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  1. Season I – 2020/2021 – National League South League Table | Playoffs | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Fixtures 3 | FA Cup | Fa Trophy | Transfers | Squad We stood on the 1st place until March when the inconsistency struck and lost the important games, but even so we managed to promote via Playoffs. In matter of tactics, I switched between 3 different tactics based on opponent I faced: an aggressive 4141DMWide and 2 different 442s: one more direct that I played against the better teams and where I tried to exploit the space they left and one more conservative that I played agai
  2. Eventually I started again from scratch. Attempt number 2; different approach: Dorchester Town FC.
  3. Now that was quick and harsh. Results We had a very bad run in October, but overall for a newly promoted team with 12 new players I think we had a decent start. My intention for the first season was to avoid relegation and I think I had enough games left to achieve that. League Table Transfers Well...I will continue with this save and wait for a newly promoted team.
  4. A Shadow Striker behind him. Take a look at this video maybe you will find some inspiration: As from my experience I don't recommend letting him alone upfront in a 3 midfielders and 2 attacking midfielders(AML-AMR) combination.
  5. Back to FM after a long time and after several hours of reloading here I am, the new manager of Enfield Town FC.
  6. Season II 2021/22 Unfortunately my chairman don’t want to invest in improving our youth facilities. Right-Backs We’ve changed our style this season and I needed totally different types of wing backs. I've been looking after fast players with good passing stats. Their stats are not too different but Davide Bianchi will be my first option here because of his better passing stats. Left-Backs Even if he’s a midfielder, Roberto Ranieri will be our new main left-back this season. Very good i
  7. April&May 2021. End of Season Against all odds and with a little bit of luck, we managed to finish 3rd and we will see Europa League games in Copou next season. We needed a good result in the last game against FCSB, but luckily, despite a massive defeat, CFR also lost their game against Astra and we have kept our EL place. Astra won Romanian Cup and will play in EL next season as well. About Relegation Group Gaz Metan Medias and Academica Clinceni relegated in the second division, while Concordia Chiajna will play the Relegation Playoff ag
  8. February&March 2021 We started our Playoff campaign with a defeat away at Giurgiu. So far it seems that we are a much better team at home, while away we are really struggling. Right now we are sitting 2nd in the league but that’s because U.Craiova and Astra will play their game next month. About youth intake We’ve got only 3 kids that deserved a contract, but we also signed with some without potential, just to fill some gaps in my u19 team and make it more competitive in the league.
  9. January&February 2021 We’ve ended our regular season with an ugly defeat away against the bottom team of the league, but the good part overall is that we are in the Playoff. After that 50% points deduction rule applied in this stage, the league table look something like this: Anything can happen at this stage.
  10. We actually splash the cash this winter and our transfer budget just gone. The biggest news is that we managed to activate Horsia’s future fee and he is our player for the next 4 years. Right Fullback We needed a much better backup in this position. My scout rated him pretty high. 7.14 average rating so far in the second league, decent interceptions, good tackles, pretty good speed confirmed also by the scout report, decent dribblings, good crossing and passing stats, his composure is pretty high too, according to my scouts. His bravery may be a concern b
  11. November&December 2020 After a winless November where we only managed to grab 2 points, December was much kind with us and we made 6 points against 2 of Romanian top teams. The biggest disappointment was the big loss against Chindia Targoviste. The league table is looking exciting and so far it is a very competitive season with only a few points between teams. The winter break is here and we need to look at our squad a little bit. I don’t intend to make massive changes in this transfer window, I will be looking only after one cheap MC as backup and also I may a
  12. September&October 2020 What we've learned in this two months is that we have problems against teams that play with 2 DMs. We just can’t open them. I must take the blame for the Cup game where I was too confident that will be an easy game and I made some selection and tactical mistakes. The board isn’t happy. Key Match: Moldavian Derby FC Botosani use to play a Cautious 4231 formation with left flank being more aggressive while the right one is more defensive and cautious. They even seemed to play with a defensive fullback there.
  13. I’m Mircea Rednic in disguise. I preferred to keep my money in my wallet and rely on free transfers. Unfortunately the only Romanian players with good stats and able to join us free were from the 4th league. And yes, quality Romanian players are expensive, especially the U21 players. For example I wanted a kid whose value was 20k and they demanded 1million, my entire transfer budget. But I already have 12 U21 Romanian players in my first squad, that will see some games this season and 17 Romanian players overall.
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