appear in the game aged 26, world class talent. Bought him for 10mil from flamengo in Brazil but felt a bit cheaty
  2. There's a Manchester United thread in the "Good Player and Team Guide" section. You might find something useful to you there
  3. What about consistency? Not sure how this works as obviously it's a hidden attribute, but had a fantastic time using Andreas pereira on fm17. Coaches said he lacked consistency yet got 20+ combined goals and assists 3 years on the trot. Granted there were games he wouldn't perform and some he seemed unstoppable, but I have found that to be the case with the advanced playmaker role - regardless of who plays there. To be honest I often ignore what my coaches say about consistency for attacking players because, in my head anyway, if the attributes I CAN see tell me they're a good fit for the role I want to play them in then that is all I need. Ive also wondered whether high consistency necessarily constitutes a good player, what if they're consistently bad? Or at most average? If anyone can clear this up I'd be grateful just so I know, but I've always thought an inconsistent player (with good attributes) will be more capable of a world class display in a one off game than a more consistent player might be.
  4. Not sure the coach you ask has an effect but would love to know if there is any way to improve the chances. I always have the struggle with pogba and his ridiculous longshots but can't seem to get him to unlearn 'shoots from distance', seems to be a ridiculously negative ppm as he will take 4-5 long shots per game instead of playing a pass, and of course they're almost all off target. For someone with this ppm and 17 (I think) for longshots I would at least expect a few goals from outside the box a season
  5. Started playing around with this role for the first time recently, and am really enjoining the kind of system you can play with it. The only thing I think that could improve the role would be more room to customise with PIs, and potentially add other duties. The two main things I'd like to see changed about the inverted wingback in fm would be to add a defend duty, which would basically tell the player to come inside and sit infront of the rest of the defence like a DM rather than getting into more advanced positions. Also remove the "dribble more" PI from being hard-coded into the support duty, as when the IWB comes inside you want him to act as a centre mid, and certainly not all centre mids dribble often. Now, I have been able (in certain systems) to get the iwb to stay back at times, and wonder if the other issues could be mitigated with PPMs. Just wondered if anyone else using the IWB had any thoughts or ideas
  6. If you declare interest as a top transfer you can then send a scout to go and watch him play, but I don't think you can watch the games yourself. If you're trying to unsettle him you can also ask one of your players to encourage him to join your team through the media
  7. Have been using what's basically a 3-4-3 counter attacking system a bit recently. 3 CBs, middle one on cover. 2 players in the DM strata, a DLP(s) and BWM(d). 2 DW(s). 2 in the AM slot, AP(a) and SS(a), behind a CF(s). Instruct AP and SS to roam, and DWs to sit narrower to try and keep the midfield compact. Usually decent defensively, the 5 we have at the back defend the middle quite well, the only real weakness is obviously the flanks, particularly when the opposition use attacking fullbacks. Something I do if I feel it's necessary is tell my DWs to man mark the attacking wide players which (hopefully) prevents them getting on the ball too much. Have enjoyed it as had never previously done anything with 3 at the back, but has worked out fairly well
  8. Have to disagree with this, I believe there is good variety already in the game with the current PA system. A lot of it comes down to form. I had Carl Jenkinson in my palace save become a leading prem player valued at over £30m, all because he had 2 fantastic seasons with us, and have seen other players who I know to not have outstanding PA become fantastic players regardless. With regards to Jamie Vardy irl, I would argue he is a player who simply hit outrageous form at the top level for an unusual length of time, rather than someone who developed his game to become a much better player in a short space of time. This can be replicated with players in the game as it is currently. Also, the idea that every player should have up to 200 PA to give them then chance of becoming the world's best is preposterous. Putting aside how absurd this sounds in the real world, imagine how it would occur in the game. It would basically be like another batch of world class newgens, of which I think there are far too many anyway. I personally think the game should go the other way, and make it even harder to cultivate world class talent as the amount of 21 year olds who take over the top teams is frankly irritating and unrealistic. I would much prefer spending more time scouring the leagues for a player with the right potential and personality, battling with rival clubs for his signature and having to pay much closer attention to his training regime to ensure he made it to the very top. But that's just me.
  9. Can't imagine it's a bug, but I agree they should be added to the transfer budget. I've posted in the bugs forum anyway, in the hope that someone can clear it up for me
  10. Sorry if it was unclear, I'm aware they aren't separate piles of money. I had expected my loan fees to be added to the transfer budget though, just as any fee you receive when selling a player is (multiplied by the % revenue retained of course). Instead it seems that the club keeps all of the loan fees regardless of how much transfer revenue is made available, i.e. the money is in the club's bank account but they won't let me touch it yet. Presumably they will factor it in when calculating next seasons transfer budget.
  11. Thanks for your replies. So I went a couple of months further into my save and noticed that on the finances tab, under "income this month" in the Players Sold row it's showing the money I'm earning from monthly loan fees. However, my transfer budget hasn't improved, so it seems that the money is going straight into the club rather than my transfer pot as I'd hoped. Interestingly enough without all these loan fees coming in (about £6.5m a month) we'd be losing money like mad; apparently no one wants to sponsor Liverpool anymore (who can blame them)
  12. I have a load of players loaned out and on the transfer screen it says I should be getting £67m this season from loan fees alone. Pretty decent. Havent seen anywhere near this much money coming in though so my question is will it come in monthly (as the loan fees are p/m) or at the end of the season? Also may be a stupid one, but this will be going into my transfer budget right and not the club's overall balance?
  13. Not sure but you may be able to give clubs a nickname like with players? If not you may be able change the name of a club with in game editor, or the database editor. Only things I can think of
  14. cheers for the help, offered him a contract he FINALLY accepted after maxing all the bonuses and additional fees, only for Barca to offer him a new contract which he signed! Going into the new season having lost my top scorer and assister for the last two seasons, without replacing him. Hopefully one of my youth players can step up...
  15. At United at the start of the 5th season, been trying to sign Neymar for ages but could never offer him the wages he wanted (could offer max £350k and we wanted £550k) despite having enough wage available in the budget. Thought this may be to do with FFP so fair enough. However, just sold Martial to Real as he forced the move and thought that with his £250k wages off the books I'd finally be able to pay Neymar what he wanted. No dice. Still capped at £350k. There's no board request I can make and it's really frustrating me, I have £250m and £900k in wages but can't afford to bring in Neymar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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