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  1. What’s up fellas. I just started new save with the Spurs. I fell in love with the team last season. Won every single trophy in the game on FM 17 with Tottenham. I was reading your comments I thought the same switching formation, but i just love having wings in the game. I bought Chiesa from Fiorentina 40m, Kluivert from Ajax for 8m. Might go for Cerny and De Ligt cuz they were beasts on the previous game 😂😂😂
  2. Thank you so much for your help and support, i really appreciate it. 😊
  3. So far so good after the update can't complain. I have one more question, there's the screenshot. I can't see everything i must go REDUCE in order to be able to see the morale let's say. And i went to the selection and i added the injury bar too, but can't be seen. Thanks. .
  4. Actually i did it. The name of the save is Risto Chelsa. Thanks.
  5. Yes i do use customed graphics like kits, logos and facepack. I also moved the pictures from the FM17 to the FM18, since I started to have that problem i removed them because I thought that might be the issue. Also I switched from low to very low graphics. It’s not only during mathes now, can get freezed anytime. So is it my computer not good or it’s just a bug in the game. And i run large database with 2 leagues select i mean nations. Around 20 000 i believe.
  6. During games the screen freezes, sometimes the arrow moves but several seconds after I have moved the mouse and moves sort of randomly. I cannot even go to the task manager screen, can only switch the pc off. it only happens during matches, please help.
  7. Any idea how to insert the logos and the kits for the Football Manager 2017 via steam ??? I Purchased the game via steam with editor as well but I can't find how to upload and add all the logos and kits :/ pls help.
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