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  1. That's fine it's not a gamebreaking issue for me, was just wondering. Thanks!
  2. My scoreboard is looking like this in game, what file could fix that?
  3. I have my chalkboard showing on the left instead of the right, how can I change that to the right side?
  4. No problem, I just want to know how other people go about this in their saves so I can implement it myself instead of just plug and play
  5. I tend to go for bigger clubs, was thinking about having a go at a team like Arsenal, United, or AC Milan considering that they've fallen of a little bit in recent years
  6. I've been playing the game since 2017 but have never gone into depth analyzing my squad. I always find myself using plug and play tactics instead of using the strengths of my side. I want a save where I actually go into that depth. How do you guys go about analyzing the squad you have and seeing what formation, style of play, and roles to assign to my players?
  7. Could I ask what do TIs and PIs look for this, doing a United save myself and looking to get a 433 working, got Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, and Ajer in for the first team
  8. I am definitely intrigued by the prospect of this, pm me some more info
  9. Any player instructions on the players in the tactics
  10. Definitely count me in on this!! Betis are an interesting team to manage
  11. As the title suggests I'm trying to create a 4141 for Barcelona, I want to be able to get the best out of Messi to where he can become my top goalscorer as irl or as Salah was for Liverpool last season. This is what I currently have, Only PIs I have as of now is Close Down More on the "front 5" I want to know if there are any glaring holes in the tactic, and some advice would be greatly appreciated Edit: Arthur is supposed to be in the AP role and Rakitic as the BBM
  12. Could you change the game language to English take a screenshot and post it?
  13. Really want to see the PIs in this or a dl link. Want to see how it plays out.
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