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  1. I was thinking it could be that the defenders simply aren't good enough to organise a decent offside trap, all of my CBs are English so language isn't an issue but I've brought them all with me from League One, so they aren't great. I'll try dropping the line back and scrapping offside traps until I get some better defenders in. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently 7th in the Championship with Coventry and expected to finish 19th, so safe to say I'm definitely over-achieving, but that is largely down to just about out-scoring opponents. I do try and deploy a higher line in home games and an offside trap and my tactical familiarity is fluid in almost all categories. I use a 4-1-2-3 custom tiki-taka with an attacking mentality for home games and a positive/balanced mentality for away games depending on how much better the opponent is.
  3. I'm honestly getting so fed up of every goal I concede coming from a 50 yard punt over the top and the opponent's striker going clean through and scoring the majority of the time. Whether it be Tranmere Rovers or Manchester United or Werder Bremen, literally every team on every save I come up against deploys this tactic and I can't do anything about it. Does anyone else have this issue? And is there any way to genuinely combat this that isn't just playing super defensively? Because it's kind of breaking the game for me at the minute.
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