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  1. Every game has glitches and bugs.. So what. The point is they work hard to fix them, and then release an update when it is ready to be released, which then has to be approved by different stores etc etc. People play Grand Theft Auto - This has glitches, bugs, you can hack it, you can mod it. People play Fifa - This has glitches, bugs, all sorts. Every single game has glitches. Get over it. The game runs smoothly, the game doesn't crash. There's the odd issue with it, but it cost £7!!! An xbox, PS4 or PC etc game costs £35+!! People still go and buy them, and don't complain when glitches are found because it's part of a game. Let's say they have 50/100 people testing the game. Yes they will find some, they won't find some.. The game then gets released to MILLIONS of people, playing on different consoles, different teams, different leagues, different challenges... It's law of averages.. More people will find more glitches. Rant Over *drops mic*
  2. I agree, I definitely prefer EME and it is more challenging than OME
  3. I think i might find this too easy BUT i love it! Always create your own challenges to keep it exciting
  4. Just tried with just England loaded but no luck! Even searched from him but nothing. Rohan Ince is there who is a new loanee (signed after Charlie)!
  5. Large database I'm using England, France, Germany & Spain. Yeah i get that, just frustrated as those 2 players have made a massive impact to Swindon, and would be good to use them in the game. Just have to take a youngster and edit them i guess!
  6. As an avid Swindon Town fan (for some reason beyond my control) i was hoping that their loanee from Chelsea would be included in the update along with a few others... They aren't!! I'm deeply saddend by this. How am i going to avoid relegation without them! Please include Charlie Colkett and Fankaty Dabo!!
  7. Hey, Just wanted to report, that after the 8.2 update, i'm having issues with the assistant manager picking injured players to put on the bench instead of decent players. Just wanted to raise this as i know the update was supposed to fix this. Thanks! (I posted this in FM Touch by mistake!! Was on FMM2017 on Android)
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