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  1. I tried to edit in the "ads" folder in C: > Users > [your name] > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2017. I failed doing it, hence why "XML parsing error" popped up when loading the game. http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm17-dynamic-video-adboards.html is what I tried to download. I guess I incorrectly placed the wrong folder in the "ads" folder. Yesterday when I all of a sudden realized this was the problem, I deleted the "ads" folder. And then it worked.
  2. Then it's strange that it doesn't work. 'Cause I've done all I can when it comes to fixing the custom graphics by doing what you told me. Here're your photos. Use translation-websites if neccessary.
  3. Nope. Didn't work this time either. "Usually" you said, what are the other alternatives?
  4. I can do it all at once again. But since I tried before and it didn't work, it may not work this time neither.
  5. Yeah. Used Vitrex until I deleted the Cache and the Preferences. Then it got back to the standard FM skin. Still doesn't work though even without Vitrex.
  6. Tried again, didn't work. Anything else you or someone else can do?
  7. I tried again, and unfortunately, it didn't work. My apologies. So what's next?
  8. I tried it once before I uninstalled- and reinstalled the game, using the "savers" tips at another thread at another site, but I can give it a try again using your method. And yes, I will reply if necessary. /Liverpool20
  9. So I launched FM17 for not too long ago, and randomly, a window popped up, saying something weird. My first thought was that I shouldn't worry, no biggie. Then I loaded my save and "Football Manager 2017 has stopped working" popped up. Once again I didn't believe it was a biggie. So I restarted the game, and the first popup window appeared again. I studied the window closer. This is what it said: "XML parsing error!: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 36602 of error offset invalid - corrupted buffer?" Once again I loaded my save, and once again, after a while, the previous window reappeared saying something like "Football Manager 2017 has stopped working". I started to believe that the first popup window, had something to with the second one. So looked the problem up on the web. But I couldn't find anything. I found things related to it though, where people had problem with: "XML parsing error!: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of error offset invalid - corrupted buffer?" I did what the "saver" told the "costumer" to do, it didn't work however. So don't mix up these two, 'cause they are different issues. So finally, the question is obviously, do someone know how I solve this? Thanks!
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