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  1. Decided to give this challenge a go! I'll be taking over Kingstonian in Vanarama South - they went up finishing 7th and winning the playoffs. Manager info Club info I will be posting updates at the end of every season. We are predicted to finish 13th, which I would absolutely take for my first season in this league. Fingers crossed we can stay up!
  2. Great read so far, and a very solid start back in Scotland. Probably not as dominant as you'd like, but I'm sure it will get there in the next season or two.
  3. Great read so far - that youth academy is doing bits already. Keen to see how far you take the Armenians!
  4. Definitely a good start to life in the top division. Getting points against teams like Valencia and Bilbao is very encouraging stuff.
  5. Nice work so far! Looking more and more like you'll beat the drop this year.
  6. Good progress so far. How's the trophy cabinet looking?
  7. The treble! Nice work. How's the count looking now then? What competitions do you have in your sights for the French u19s? Should be a good foot in the international management door that one.
  8. Nice showing in Europe this year. That should help out the coefficient nicely
  9. Following along. Never tried the challenge myself, but it seems interesting. Good luck!
  10. Nice first season in the top league. Hopefully the Europa league draw is kind to you
  11. (To be edited) Esteban has found his first managerial position... In his native land! More to come soon.
  12. Inspired by @winterburnsilva, I will be attempting (probably not very successfully) the FM Ultimate Challenge. Things I need to accomplish: CLUB TROPHIES - 25 Domestic Top League. (There is a minimum of 3 leagues from each of the 6 continents, so 18 of the leagues are somewhat bound.) - 25 Domestic Cup Competitions (Where minimum 10 clubs enter) , from a minimum of 20 different nations. UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Copa Libertadores Copa Sudamericana CONCACAF Champions League African Champions League African Confederations Cup Asian Champions League Oceania Champions League Club World Cup INTERNATIONAL TROPHIES: World Cup Confederations Cup Olympics UEFA Euro Nations Copa America Gold Cup African Cup of Nations CHAN Asia Cup Oceania Cup Rather than posting in the official thread for this challenge, I decided to post here so I could keep all of my updates and accomplishments central to one thread. The manager whose adventure we will be following is Esteban Lewis; native of Antigua and Barbuda. As you can see below, he has no coaching badges, Sunday league experience, and is 28 years old. By the time all of this is said and done, he should (hopefully) be the most decorated manager in the world. I’ve loaded a bunch of Caribbean/North American leagues to get us started, so the first leg of our journey will be there. Let’s hope Esteban can land himself a job somewhere sunny. I also just noticed – Pep and Klopp are listed as having the worst opinion of Esteban already, even though they would have no idea who he is. Esteban is listed as a Man Utd supporter, which is presumably why. A side goal of this save will be to land the Man Utd job (as it is Esteban’s dream). If we can check that off our list at some point, it’ll just be the cherry on top of Esteban’s cake-career.
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