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  1. Carshalton Athletic FC Season 1 - Vanarama National League South - 2019/20 League Table: We only managed to finish on 12th position in our first season, but overall I think it was a decent season. Transfers1; Transfers2: We signed a lot of players and almost all the year we had trialists in our yard trying to improve the squad and preparing the future campaign. Squad1; Squad2: Overall we had a pretty fast squad for this division but we lacked the quality. Almost all the players will leave us this summer, I’m trying to build something different here and I’m aiming for a playoff spot next season. Tactics: When I started the save I had a certain tactic and style in my mind but because my best players could only play in the AM positions I was forced to play a 4-2-3-1…till January. In January I switched to how I wanted to play from the beginning: a low block 4-4-2 inspired by Ranieri with “my Mahrez” on the left wing. That gave us an unbeaten January with 4 wins in a row and a certain DNA for the future. Finances: We are doing great actually and I’m really surprised. Top Players: Best Defender: Corey Panter – I think his positioning let him down sometimes but overall it was our best defender. Best Central Mid: Jack Richards – Not the best midfielder in the world but he could pass the ball around. Best Winger: Ricky Korboa – “My Mahrez”, 10 goals, 7 assists, 6.92 average rating. Unfortunately he demand too much money for a new contract and will leave us. Best Striker: Mike Dixon – Physically a beast, 19 goals, 6 assists, 6.96 average rating. With his physical skills, bravery and work rate he fit best into my PF (D) role. I hope I can keep him. Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama National League South 12th -
  2. Some ideas from The Tinkerman, Claudio Ranieri himself : "My boys are training a lot, but not too many times. In England the game is always high intensity and wipes people out. They need more time to recover. We play on Saturdays and then Sunday is free for everyone. We resume on Monday with light training, the way they do it in Italy. Tuesday is hard training, Wednesday absolute rest. Thursday another hard workout, Friday is preparation for the match, Saturday another game. I make sure the players have at least two days off from football each week. This is the pact I made with the players on the first day: I trust you. I'll explain a little football ideas every now and them, as long as you give me everything.”
  3. Try to limit yourself to 20-30 (I don’t know exactly the limit for the first team) trial offers at once. After you accept them, put the players into u23 team and make another 20-30 offers for others and so on.
  4. Mid-season here, at Carshalton and is not going too well, but not bad either. 6 points clear from the red zone and 9 from playoffs, but for now, we are more close to the relegation zone than the playoffs.
  5. Throw them into u23 team and you can have as many as you like.
  6. Here we go! I was hoping for Potters Bar Town or Walton Casuals, but I ended up with Carshalton Athletic FC.
  7. 2020 End of Season I ended the season in my fm18 manner: in tears. After an amazing run, we couldn’t push for a 4th place. No problem, there is a next season too. Team of the Season – Players Stats A lot of players will leave us this summer. My personal objective for next season is a non-stressful Europa League place. In my 5 months with Beitar, only 4 players were above the others with over 7 average rating: Jakub Sylvestr – average rating 7.19 – my best player and my IF on the left. Unfortunately, he is 31 years old and is in his last year of contract with us. I intend to sell him in this summer. Stav Shushan – average rating 7.10 – was my biggest surprise and my winning bet. Unfortunately, I already signed with 2 new goalkeepers and his wage is too big to be a backup, so he will be leaving. Ozkan Yidirim – average rating 7.07 – was my winger on the right. Very good player, but again he will leave us because of his poor crossing stats. His poor crossing stats are due to “cut inside from both wings” trait, another reason to sell him. I need a proper winger. You may ask, if is so good, why I don’t play him on left as an IF. The answer is simple: poor shooting stats. Georginho – average rating 7.06 – my AMC, is the only one from them that will continue with us, because of his great passing and speed stats. About tactic: GK(d): distribute to central backs L(a): more direct passes 2xCD(d): none LWB(s): close down more RWB(a): close down more DLP(d): none IF(a): close down much more; tackle harder AMC(s): close down much more; tackle harder W(s): close down much more; tackle harder DLF(a): none For the next season I intend to change the GK(d) into a SK(s) because I will have the player to play the role and because the GK is sitting too deep sometimes when it should charge more faster. Wingbacks have “close down more” to leave their position - in defense - and chase the ball, in the idea that they will help my only defensive central midfielder. For the players up front is only about a high pressing style. The AMC on support with “closing down much more and tackle harder” is set also to help a little bit my DLP and provide a high pressing but also to help with the transition. The IF and DLF are my most dangerous players, with W providing crossing for them. Another idea, that I didn’t try it yet is to change the Winger into an IF and let only the wing backs to deal with crossing. Don’t get fooled by the presence of only one CM, the possession is usually pretty high, even when we lose: The only and the biggest problem is when both CDs split and Libero is caught out of position, and the opposition spray a long ball to their striker, especially if is a fast and aggressive one. Board confidence & budgets: I already spent my winter budget and I will only have 481k for this summer. Finances: We have lost some money but I’m working on this from the next season. More facts: Lodz finished on 3rd position. Season Country League Club League Finish Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/2018 Poland II Liga Polska LKS Lodz 6th - 2018/2019 Poland II Liga Polska LKS Lodz 1st Champions|Promoted - /2020 Israel Liga Winner Beitar Jerusalem 5th -
  8. Strange thing, there is no unhappy player, they just don't like my reputation.
  9. March/April 2020 Unfortunately, we are out from Cup, but our good form push us much more closer to the 4th place. And when I thought everything work fine and I started enjoying my Libero, this happened: I hope this will not be a problem in the future. Anyway, I already signed with 10 new players that will join us in June.
  10. March 2020 We continue our unbeaten run. I have some problems in attack that I need to figure out, but the team is moving nicely. The league will split into two from now on. The 4th place and the last one that can assure a Europa League presence is too far away from us and only an amazing run and luck can make this change. We are still in the Cup though.
  11. January/February 2020 I didn’t expect this kind of start, that's for sure. A top 4 may be out of question, but with only 2 games to go before league split, nobody can’t take our top half spot even if we lose our next games. From now on is only about building and preparing a team for the next season. Youth Intake:
  12. I’ve made bad signings but I don’t think because of that. Yes, division, manager’s tactic and style can affect player’s statistics, especially when a manager adopt a more direct approach, for sure that will have consequences in the players passing stats, for example. That’s why I don’t pay too much attention on passing stats if I bring in players from lower leagues. I’m interesting on passing only if I play with a playmaker. At the end of the day if a player is consistent in his position and provide the stats that I’m looking for, I don’t care how his manager played him. I always build the tactic around players stats. Higher the stats the better they will blend in with tactic and role. If some particular stats are higher than others, then I assume his last manager also played him in the same manner as I’m looking to play him in my team. For example if a player (MC) have, let’s say, high tackling and interceptions stats and beside that, amazing passing stats, then for sure he is more suit for a defensive role and to profit from his passing also, he is definitely a DLP. If he got this kind of stats with his last manager then I assume that his last manager also played him as a DLP. Basically, I play him in the same position and role as he played before. Here is an example of consistency: I brought Rafal Barzyc from the 4th league of Poland for his consistency, shooting stats, speed and agility as my scout report said. I even played him as a DLF to balance my tactic, even if I knew that he got speed and agility to be a good AF. In the end: he was my goalscorer with 12 goals in 22 games, average rating 7.28, 83% pass completion ratio, 38.41 passes completed per 90 and 29 key passes. Not bad for someone with passing attribute 4. My bad signings so far- and what I try to avoid or at least I’m very carefully with- are young players from u19 and u21 teams. They seems to have amazing stats for their teams but always underperform for me.
  13. Actually, I’m pretty surprised with the results so far and how libero interact with dlp(d). The only problem is my libero’s “runs with ball rarely” trait and my striker inconsistency, but so far I had some pretty good results. I only look at stats, scout reports, traits and, since I made some mistakes, I pay attention to the past average ratings too, where I look to find consistency. Here is an example: Wiktor Lach’s attributes and past average ratings, my wide target man at Lodz and my best player which I was proud about. Pretty awful attributes, I know. I believe that if a player is good enough and have talent, with some guidance, can make the jump from any tier. Vardy may be the perfect example and how Ranieri built his Leicester, the perfect management. I believe in this kind of management. Marketing and overrated players like Neymar are not for me.
  14. Welcome to the Promised Land. Welcome to Jerusalem Beitar Jerusalem Football Club, commonly known as Beitar Jerusalem, or simply as Beitar, is an Israeli professional football club based in the city of Jerusalem. Beitar Jerusalem was founded in 1936 by Shmuel Kirschstein and David Horn as a youth team. The club has traditionally worn with kit colours in Yellow-and-Black. Domestically, Beitar has won the 1986–87, 1992–93, 1996–97, 1997–98 and 2006–07, 2007–08 Israeli Premier League titles, 7 Israeli Cup (1976, 1979, 1985, 1986, 1989, 2008, 2009), and 2 Israeli Supercup (1976, 1986). The team has played its home matches in the 31,733-capacity (34,000 all-seater since 2013) Teddy Stadium in the Malha neighborhood in Jerusalem since 1991. They didn't win anything for 10 years despite their name as one of the big and traditional Israel's team. Time to change this. League rules & League Table I’m allowed to have only 5 foreign players in my first eleven and 6 in the squad and because Israel don’t have any International agreements, any non-Israeli player is classified as foreigner. A good and more easy league for those who like to have an youth challenge save. Also, the league will split in two after 26 games. Squad Overall At the first sight the squad is very huge for my taste and definitely this will have a big impact in the budget. Goalkeepers: As you can see, for some reason we have 5 goalkeepers in the squad and some of them with huge salaries. What the ex-manager wanted to do with 5 I don’t know, or maybe the interim just promoted some from u19. Anyway is hard to choose one, but definitely Ofir Marciano will not be in my team. I think I’m gonna bet on Stav Shushan. Central Defenders: It seems that we have a lot of players that can play as central defenders but only 3 can play there properly: Yarin Hasan, Tal Kahila and Miki Seroshtan, all of them have good tackling stats, heading and even passing. Right Fullback: Avi Rihan seems to be our best right back, unfortunately he is natural as MC and also left footed and I don’t think that is suited for the left back either, because of his trait “cut inside from left wing”. Ofer Verta will be my right fullback. Left Fullback: Here we have a problem. Marcel Heister, average rating 6.85 is our best DL, unfortunately he is injured for 2 months and we don’t have a proper backup. Central Midfielders/ Defensive Midfielders: Avi Rihan again is one of my best players and definitely I need to play him as a MC. Good tackling stat, passing and even decent shooting. Rickson, Georginho and, with an exception for his age, Eden Kartsev will be some other options here. Attacking Midfielder Right: Ozkan Yildirim is my best AMR but his distance covered per 90 seems to be a concern, even so his dribbling per game is pretty amazing. Ya’acov Brihon will be his backup. Attacking Midfielder Left: Jakub Sylvestr, so far, based on his 7 average rating, seems to be my best player in the squad. Good dribbling, some good shootings stats, I only don’t like his shots on target ratio, also his passing can be better. David Boysen will be his backup. Attacking Midfielder Central: The AMC and ST screenshots were taken after I played 2 games, sorry about that. As AMC, Georginho is my best player and Eden Kartsev may be his backup. Strikers: Gaetan Varenne is my main striker. Very good shooting stats. His “play with back to goal” trait limit the roles that I can choose for him. Itay Shechter is his backup, with Rotem Sasti’el as the 3rd one (I really like his shooting stats but he only played 5 games; he is a promising young player for sure). Tactic & First eleven: After I re-read some of Cleon’s great work about Libero and because I have a player who is natural in that position with 75% pass completion ratio, I may give it a try to the role, even if I never played with it till now: Finances: Our finances are stable right now with over 4 millions in the club, unfortunately our future don’t look too great. We already lost 1 million this season and we are way over our salary budget, but is January and I can’t do nothing right now, I must wait for summer to change something.
  15. I was bombed with all kind of offers and eventually I couldn’t resist the temptation. Contrary to what I said, I left Poland and Lodz for a more exotic destination, but more about the new country, team, squad analyze and budget in a future post.
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