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  1. Player disappeared

    Not before sadly, sorry. I did manage to "re-sign" him on a free again in March, and now his history now rather oddly shows his previous games for us, which it didn't in-between him disappearing and me resigning him. Am really enjoying the game other than that.
  2. Player disappeared

    Hi all, On my SWFC save, I signed Tom Cairney on a free transfer in February. On the game, he came straight into my team, scored a goal on debut and was very much part of my squad. And yet upon loading up my save this morning (in March), he is not in my squad list, he is not with a club and on his history there is no sign of playing for SWFC... and yet he is on my transfer history as having moved to me in February and they show him as having scored on his debut in my fixture list, and if you click on player ratings in the 2 games after he signed, there he is on both occasions... I am absolutely stumped and it's left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.
  3. What are people's usual star rating for estimated game speed? Am at 1 star with around 95,000, but tempted to drop that number to make it run a little faster. Also tempted to drop the database size from large to medium as large seems to flood the game with unattached players, even with 15-20 leagues loaded. Any help/input would be appreciated, thanks
  4. Yeah I always change my new offer of a contract into £1 a week. No incentive for me to earn mega bucks and waste club's money on what seems nothing important
  5. Trialist teams

    Set up a trialist day and tso it creates two teams out of possible trialists you can sign
  6. Hey all, How do I get rid of these in my team selection bit? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/688/dfsdb.png Still there after my first game of the season Think I might be being a bit dumb. Thank you for any help at all
  7. Attribute arrows

    Hagkure, I know that matey- have it turned on. arrows disappear after you view them once for the whole time until the next update takes effet. Okay, cheers Sharpy, lets hope it's fixed in the next update
  8. Hey all, Having a litte problem here. I click on a player's attributes and it show the green/ red arrows depending on how he has trained, but when I click on say the training tab on his profile, then go back to his attributes, the arrows are mysteriously not there, and I never see them again! Any ideas? Cheers
  9. Raver training + sets

    Love your schedules Raver. About the best that I've used since fm 2011, although there aren't many around yours is still a standout for me. A lot more emphasis is needed- traning schedules aren't just magic like last years, but cheers raver- they are the best for me
  10. Thanks a lot mate, seems obvious now!
  11. Hey guys, got promoted to the championship last year, but throughout this season all I receive is updates about league 1- player and manager of the month, etc but nothing about the champtionship- not even goal of the month for either leagues Apologies if it's been posted before but it's a little annoying. Any way to fix it at all?
  12. Raver training + sets

    Thanks a lot raver. Should I change to this half way through a season from your 3rd version?
  13. Just a quick question lads, I'm a bit ****ed off at play.com not delivering my game after days so I am tempted to go out to the store and buy the game there. Just wondering what to say to play to get my refund? Cheers
  14. i really wanna download this, i just feal like im cheating it
  15. Official FM 08 Good strikers guide

    how do all you lads find these quality players?