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  1. So, coming from FM14, I was used to spend my remaining wage budget in the winter break on players who's contracts were about to end in six months or less. Trying to sing players for free by offering them a contract for the following season. In FM17 this doesn't seem possible, because every player says they're not interested in talks with my club and they want to keep their options open. Is this normal or is it a bug? Will they be more willing to negotiate once their remaining contract is 3 months or less? Anyone experienced this? I mean, if this was an intended feature, I'd appreciate it, as it sounds more realistic than the previous system to me, but it still seems odd, that every single player, even crappy players from 2 divisions below, refuse negotiations with my team.
  2. Thanks, I checked it out and it says 'The player already has a senior role in the team and cannot be tutored' - So I guess that states why he can't be tutored, but I'd like him to tutor a youngster? I got like 3-4 players in the team where under 'Interaction' I can tell them to tutor a young player, but I wonder why this option isn't available for the majority of my older players?
  3. I realized sometimes I can't ask a player to tutor someone because the option just isn't there in the interaction menu. I was wondering why that's happening? Any clues? See attached screenshot... The player from this example is 26 years old and he's a key player in my team, so I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be able to tutor anyone. I have the same problem with almost all of my other players.
  4. I think it's fine, I installed a face pack now, and those pictures are showing, so I guess it's not a general problem or bug. I'll play on until the first newgens arrive and see if they will have generated faces.
  5. If the problem was only there for german players, I'd agree with you, but all players in all leagues are black silhouettes. I just started a new game, just with the spanish league enabled, just to be sure, but it's the same there. And if the facegen didn't work because I'm in Germany, then why did it work in FM2011 and FM2014, where SI also didn't have a license for Germany?
  6. If that's the case, then I'm fine. I can live with black silhouettes for the starting players, as long as newgens get normal faces. I also don't know what the leagues I'm playing have to do with it, but if it helps, I'm running all countries, first league only for smaller nations, all of them view only. Only playable leagues are France, England, Germany, Italy and Spain (first 3 tiers). I'm managing Kaiserslautern in the german 2nd division. What might be more interesting: I added a team logo pack to get the real team logos and downloaded a skin. I thought it might be related to any of that, so I moved the logo pack files to a temp directory and reset the skin to default, but the player pics are all still black silhouettes, so I guess that's not the reason.
  7. Sorry, but I don't see anything there that's even remotely related to my question.
  8. Sorry, but how is that related to my question? My game doesn't freeze or get stuck. I'm just wondering why all player faces are just a black silhouette? I understand the game doesn't have licenses to show the real player faces, but in older versions of the game there were generated player pics at least. Will all created newgens also just have a black slihouette as face pic?
  9. Just downloaded the game from steam but when I start a game, all player faces are black. Is this normal? Shouldn't there at least be the usual facegen pics?
  10. I've been trying different things: - Holiday past the next match and save -> game won't load - Save to the cloud instead of the normal game folder -> game won't load - Save the game to a different folder on a 2nd HD -> game won't load So I'm pretty sure there must be some event in-game which causes the following save games to be corrupt forever. The only thing that's happening around the specific date is the European Championship group draw and the african / asian player of the year votings. Is there any way to skip these?
  11. No, we use the original database which is called '14.3.0 Update' and the game version is 14.3.1 Only thing that's modded is a different team logo pack from the steam workshop and I use a skin called 'Improved panels for FM2014 dark' Everything else is original.
  12. Hey there, I hope someone can still help me here with a problem in FM 2014. From Googling, I noticed the bug still existed in FM2016, so maybe it's worth looking into it. I'm playing a long term save game (10 seasons in) with a friend. When we tried to load the save today, we realized it was corrupted. Got some error message which said the game wanted to allocate an insane number of memory whenever we tried to load the game. So we loaded an older save and it seemed to work again. However, we realized that after a certain in-game date, every new save will be corrupted as well. If we load the last working save, advance 1 day, save again and load it again, all is fine. If we advance past the next league match, save again and load again, the same error message appears, no matter what we tried so far. I'd love to attach the save, but its like 190 MB in size. But it's easy to produce, just load it, holiday past the next league match and save, and every save after that date will be corrupted. If you guys would still want to look into this, I'd be happy to upload the save somewhere or whatever, just let me know. I know FM14 is outdated, but we're in Germany, so it's not that easy to get the newer versions of the game and we also don't want to lose all the seasons we played so far. Thanks.
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