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  1. i am struggling to find where i need to go to change the green around the tactics pitch to something that blends better with my other changes, caan anyone point me in the right direction please?
  2. Thanks @Tyburn my problem was i had the below lines but replacing them with yours has done it, just need to teak the numbers and see what works for me visually now. <container id="mIco"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container> <attachment_group class="horizontal_arrange_vertical_centre" horizontal_alignment="right" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="-175" /> <!-- Menu -->
  3. Looking to resize and move the box on the right. I have read a few posts from previous years but the info doesnt seem to be working. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  4. i was hoping to hopefully mash up the data analysis style to include both attributes and DNA on the same model, oh well, thanks for the reply though
  5. is it possible to fill inside of the attribute lines so it becomes a block of colour, or is it just lines that are possible?
  6. i was looking in the steam workshop without any joy but picked one up on another site and its all sorted
  7. Thanks for that! Has one been released as i cant find it on Steam?
  8. With the release of a lower league expansion on the steam workshop I'm going to manage in level 7 of the English pyramid, but the league names are out of date. They should be The Pitching In Northern Premier League The Pitching In Southern League Premier Central The Pitching In Southern League Premier South The Pitching In Isthmian League How do I go about renaming these as I've never delved into this side of editing before Thanks for any help
  9. I have looked through but finding it hard to move the box, is it still possible via the same method in FM23?
  10. if you did the inbox you might be able to help me out, is it possible to swap the gmail logo and the text above it around?
  11. Would anyone be able to help or advise with the below request? 1, looking to drop the side bar down to sit level with the title bar and also round off the corners to match 2. how can i adjust the head underneath the cyan so they sit level with each other instead of the lower level joining up with the side bar 3. the edges on the right side are also very slightly out of line, how can i get them level really appreciate any help that could be offered as they are pretty much the final personal tweaks i want to make to this superb skin
  12. no not as a background no, but i have moved them into the main folder outside of the backgrounds folder too and still had no joy, will keep tinkering though
  13. My config file is correct and other skins are picking up the city pics so im pretty lost!
  14. stunning work, i love the blue this year so glad you have expanded on it! city pics arent showing for me, they are stored on the below path Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\graphics\backgrounds\city pics do i need to tweak the config at all? TIA
  15. managing sunderland, spurs exercised they 6m buyback clause on dennis cirkin. on completing the move they received 40% of his transfer fee that they had already paid??
  16. No problem buddy, i love as much info as possible on screen and an idea on who is performing well in what areas! Enjoy! Squad Full.fmf
  17. amazing skin which i have a made a few tweaks of my own to but have reached a point where i need a little help! as per the attached image i am trying to shrink the panels ever so slightly to have spaces between them. i want the spaces to be where the green markings are and a similar size to the borders on the right and upper edges of the screen, any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated
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