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  1. Hey! I just started playing again after a break. Right now im a couple seasons in on this save and i have this kid at the age of 18 from Egypt. He has: 13 matches and 7 goals for Egypts National Team 12 matches and 1 goal for Egypts U20 67 matches for his former club Egypt is Ranked 52 in the world, how many more games does he need? He is so good at his age and I want to utilze him more
  2. Hey! I've got 210 hours combined in FM16-FM17 But im still clueless of how this game actually works, ive got some experience through playing the game but i still feel like im a complete "noob" First season starts good with finishes in top 6 (nearly always) when i play with my hometown club Aalesunds FK, who is considered a below mid tier team. But their economy is tumbling and im going about 100.000$ or more in minus every month, so the club decides to cut my "Profit from transfers" to 20% ish. Im also having big truobles winning any games next season, both against newly promote
  3. Haha! Vi er laga av stål! I'll look into it after work It just seems weird though, i dominate with above 60% of the ball, more clear cut chances, nearly 30 shots! while only half on target and still draw/lose.
  4. Same thing happened to me, kind of. He was already injured when he demanded more playing time...
  5. Hey! My name is Jørgen and you can pronounce it as the first name of Klopp Even though our name's quite alike, im no way near as good when it comes to manageing clubs in 1 season or more Im fairly new to FM and im addicted already, i love everything about football and i was so glad when i started playing FM15. I have around a 100 hours in both FM16 and FM17. So I started with my hometown club for a change, Aalesunds FK. Its a below mid-table team with not the greatest economy but Im just so interested to play with them and I actually celebrate a little when they score for me
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