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  1. Currently using these 3, been working alright through preseason, about to start the regular season.
  2. I am a Barca fan so I'm fairly familiar with last season. Most of the roles are very good, only thing I would change if you really want to be spot on; Jordi bombs down the left in most of the games he plays so I would give him an attack duty, also if you want to go full realism for this Barca played most games with Busquets in a DLP-d where Rakitic is. In more important games the shape looked more like an asymmetric 4-1-3-2 with Busquets as a dm Iniesta on the left (Coutinho in this year), Rakitic and Paulinho as the mezzala. Also if you want to go fully realistic with this Jordi bombs up the flank every single game so I'd give him an attack duty. Going to shoot up my Barca save see how I can get on
  3. abdi1721

    Error with pre-game editor

    I haven't used the editor at all this year, so I have no idea what is going wrong
  4. Actually testing this with Barcelona on my save. I moved back the Wm to CWB-At and it's been playing great football. Gotta play a few more games, but I love it so far.
  5. Anyone else getting this message?
  6. abdi1721


    It works. When I go to change skin it doesn't appear
  7. abdi1721


    Can't get it to work with workshop. It downloads as .fmf but I Can't get it to load in game. Any help?
  8. abdi1721

    [FM19] Manchester United

    No changes at all? Can't get anything to work atm
  9. abdi1721

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Can you show what your XI looks like?
  10. Any PI's? Going to try it out with Liverpool
  11. abdi1721

    Nexus Classic Skins for FMT and FM

    Anyone having a problem with the 3d match viewer? Specifically, with the ball, it looks weird and takes up all of my screen EDIT: Solved with Update