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  1. He played a handful of games for Liverpool in my save, saw out his contract in the reserves and then was released. I signed him on a free for Rangers, he scored a 20-yard screamer on his debut then got two more goals in 23 appearances (most as sub), so I sold him to Deportivo for £1.5m. He's now on the transfer list there, having scored once in 17 games. He's never appeared for England since my game started.
  2. A sneak preview ahead of Scotland's tough group with hosts Russia, the USA and New Zealand. From my current save as Rangers (from an alternate reality where Rangers are debt free and Craig Whyte is a level-headed and astute business man) and Scotland. The nation's first major championship in 20 years - and I've taken a Shamrock Rovers goalkeeper... http://groaninjock.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/sneak-preview.html
  3. I've got a Scottish centre back called Kieran Anton who is dubbed the next Colin Hendry. I'll try to post a screenshot tonight.
  4. Awesome Regen Names

    My favourite from any version of CM/FM is Paddy Le Saux in CM2.
  5. Do Barnsley have a spare £107m to spend on him? If you do, you should call their bluff :-)
  6. National Manager

    I was appointed Scotland manager imemdiately after the WC 2014 qualifiers ended in failure for Craig Levein - starting reputation professional footballer, although I won the League/Scottish Cup double in my first season with Rangers and the League/Scottish Cup/Scottish League Cup treble in my second.
  7. Yeah, it's a similar issue for me, but reversed - a few of my top players are attracting attention, and while I'm prepared to sell one, I don't want to sell both. But now I can't let the transfer progress to the stage of contract negotiations, as all transfers appear to be going through without the need to be confirmed.
  8. I'm playing FM12 with the latest patch and just wanted to check something. After I've accepted an offer for a player and he's entered into contract negotiations with the other club, should I still get the chance to cancel the transfer before it goes through? At the moment, transfers are happening automatically once terms have been agreed, whereas before I always used to get a news alert saying: "Steven Naismith has agreed a deal to join Newcastle" with the options to confirm or cancel the transfer. Has that been removed?
  9. Definitely stay to win the league. Break 30-odd years of Old Firm monotony!
  10. I haven't noticed any difference to difficulty since the latest patch. Definitely recommend getting the game!
  11. Stadium capacity

    A stand or section of terracing that only gets used when it's a big game (local derby/team from higher division in the cup)? That would be my guess anyway.
  12. Yeah, giving young players their big break or giving a player his international debut seem to be the main ways. That's how it's worked for me so far on FM12 anyway.
  13. I've been buying and playing CM/FM every update since CM2. But I've had it. No more. Six-hour train journey yesterday, all set for a lengthy FM12 session, but it wouldn't start because Steam wouldn't start in Offline mode. £30 for a game that I can't play because some third party software wouldn't work without an internet connection. Sorry SI, but you've lost me for good now. I make it that I've spent the best part of £500 on your games over the past 15 years, but when I can't play a game I've bought on DVD when I want to, I've had enough.
  14. Any Laptop Players ?

    I've been a laptop player since 2001, would never go back to a desktop. Current machine is an Acer from Tesco, think it was around £400. 17-inch screen is great for FM12. Think it's 4GB RAM, 360GB HDD.