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  1. On previous FM's there used to be an option to countdown when, for example, 50% of the users had pressed continue. Has this totally gone from the game?? Because I can't find it anywhere. It's hugely useful to us. Would be a shame if they got rid of it.
  2. 1) http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=206243&postcount=1804 - is very important in my opinion. Set pieces are designed by every manager and to make them unique for their club. 2) Also a partnerships tab in the player history for players who have played centre back, centre mid and up front. This would have the players opinions on who they most enjoyed playing with and stats such as clean sheets, assists and goals that have been kept when playing with that player. There should be details of every player that they have played with and it then may influence a signing that a manager was to make. 3) Ability to find out how much of the attendance was away fans 4) Subs instructions 5) Vonblades Tab idea - Tabs. The UI is just a fancy browser, so let's have some Firefox style tabs please. It will save me trolling back and forth between clubs or players, when I can just open 10 at once and tab through them.
  3. I think someone mentioned this before - Creating tactics for set pieces. For example getting a pitch with a corner taker and getting players and moving them about. Maybe right clicking on them will have them make runs, and you could choose which area to aim at, meaning you could make some players have decoy runs and some running from the edge of the area etc ... You would be able to right click on the run and say "decoy run" or "challenge for ball" or something. You could then also right click the player and say "aim for ..." or something. * This could also be done with free kicks and defending set pieces. Would make the tactical side deeper and quite a fun addition. Also would add to the realism and would be good seeing your own set pieces in action. * You would be able to custom make the runs so they could have to be a certain length and you could curve them and everything. Constructive criticisms?
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