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  1. so after much tweaking and faffing it turns out the issue was my power supply unit giving out more power than it should resulting in drastically reduced performance. One warranty replacement later and all is good in the world of FM! Thanks for the help @Neil Brock and @Jimmy Wong
  2. I only downloaded Razer while having these issues initially as a way of trying to fix them. I got from one star back up to 5 after using it and it was fine ahead of the last update, running perfectly and did so for 5 days so would it really be the cause?
  3. Everything has been running great but after the recent update my speed is back down, this time at 1 and a half stars with just England loaded. The above tips have not helped this time, can you offer any other advice for it?
  4. I use Razer so its set for best performance when gaming
  5. Thanks Neil, I did the cache delete yesterday but no change to graphic performance. I am on the mains but have had issues with my charge cable, despite remaining at 100%, saying it is connected but not charging so that could be the cause if its not pulling enough power?
  6. issue appears to have resolved itself from the above intructions - i am up to 5 stars for processing again! will still update the graphics card though - will that improve my 1 star for 3d matches?
  7. Thanks Neil The game was installed on steam and purchased via Voidu - should that pose an integrity issue? No graphics or image packs installed and i am not running any of the things that could slow it down. i will delete the cache and get that dxdiag file for you (do i just post it on this thread?), what will these 2 things do/help with? At a loss as to why performance would go from 4 to half a star from 18 to 19 - does than not strike you as odd?
  8. FM18 multiple leagues loaded large database in play and predicted game speed of 4 stars and good graphic capability for 3d matches. Using the same laptop as i was for FM18 (12 month old Dell inspiron spec below) but running England only, regular database, minimum detail settings and its showing half a star for performance, poor capability for 3d matches and game is horrendously slow to play while processing takes an age as does saving. Is the game that much more intensive than last year? my spec should be fine no? Has it been throttled somewhat for the BETA but will improve on release? Any advice would be appreciated Dell Inspiron 13 5000 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 Hard Drive Storage: 256 Gb Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 7th Gen RAM Memory: 8 GB Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 Screen Type: Full HD Solid State Drive: 256GB
  9. Get the message below when trying to load fm18 after the 18.0.3 update. 'an error occurred while installing football manager 2018 (missing steam privileges)' and a file route that runs through programme files to steam apps and finishes with fm18.exe is displayed below that. In the steam launcher it appears that the update is paused but no option to resume only play Turned laptop off and on a few times but that hasn't done anything, can anybody help please!?
  10. That would be a great little addition, even if it was just an approximate figure to keep it realistic. A lot easier to help budgeting. Great video with some great advice, would love to know how he got the figures!
  11. Getting into a new season as AFC Telford i began with a scouting budget of 6.5k. I have been scouting regular players from the new scouting center, both those recommended to me and those recommending themselves as free agents along with anyone else who caught the eye. Fast forward to November and i took a quick glance at the finance screen ans saw that my balance was just over zero. Futher delving showed scouting costs of nearly 400k. My scouting budget is sat at 5k still but i have no idea of the cost of scouting an individual player suffice to say that it must add up pretty quickly if a Vanorama North side can spend nearly half a million before Christmas! Is it a bug? Can we see a breakdown of costs of scouting anywhere other than the full cost detailed on the finance screen in expenses? Further to this can we sort through player recommendations in the scouting center? If scouting is going to be so expensive and i have 20 recommendations to go through for the last week but I can only see the first one before needing to make a decision on it to see the next one then i am potentially going to overspend scouting more players than i need too? Its like having to stick or twist in poker only this is football and i should be able to know all my available options before deciding to scout or discard the player no?
  12. I'm on the standard skin so good on that front, do I need to change the config file data at all?
  13. i cant get this working in 18 on the base skins, how have those of you that have it working managed to do so?
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