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  1. Honestly your tactic looks fine in theory. This sort of setup worked great with Spurs in the FM17 match engine, but in FM18 it leaves something to be desired. I think either central AMs or narrow tactics in general were nerfed somewhat. My personal tweak was to make Alli and Eriksen flank Kane on either side as strikers. They could maybe work out wide in the AML/AMR slots too like Chelsea's 3-4-3.
  2. I would focus on one tactic first rather than having 3 on the go right away. Easier to diagnose recurring problems then. Try the simple 4-4-2. I would take off Retain Possession as you'll want your strikers to get on some through balls. I would also have the right-sided winger rather than the CM on attack duty. My personal preference is to have the CM-D behind the DLF-S and a CM-S/B2B-S behind the AF-A as I think it makes better use of the space. The way you have it, there is a massive gap in the left channel, and in the right channel the striker and midfielder may get in each other's way. From there it should be a good baseline to analyze.
  3. You could play a 4-1-4-1 Counter system. Drop the AMR/AML down to the midfield winger slots, and bring the AM down to the DM slot. Sounds like it might suit your players and may keep you in more games. You can't really play a real Counter system with a 4-2-3-1, as you have too many players in advanced positions.
  4. One thing that I have a suspicion about is that "Tries Killer Balls" PPM plus having "More Risky Passes" player instruction may be overkill and counterproductive. Example: I rotated Harry Winks and Lewis Cook in a DLP-S position with "More Risky Passes" turned on. They both offered something different; Harry Winks had better passing stats, along with Killer Balls/Dictate Tempo/Switch Balls, while Lewis Cook had Run w/ Ball More Often/Through Centre. But in the year-end statistics, Lewis Cook actually had far more key passes than Harry Winks. Perhaps that was a function of him generally playing lower quality opposition, but I dunno. I also remember cases where players with the Killer Balls PPM really struggle in the Advanced Playmaker role, despite being well suited to it. This is all anecdotal and a small sample size though. Would be interesting to test fully.
  5. I think you could do well by changing one of your midfielders to a DLP-S. He will hold position decently like you are wanting (depending on PPMs), and add some creativity to the attack.
  6. As far as Kane's attributes go, a DLF-A is the best role for him. He has the strength and composure to hold up the ball, but not the dribbling to warrant "Dribble More" that the AF-A or CF-A would give you. That being said, the CF-A could work in formations where there are bodies behind you, like in the 3-4-2-1 pictured above. You won't need him to drop deep as much. But in what I'm using, the 3-4-3 Flat, that dropping deep action is super useful in the buildup, and then he can lay it off to someone else before heading straight for the centre of the box as the main goalscoring threat. This sort of action does look quite Harry Kane-like in the match engine. Tottenham have gone back to the 4-2-3-1 with Alderweireld out, and it looks better so far. Lots of fluidity between the front 4, and some much needed wide threat from Son, who was acting as a W-A today. I like this formation better against the lesser PL teams that we've struggled against lately.
  7. I got like £40m+ offered for Rose from Man United. Should have taken it. I find if the AI is refused on their big offer, they may not offer again. Ended up selling him to Lazio the next season for a mere £10m. Rose is injury prone and has a bad personality (just like real life!) so doesn't fit long term saves. Good initial stats though. Davies has a better personality so I kept him and rotated with Tierney. Dembele wouldn't sell on my save, kept him for rotation and tutoring and just wound down his contract. Sold Vertonghen for about £15m. Aurier went for almost £50m. Basically traded him to Barcelona for that Nelson Semedo guy. At the end, Alderweireld was the only one left without one of the personalities I go for - Model Professional, Professional, Resolute, Spirited, and Driven. But he's so good I didn't mind. Don't know why you guys want to sell Son -- he's really good in FM and offers something different. Maybe didn't fit your tactic.
  8. No, that is not always true. Take this example of a Complete Wingback (Attack) on Defensive/Very Fluid: Now look at that same Complete Wingback (Attack) on Defensive/Highly Structured: He has a much higher mentality bar, meaning he will not prioritize defense as much as the same player on Very Fluid. The reason being is that in a Very Fluid system, the wingback will look more to the team mentality (Defensive), whereas in a Highly Structured system, the wingback will look more to his own duty (Attack). You should read this thread by Ozil, which is the best explanation of Team Shape on the forums: Also, Team Shape is not even that great for "bringing your lines closer together" as some insist it is. Show me a screenshot of an Advanced Forward tracking back to defend in a Very Fluid 4-4-2 system. Spoiler: they won't.
  9. I agree that there's no hard and fast rule about Fluid systems being more vulnerable to balls over the top. An example being if you play with Complete Wingbacks on Attack Duty. They will be more adventurous in a Highly Structured setup than a Very Fluid one on say.. Counter mentality.
  10. I'm using this formation in my journeyman save. Won the Malaysian league first season with Sarawak, but having mixed results with a poor Rongda side in the Chinese League. Only used Counter/Structured/Drop Deeper in Malaysia. Watching a bit more in China to see where to improve. Noticed the Carrileros sometimes being pulled to their opposite side and losing the shape. Don't really want to set "Close Down Less" because it's fine if they close down a bit on their own side. Am trying "Stick to Positions" but I don't know if it's in the offensive phase only or defensive as well? Also, any good way to deal with the super foreign players on opposing teams? They are miles better than my poor Chinese souls and just walk through my team at times.
  11. I managed Debrecen because of a personal connection. They have a new stadium so that's good. You could also pick one of the teams in Budapest which have some more history attached to them like Honved or Ferencvaros. I think most of the money came from Champions League. The prize money is nothing special, but winning the league is huge for access to Champions League. I built up the league reputation by doing well in continental competition so that it was eventually an automatic group stage spot. Initially you'll have to go through qualifying rounds.
  12. Best save I ever did was with Debrecen in Hungary. Ended up winning the Champions League after several years, then winning it again twice with only Hungarian players. Then won the Euros and the World Cup as a capstone. There's a few clubs with good stadiums and finances, and Hungary fits that spot of being okay with room for improvement. Plus they had some glory years to live up to. The number of games is okay but the League Cup is kind of annoying. Sometimes it's on during the International Break so you can play a bunch of youth players. There might be a nation which better fits your criteria, but that's the one I can comment on.
  13. Alright fair enough, "simple" is probably the wrong word on the Structured side.. probably more akin to what the game uses for the option be more "disciplined". I think the more important aspect of shape is how it affects the mentalities of your individual players based on their duty and position on the field. That's why I want my Advanced Forward or Poacher in a Counter system to be cherry-picking (is this an expression in England too?) rather than having the lower mentality that he would on a Fluid shape.
  14. If going more Fluid allows more creative freedom, then going more Structured allows less creative freedom, yes? I would call that keeping it simple. On top of the modifier which adjusts mentalities to make attackers more attacking and defenders more defensive. I do agree that you don't have to go Fluid with Short Passing or Structured with Counter. Lots of different ways to skin a cat. It's just what I like to do. Well, when a counterattack is triggered, there will be players rushing forward anyway, I don't need Fluid shape for this to happen. In a "normal" attack I want my defenders to stay deep so that they can easily defend during a transition and not get countered myself. Similarily I want my strikers to be in space up front so that they can get in behind the opposition defense with long balls or through balls.
  15. I like to go Structured with a Counter system, as it helps keep the play simple and also lets the striker(s) focus on scoring. I like to go Fluid with a Short Passing game, as the extra creativity may be needed to unlock defenses, and it also brings everyone's mentality closer together. Works as intended for the most part, though I'm sure there's many different combinations you can do.
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