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  1. Expectations Media - 11th Board - Top half finish Season III - Vanarama National League 2019/2020 Squad - League - Cups - Fixtures1 - Fixtures2 - Fixtures3 - Transfers - Finances - Board Confidence Review - Brexit With just 4 draws, this season was all or nothing and fortunately we took it all. Playing against Liverpool was a big achievement this season, and also very profitable for our side. TOP 3 Players: 1.Antonio Diaz Stats: Position selected: MC| Apps: 44| Average rating: 7.43| Pass completed/90m: 81.90| Key passes: 60| Pass ratio: 83%| Interceptions: 199| Goals: 8| Assists: 14 -What can I say more about him? My star, my best player, my team heart and brain. Unfortunately he requested to leave and he will be leaving for a 125k fee to Championship side Sheffield United. Finding a replacement, will be a challenge. 2.Jack Storer Stats: Position selected: ST| Apps: 38(7)| Average rating: 7.22| Shots/90m: 3.35 |Shots on target/90m: 1.88| Shots on target ratio: 56%| Headers won/90m: 5.71| Pass completed/90m: 42.67| Key passes: 42| Pass ratio: 83%| Goals: 25| Assists: 7 -Well he couldn't beat Assombalonga record of 32 goals but I'm satisfied with his stats and contribution. Unfortunately his salary is a little bit to big and we have a financial fair play regulation to pass and I think he will be leaving us. 3.Lionel Stone Stats: Position selected: DC| Apps: 52| Average rating: 7.04| Interceptions: 650| Headers Won/90m: 8.76| Tackle ratio: 72%| Key Tackles: 4| Pass completed/90m: 28.05 -My trusted defender that grewed with us being his 4th season at Billericay. My number 1 choice this season. Tactically (tactic1, tactic2, tactic3) is the same as the last season, with some changes here and there. It's our identity and I love how we play. I will see how far it can take me but right now I think that will be stupid to change it. Also changing to counter-very fluid, after 3 defeats in a row at the beginning of the season, was the best decision this season that brought us the first place. More Facts that I'm proud of: 1.Manager of the Year 2.Iron Curtain Season League League Finish Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Vanarama National League South 3rd Promoted via Playoff 2018/19 Vanarama National League 2nd Lost Playoff Final 2019/20 Vanarama National League 1st Champions
  2. Congrats @Quasar, @Barnet! Unfortunately for me, I will stay another season in VNL. Expectations Media - 22nd Board - Avoid relegation Season II - Vanarama National League 2018/2019 Squad - League - Cups - Playoff - Fixtures1 - Fixtures2 - Fixtures3 - Transfers - Finances - Board Confidence Review I'm disappointed. Base on our form and our final league position, I think we deserved and we should be promoted, unfortunately we ruined everything in our last game. TOP 3 Players: 1.Chris Assombalonga Stats: Position selected: ST| Apps: 44(8)| Average rating: 7.23| Shots/90m: 3.23 |Shots on target/90m: 1.84| Shots on target ratio: 57%| Headers won/90m: 3.34| Pass completed/90m: 37.65| Key passes: 47| Pass ratio: 86%| Goals: 32| Assists: 7 -Chris was my big surprise this season. I kept him as my 4th striker but with some ugly injures I was needed to bring him in my first 11 and I could't get him out. He exceeded all my expectations. 2.Corey Francis Stats: Position selected: MC| Apps: 48(3)| Average rating: 7.05| Pass completed/90m: 71.67| Key passes: 53| Pass ratio: 83%| Interceptions: 249| Goals: 9| Assists: 5 -Another solid season for Corey and as always a good passer. I wanted him to be more involved in the attack but in the end I'm satisfied with his stats. 3.Joe Hardy Stats: Position selected: ST| Apps: 45(4)| Average rating: 7.05| Shots/90m: 2.48 |Shots on target/90m: 1.19| Shots on target ratio: 48%| Headers won/90m: 3.23| Pass completed/90m: 41.35| Key passes: 51| Pass ratio: 86%| Goals: 16| Assists: 11 -As I said last season, If he will sign a new contract we will change our tactics and he will be our second striker and that's what I've done. Joe is definelty a passer and I think he is made to be a second striker, his 11 assists and his passing statistics definitely say that. Well, I'm disappointed but also I'm satisfied that we created a clear identity that we will keep seasons to come. We finished 2nd with this squad and I don't think that I will make many changes to it; hopefully next season will be ours. Season League League Finish Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Vanarama National League South 3rd Promoted via Playoffs 2018/19 Vanarama National League 2nd Lost Playoffs Final
  3. Nice work @profii. Congrats Small winter update I'm in february and with a media prediction 22 and the board expectation to avoid relegation you might think that we are struggling bottom down there. Well...not really: An unbelievable season so far and we are fighting up there for a playoff spot. Tactically, this season is all about 3(or 5) at the back and I must say that my "Julian Nagelsmann experiment" is a succes. As you could saw in my fail Enfield save and my last season with Billericay, I like to be flexible. I don't belive in just one tactic. I like to play a certain way in a certain situation. What I don't like is that we can't keep a clean sheet. Offensively we are doing grate, defensively...well, not so good. We don't have problems with crossing, we have problems with our stupid defence. A lot of stupid decisions, stupid mistakes, stupid penaltys, stupid own goals. Just look at this game: How on earth can you make 2 penaltys, both after corner kicks and an own goal after a long kick? And this is not an exception. I think I'm the team with the most own goals scored in the league . Anyway, if I can adjust my defence and if we can maintain this form I think it will be a successful season.
  4. Even with professional status is tough; financially speaking. I lose money every week and my board inject money into the club every month. The big question is: till when? We need a Vardy so that we can sell it to Leicester and save us from bankruptcy . Good luck m8.
  5. First of all don't get so attached to that star rating. More important than that stars are the attributes. Even Rashidi in one of his saves had one 2* player that he played from the lower league till UCL w/o any problem. Let's take one exemple, from my just new promoted Vanarama National League team: Here there are 2 of my players: one 2* player and one 3 and a half stars. Maybe it's not the best exemple, but let's analyse them. Stefan O'Connor is my 3 and a half stars player. He got pretty good speed, amazing jumping reach and heading, but can I trust him 100%? No! Why? Well, look at his concentration, decisions and especially determination. Despite his speed, heading, etc. I know that he can let me down any time during a game. Now let's look at John Hunt, my 2* player. He is actually slow as a turtle and some of his attributes are average. Can I trust him 100%? In my opinon, at this level, yes. Why? Well, again, let's look at his concentration, decisions, determination and especially bravery. I know that, in a bad situation, he is brave and determined enough to turn it in his favor and save me, even with his 2 rating stars. As I said, maybe it's not the best exemple, but I think you got the point. Look after attributes and not the stars. Second, I don't think there is "the one and only better tactic for small teams". Everybody say to "try it simple", "try 442" etc. NO! Try to build you tactic around your players and don't be scared to try some fancy things here and there cuz the other teams have bad players too. Identify 1, 2 or 3 players that you think are your best and build the tactic around them. For exemple: you have a player with good passing, vision, decision etc. why don't you play him with an advanced playmaker role? He is good also in the final third, why don't you play him with an attacking duty? Your players up front have speed and off the ball why don't you try that beautiful team instruction "pass into space", and so on. I was so scared of Control mentality and 4231 tactic. I though they are too aggressive for a small team. But I had 3 pretty good players: MC, AMC, ST and I managed to promote based on a pretty aggressive 4231 tactic. Look at Hoffenheim these days: small team, but they are not scared to press up the field and to be flexible. If you think that your team is the best in the league, act like you are Real Madrid.
  6. I've finished also my first season with Billericay. Expectations Media - 6th Board - Top half finish Season I - Vanarama National League South 2017/2018 Squad - League - Cups - Playoff - Fixtures1 - Fixtures2 - Fixtures3 - Transfers - Finances - Board Confidence Review Tactically, at the beginning I tryed to implement some Bielsa defensive concept like 2vs1 and 3vs2. I already had a squad built for 4231 so when I faced a team that used only 1 striker I used the 4231 and against 2 I switched to a 3412WB. It worked pretty well till november when our form has changed drasticaly. After 2 months of poor form I decided to focus only on the 4231 tactic and our result improved amazingly. Four games befor playoffs I switched again to a more solid 4411 and counterattack all the way. And here we are promoted in the Vanarama National League. TOP 3 Players: 1.Corey Francis Stats: Position selected: AMC| Apps: 44(1)| Average rating: 7.27| Pass completed/90m: 71.32| Key passes: 55| Pass ratio: 87%| Assists: 11| Goals: 13 -my playmaker; the servant, with 55 key passes, 11 assists and 13 goals and an average rating of 7.27, definitely my best player and the brain of the team. 2.Simon Hanna Stats: Position selected: MC| Apps: 47(2)| Average rating: 7.00| Pass completed/90m: 84.82| Key passes: 19| Pass ratio: 88%| Interceptions: 408 -used as a dlp, a very good passer with a 84.82 passes completed but also a very good defender with 408 interceptions. 3. Joe Hardy Stats: Position selected: ST or AMR| Apps: 48(3)| Average rating: 7.01| Shots/90m: 2.99 |Shots on target/90m: 1.43| Shots on target ratio: 48%| Headers won/90m: 2.79| Pass completed/90m: 30.88| Key passes: 42| Pass ratio: 83%| Goals: 17| Assists: 10 -satisfied with his passing stats: 30.88 passes completed, 42 key passes, 83% pass ratio and 10 assists but not so satisfied with him in front of goal with only 1.43 shots on target, 48% shot on target ratio and 17 goals. If he will sign a new contract I will definetly change my tactic and use him as a second striker in the next season. More Facts The good news is that with the promotion in our pocket the board decided to build us a new stadium; the bad news is that it will cost us 3M and a 1.05M loan has been made. Also, till the new stadium will be built, we will move to Recreation Ground and will pay a 21.17K yearly rent. Well, the rent is not too big, right(?) and a new stadium sound awesome, but we are a small club and financially, our next years don't sound so good. I will have a 115k p/m wage budget for the next season and as a matter of fact Gateshead FC, who promoted to League 2, had only 120k p/m wage budget, so yes, I think is a pretty big budget to rebuild the squad.
  7. The lucky ones are Billericay Town FC. They seem to be professional, is that right or I'm just lucky and they turned professional in my save befor I took them? Anyway, things are going pretty well so far: 9games in; 5W 3D 1L. And look who decided to cross the field when the ball is still in play. Hello there, the game is not over yet.
  8. Not so lucky. Got just 1 point in the next 5 games and I've been sacked . Congratulations, you've just been sacked Should I blame the players like Mourinho? No. After 16 games w/o a win, I deserve it. Nothing more to say, I guess. I will post just the league tabel and transfers and I will start again with another team, I think.
  9. Unfortunately my second season with Enfield is not going well. Actually is going awful. After 35 games we are in the 21st position and the board gave me an ultimatum. Pretty sure I will get sacked cuz I'm out of ideas. Is frustrated how sometimes we can't keep the lead. We are leading 2-0 or 3-0 but we end up with a draw or a defeat.
  10. Hi there. I just bough fm17 few days ago just for this challenge cuz I'm in love with the LLM (hehe). I must say that is a big jump for me from 15 to 17 and also my first save. I decided to take over Enfield Town FC (setup; manager profile) basically because I like their logo. My first season was a fiasco; with some luck we barely managed to stay up. So here it is: Expectations Media - 22 Board - Attempt to avoid relegation Squad - League - Cups - Fixtures1 - Fixtures2 - Fixtures3 - Transfers - Finances - Board Confidence Review Top 3 Players 1.Evan Garnett Stats: Position selected: ST| Apps: 43(2)| Average rating: 6.95| Shots/90m: 2.07|Shots on target/90m: 1.03| Shots on target ratio: 50%| Headers won/90m: 2.53| Pass completed/90m: 39.29| Key passes: 42| Pass ratio: 83%| Goals: 20 -my goal scorer, but a very good passer as well with no more then 42 key passes 2.Will Spetch Stats: Position selected: DC| Apps: 36(5)| Average rating: 6.94| Interceptions: 650| Headers Won/90m: 9.42| Tackle ratio: 74%| Key Tackles: 14| Pass completed/90m: 20.94 -a solid defender with very good stats; impressive 650 interceptions when Ebbsfleet top defender had 628 2.Scott Shulton Stats: Position selected: MC| Apps: 41(3)| Average rating: 6.98| Pass completed/90m: 75.57| Key passes: 41| Pass ratio: 80%| Interceptions: 302| -the key passes and interceptions speak for themselves Tactics About tactics, well I started the save with the idea of playing counterattacking, so at the beginning I played with a 4141 and 352. Things didn't go well so I switched to my 3rd tactic a 442 and in the end I listened to my coach and switched to a 4123DM. I didn't have a tactical identity and this was my big problem (that I will not repeat in the second season). That's it. For the next season my objective is (I hope) a playoff spot. Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Vanarama National League South 18th Avoid relegation