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  1. I did check, the only transfer commitment was for a loan deal on a young CB which I cancelled
  2. I've just joined a new team (after being sacked from both of my previous clubs within 12 months... oops!), I've been here for just over a week and I've been through the squad, looked at what players I need, who I want to move on etc. and I've sorted out scouting assignments and staff responsibilities that show that I'm in charge of making the transfers for the club, other than handling contract negotiations for my youth team, which is done by one of the youth managers. However, twice I've received emails saying that I need to confirm signings that I've been totally unaware of. I didn't make the offers for the players, nor did I scout them, so I'm not sure why this is happening? Anyone got any ideas?
  3. I've got a save going which I've been playing at home over the weekend. It's a cloud save that I've been playing at work (cheeky) and at home in the evenings, but when I saved it yesterday it doesn't appear to have synchronised, so I'm unable to access it on my work PC. Don't get me wrong, this is good for productivity, but also a little on the negative side for morale Is there any way that I can force-sync it so that I can play my save at work without having to save it again at home and wait for it to synchronise?
  4. Every single version, every single season in game I always have the same bug bare with the game. Why, no matter what, does form always drop during October/November onwards? I get that teams re-think things, but EVERY single season I've played since FM15 (Excluding 16, didn't but it) I've always had this same issue. Never has it been worse than currently, however. See attached screenshot. Almost unbeatable until December and have won one game in 3 months. Tried changing tactics, rotating players, nothing I can do works. Frankly it's ridiculous. If I don't win my next 2 games I'm sacked. There's absolutely no way this should happen year on year. To go from being excellent to not being able to string 5 passes together is absolute bull. Anyone got any ideas on why this happens?
  5. If I opened up the save, removed some leagues, saved it and tried again will that resolve the issue in any way?
  6. So it seems like it's my laptop struggling with it all which is the issue, rather than the save?
  7. Yeah that's it, just stops processing and when I open task manager it says not responding. Can't tab in or out of the game either - Tried reloading the save 2 more times this morning and still crashes.
  8. May need renaming, I think it may have uploaded without the .fm extension. I've just had to add the extension on again to load it up this morning, but the crash is still happening.
  9. @Neil Brock I believe it's just uploaded - Should be called "David Crashed Save.fm".
  10. @Neil Brock It just stops processing. The spinning circle that is usually visible on the calendar isn't there and the whole game freezes up. I've left if to do it's own thing for 20-30 minutes at times and it just stops working completely.
  11. My game has crashed 3 times today, all on the 30th June 2018. This morning I lost a week (in-game time) of progress, so I saved it on the 30th June 2018 after that at 9am (in-game time). Crashed again - Re-loaded, forwarded to 10am, crashed again. Not sure what's going on, task manager just keeps saying "Not Responding"
  12. Don't play FMM so not sure, but I think it will work the same - After all, football tactics don't change the way the work.
  13. I agree with @tajj7 - I'd reduce the amount of attack duties. Which ones you change isn't up to me and I don't know enough about your team/players to know which ones to change, but your midfield will get seriously overrun as it is.
  14. Continuing my BETA save with Derry City. After starting unemployed and being hired to ensure we weren't relegated/dragged into a relegation battle, I've finally started to build something which could push for a European place soon.
  15. One way around this is to set the contract negoiation responsibility to someone else whilst you're on holiday, or else check the contract situation before you go. A pain, but I agree it should detect that you're on holiday and wait until you're back.
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