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  1. I basically followed the rules of the "Dafuge" challenge so they originally start in the Division below Vanarama N/S but I took over when they got promoted to the Vanarama South.
  2. I've used this before and results have been pretty decent so was just making sure I should stick with it. Only complaint I would have is that my dm and my cm to some extent have pretty low match ratings no matter who I use. But I guess what's important is the end result. 1 more question, do you find it's better when you have a left footed IWB on the right and the opposite on the left side?
  3. My set pieces definitely seem to have been nerfed. I will check the routine for HGF 4132 to see if it's the similar to what I've been using. (Warrior 442)
  4. @knap I tried the link to get into the discord channel but it seems to be broken or expired. Is it possible to resend the invite?
  5. Spanish Super Cup under substitution rules it says "5 from 12" but the actual match only allows "3 from 7"
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