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  1. Could I bring the 2nd AP down into the CM strata keeping the same pi’s without it negatively affecting the tactic? or could I even offset the F9 to the left rather than central?
  2. You expletive, this has drawn me back in after your original post got me to buy the game. I don’t have much time to play the game and I was becoming incredibly frustrated with the stupidity of the goals conceded. Going to wait for the winter patch to try again.
  3. This is Marcos Antonio isn’t it? I’ve bought him for £19.5 mil to be my future false nine.
  4. At the minute I’m using AWB and Luke Shaw on there natural positions but I am looking for replacements for Shaw, yeah I’ve always used attribute search even if they can’t play that position. but that’s great to know, so thanks. P.S I’m looking for a few positions and in all my attribute filter searches Mikel Oyarzabal is in every single one, what a complete player. imagine him playing for Pep/Bielsa in real life.
  5. Fantastic thread, it made me pick up a copy. I’ve started with Utd (who aren’t entirely built for this tactic) but I was just wondering do IWB really have to be played on the opposite flank to the strongest foot?
  6. Nice to see my Uruguay post has already got two responses and two completely different takes on the tactic.brilliant to see, I'll update my original post when spielverlagerung uploads there Analysis of Uruguay vs Portugal.
  7. Tifos look at Uruguays tactics at the world cup. Who fancies giving this a crack into the fm tactics creator.
  8. Hi Man, @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Great thread, I don't know if your still seeing this but I was wondering if with the new roles on fm 18 you might change anything ? Nice one.
  9. How do people feel these two compare https://fmbophonet.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/tattiche-fm18-4-1-2-3-maurizio-sarri/https://fmbophonet.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/tattiche-fm18-4-1-2-3-maurizio-sarri/
  10. Hi guys, so I don't have a copy of fm 18 until the end of the month and being a utd fan my first save is always with them and this year I'll be using bophonets Napoli tactic. So I was wondering if anyone had screenshots for Axel Tuanzebe who I plan to use as right back, Scott mctominay who I will use as dm and Timothy fosu mensah as centre mid. This will all be second season onward as I have a predilection for youth and a soft spot for these 3 players. Cheers and nice one.
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