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  1. La Liga – Villarreal: When small details make the difference We faced this kind of formation with a SS behind their striker before and I will not go into too much details here. The most important and interesting part here is what amazing piece of information my scouter gave to me: they have big problems dealing with crosses especially on their right side. Normally with other formations I will have used a winger in that zone but with the 532 I had 2 options: change my LWB's duty from support to attack and in this way he would have been more aggressive on their right flank; or play a little bit with his PI. The attack duty may have been a problem because would have exposed my flank much more. Also, the default “dribble more” would have changed our way of playing and some crosses would have been by byline that mean that in some situations he would have had problems getting back in defense. So I opted for the second option and I just added “cross more often” to his PI. Also, normally, I would have played my P and MEZ on theirs more exposed flank but now I just wanted them on my LWB's flank to be ready to intercept any crosses from him. Result: 2 crosses = 2 assists for my LWB. So far, so good. Cheers!
  2. Thanks @westy8chimp. Unfortunately, playing in Spain I face a lot of teams that play a 41221 or 4231 and I don’t want to over-repeat myself posting the same things. Thanks @zlatanera. It’s also about the roles you choose and players trait. Dribble less in a team full of roles that by default will dribble more, may not give you the result that you expect. And if you liked that sequence I guess that you will enjoy these ones too:
  3. La Liga – Levante - 442 So far we only faces 4231 and we tried to not over-exposed our flanks, but what about 442? In my opinion the 541 and Bielsa’s 3331 are the perfect killers of a 442: they attack us down the wings? We will have 2 AM to deal with theirs FB and 2 WB to stay close to theirs MRL; they attack us with 2 strikers? We have 3 CDs to deal with them; they decide to bring in a MC to help theirs strikers? I already said that we have 3 CDs? Levante went with the classic approach: 2 wingers, the left one more aggressive, 1 playmaker, 1 FB on defend, big man-little man in attack. I decided to go with the 541 with a W(a) on the right to try to put pressure on theirs more aggressive flank while the IF(s) would have tried to operate in that open space left by theirs attacking playmaker.
  4. Amazing results @westy8chimp As I said in my last post, in my new season I’m gonna have fun playing with 3 CDs, maybe someone who is struggling playing with 3 at the back may find my posts useful. Of course any feedback is welcome. Tactical DNA My intention here is to play something a little bit similar to Conte’s Juventus and Italy. That mean the players at the back need to keep passing the ball around them until they spot a good opportunity for a long and accuracy ball to the upfront players. If they can’t spot a good opportunity then the midfielders and in some situation all the upfront players need to come back and help. Basically I want to play long balls without playing and forcing long balls, that make sense? Well, the key to the mystery is “dribble less” and “be more expressive” instructions. Key aspects of my DNA Play Out Of Defense: I want some long balls but not all the time, till the right moment arrive just keep it safe; Dribble Less: as the description says, “adopt a pass-first mentality rather than dribbler”. We already play with a vulnerable system down the wings, any missed dribble may cause us problems, but the real aspect that I like here is the pass-first mentality. As I said I want to keep the ball till the right opportunity arrive. And the right opportunity is triggered by: Be More Expressive: we are playing with a pass-first mentality but, when and where to pass the ball if we don’t have a real option and we are not allowed to dribble our opponent? The “be more expressive” give us exactly that: a real option to pass the ball. The players are allowed to find pockets of space in which they can be more effective. This mean of course that they will always try to position themselves for a pass; Counter: We may have the best system to play on counter. When the counter trigger we may have up to 6 players in and around the box, so is a most for me; Regroup: Regroup is another indispensable instruction. We don’t have players to cover all the field and we may not have enough players upfront to play counter-press. Chasing up the ball like crazy and open up the already vulnerable wide areas is not an option for me. And this is what I’m talking about and how my team play: My CD(nr3) is receiving the ball and the MEZ(nr11) immediately come to provide a passing option. The main problem here is that my REG(nr21) is heavily marked and my nr3 need to pass the ball around with my other CD(nr4), but this is exactly what I want: keep passing the ball around till a good opportunity for a long pass arrives. Because they have trouble finding a good opportunity my CMs and WBs are slowly tracking back to help them, while my DLF(nr10) find an unbelievable pocket of space, drag one of theirs CDs out and managed a pass to my other striker in the opened space. Tactical Templates 532-352-541 I call them “templates” because they will suffer different transformations before and during the game, but basically this are just the positions and roles that I want my players to quickly learn. Europa League 2nd Round Leg 1 We had the “luck” to not have an easy first EL game in our first ever appearance in the competition. Frankfurt decided to play an aggressive 41221 with 2 pretty aggressive WBs and IF and even if they played on a balance mentality the presence of the PF upfront pointed me that they would also press me very aggressive. I decided to go with the 532 tactic so that my WBs to stay more close to their AMRL and defend better. Playing a system without WBs would have been suicidal for me in this case, also the 541 was not an option here because they would have dominated our midfield. The 532 is the perfect system in this situations where also my REG will have plenty of space to do his magic. I let my AF to deal with theirs exposed left flank and a CAR behind him to deal with any overlap there and protect that flank much better, while I let the DLF and MEZ to have fun on theirs right flank. A clean and Italian 1-0. Europa League 2nd Round Leg 2 In the second round they went with an even more aggressive 4231. While I was tempted to push up my REG into an AMC position with an AP role, I decided to go with the same tactic as in the Leg 1 and that’s because of that SS there. I let my REG to deal with him while my AF would put pressure on theirs exposed left channel. Europa League 3nd Round Leg 1 Another 4231, this time a more conservative one. My scout found a weakness in their first 11 and that is the right fullback. Unfortunately he seemed to be on a defensive duty with a CM on defense helping him…clever AI. I couldn’t play my AF in that spot, but was the perfect spot for my DLF-MEZ to drag them out of there. I went with the same 532, no need to over-expose my flanks here even if they were a small team. Europa League 3nd Round Leg 2 Remember that right fullback? Now was the moment to cause him some troubles. Unfortunately they prepared a surprise for me and came with a 532 system themselves. It seems that my scout was drunk when he came with that 4231 report to me. Normally I would have immediately changed my approach to a 352 in this situation and I would have tried to put more pressure on their flanks but I didn’t had the right players at my disposure so I was forced to play with the 532. Europa League 4nd Round Leg 1 I was really satisfied with the results so far but my strikers seemed to struggle having poor performances and poor rating. What’s the point on having 2 strikers if they can’t contribute more? Looking back at how we played so far I thought that maybe having 3 players moving into channels is not a great idea in this kind of system with 2 of them (DLF-MEZ) actually moving in the same channel. So I decided to change my approach a little bit: I definitely want to keep my DLF, it is a great role to link the play and drag some defenders with him, so I changed my AF into a more static P and because the Poacher will attack more centrally I moved my MEZ behind him to help him more and not get isolated but also to attack any channel left open by any aggressive fullback. I may get exposed on that flank but also I may cause much more problems this way. The CAR will definitely remain in my approach. Is a great role to protect the flank and mid in this kind of system. Also the presence of a playmaker is a most for how I want to play. I just love the Regista. Bournemouth were more aggressive on theirs right flank with a more aggressive WB, so my P and MEZ needed to find some love in this spot. 2 assists from my DLF, 1 goal from P, that’s what I call a better contribution. And I may found my 4231 killer for this season. The gif that I posted is from this game. Europa League 4nd Round Leg 2 It seemed that they didn't learn nothing from the last game and decided to play in the same manner. No problem, we have kept our same approach too. And we are in the EL group stage against Chelsea, Crvena and Standard. And that’s the beauty of playing with 3 at the back: you don’t need to make too many drastically changes to expose your opponent.
  5. My 3rd season in La Liga is over and the lucky number 7 will give us EL games next season. Real Madrid: Theirs last game heat map and theirs manager Ancelotti who prefers a 442 approach confused me and I was prepared for a 442. He played the 4231 instead and I immediately changed my tactic at the beginning of the game. I preferred a 41221 with a DM on defense to stick more close to theirs AMC and I tried to exploit theirs more fragile right flank with a MEZ(s)-IF(a) combo while I was protecting my right flank with a WB(d)-CAR. One shot on target, one goal, one point is enough for me here. A little bit unlucky though because we couldn't kept our 1-0 advantage. Barcelona: I made a lot of mistakes in this game. I definitely wanted to exploit theirs flanks and be more aggressive down the flanks but also not to let my middle too exposed. Mistake nr1: I opted for 2 IF while I should have played with wingers. This way I played exactly in theirs congested mid with no roam for my IFs; Mistake nr2: I kept the narrow attacking width while I should have gone for wide; Mistake nr3: With so much roam on the flanks maybe I should have ticked the “focus play down the right and left” TI. More possesion, 2 CCC...not enough. Lesson learned, but of course I can’t compete with this kind of teams yet, so any draw for me is an amazing result. As a comparison: Barca spent 298M last year (and finished 6 ) while I spent 26.5M and that because I sold players for 21M. For the next season I want to challenge myself a bit and go with different variation of tactics with 3 at the back. Of course the real challenge will be protecting my flanks.
  6. I think you isolated your winger way too much there, with that DM on defense. You created a huge gap there. Your BTB or at least a DM on support should be there and in this way your aggressive winger would have had another passing option in case your playmaker would have been marked. Also a CM or DM on defense on the right would have had protected you much better against their AML that seems to be on attack duty and also you had their BTB there that tried to constant be in or around your box. Basically you gave them what they looked for: a huge gap in your right flank so that theirs aggressive AML to exploit. Against 424: Against a 424, especially if they play with 2xIF you need to understand that you will have 4 constant players in your box and every mistake or any lazy fullback that can’t track back well will cost you. You need to protect your flanks. I actually played against a 424. I preferred a 42(DM)31, with a DM(d) and a REG in the middle, this way I had 2 DMs that helped much better my defense but also I could exploited theirs fragile midfield with my AMC and REG, especially REG(Massengo in this game) with his default “take more risk” PI, that can spray some long passes and create some beautiful counter opportunities when they attack you with 4 or more players.
  7. This way and bringing players only base on their stats gave me the most enjoyable time in fm. Hope you don't mind if I'm joining the show. You may also take a look at the opponent last game positional heat map. I'm playing with FC Cartagena; took them from 3rd league to La Liga and here is my recent game against Getafe. Here is Getafe's 3-2 win heat map against Valencia. From the beginning we saw that they have 4 major gaps that we can exploit and also we must be aware of their very attacking left flank, a destroyer may be employed there (I opted for a simple CM(d)). I started with a pretty aggressive 4231 knowing also that is theirs most vulnerable tactic to face: I opted for an AP(s) to roam around in that gap between their defense and their middle; I opted for an IF(a) to attack that gap on the left; I opted for a W(a) to put pressure on that right attacking fullback and to create chaos when he will try to overlap that flank; I opted for an AF to put pressure on their CDs. I had in mind their nr.6, that from the heat map may look like a stopper. Also, the AF's "move into channels" is a most here and my striker PM "like to try to beat offside trap", mean that he will put a lot of pressure on theirs CDs. They played in the same manner as against Valencia and after the first goal I changed to a 41221. Theirs huge gap on the left is like bagging for a MEZ(a) - IF(s) and WB(s) to create chaos there. The final stats: total domination
  8. Carshalton Athletic FC Season 1 - Vanarama National League South - 2019/20 League Table: We only managed to finish on 12th position in our first season, but overall I think it was a decent season. Transfers1; Transfers2: We signed a lot of players and almost all the year we had trialists in our yard trying to improve the squad and preparing the future campaign. Squad1; Squad2: Overall we had a pretty fast squad for this division but we lacked the quality. Almost all the players will leave us this summer, I’m trying to build something different here and I’m aiming for a playoff spot next season. Tactics: When I started the save I had a certain tactic and style in my mind but because my best players could only play in the AM positions I was forced to play a 4-2-3-1…till January. In January I switched to how I wanted to play from the beginning: a low block 4-4-2 inspired by Ranieri with “my Mahrez” on the left wing. That gave us an unbeaten January with 4 wins in a row and a certain DNA for the future. Finances: We are doing great actually and I’m really surprised. Top Players: Best Defender: Corey Panter – I think his positioning let him down sometimes but overall it was our best defender. Best Central Mid: Jack Richards – Not the best midfielder in the world but he could pass the ball around. Best Winger: Ricky Korboa – “My Mahrez”, 10 goals, 7 assists, 6.92 average rating. Unfortunately he demand too much money for a new contract and will leave us. Best Striker: Mike Dixon – Physically a beast, 19 goals, 6 assists, 6.96 average rating. With his physical skills, bravery and work rate he fit best into my PF (D) role. I hope I can keep him. Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama National League South 12th -
  9. Some ideas from The Tinkerman, Claudio Ranieri himself : "My boys are training a lot, but not too many times. In England the game is always high intensity and wipes people out. They need more time to recover. We play on Saturdays and then Sunday is free for everyone. We resume on Monday with light training, the way they do it in Italy. Tuesday is hard training, Wednesday absolute rest. Thursday another hard workout, Friday is preparation for the match, Saturday another game. I make sure the players have at least two days off from football each week. This is the pact I made with the players on the first day: I trust you. I'll explain a little football ideas every now and them, as long as you give me everything.”
  10. Try to limit yourself to 20-30 (I don’t know exactly the limit for the first team) trial offers at once. After you accept them, put the players into u23 team and make another 20-30 offers for others and so on.
  11. Mid-season here, at Carshalton and is not going too well, but not bad either. 6 points clear from the red zone and 9 from playoffs, but for now, we are more close to the relegation zone than the playoffs.
  12. Throw them into u23 team and you can have as many as you like.
  13. Here we go! I was hoping for Potters Bar Town or Walton Casuals, but I ended up with Carshalton Athletic FC.
  14. 2020 End of Season I ended the season in my fm18 manner: in tears. After an amazing run, we couldn’t push for a 4th place. No problem, there is a next season too. Team of the Season – Players Stats A lot of players will leave us this summer. My personal objective for next season is a non-stressful Europa League place. In my 5 months with Beitar, only 4 players were above the others with over 7 average rating: Jakub Sylvestr – average rating 7.19 – my best player and my IF on the left. Unfortunately, he is 31 years old and is in his last year of contract with us. I intend to sell him in this summer. Stav Shushan – average rating 7.10 – was my biggest surprise and my winning bet. Unfortunately, I already signed with 2 new goalkeepers and his wage is too big to be a backup, so he will be leaving. Ozkan Yidirim – average rating 7.07 – was my winger on the right. Very good player, but again he will leave us because of his poor crossing stats. His poor crossing stats are due to “cut inside from both wings” trait, another reason to sell him. I need a proper winger. You may ask, if is so good, why I don’t play him on left as an IF. The answer is simple: poor shooting stats. Georginho – average rating 7.06 – my AMC, is the only one from them that will continue with us, because of his great passing and speed stats. About tactic: GK(d): distribute to central backs L(a): more direct passes 2xCD(d): none LWB(s): close down more RWB(a): close down more DLP(d): none IF(a): close down much more; tackle harder AMC(s): close down much more; tackle harder W(s): close down much more; tackle harder DLF(a): none For the next season I intend to change the GK(d) into a SK(s) because I will have the player to play the role and because the GK is sitting too deep sometimes when it should charge more faster. Wingbacks have “close down more” to leave their position - in defense - and chase the ball, in the idea that they will help my only defensive central midfielder. For the players up front is only about a high pressing style. The AMC on support with “closing down much more and tackle harder” is set also to help a little bit my DLP and provide a high pressing but also to help with the transition. The IF and DLF are my most dangerous players, with W providing crossing for them. Another idea, that I didn’t try it yet is to change the Winger into an IF and let only the wing backs to deal with crossing. Don’t get fooled by the presence of only one CM, the possession is usually pretty high, even when we lose: The only and the biggest problem is when both CDs split and Libero is caught out of position, and the opposition spray a long ball to their striker, especially if is a fast and aggressive one. Board confidence & budgets: I already spent my winter budget and I will only have 481k for this summer. Finances: We have lost some money but I’m working on this from the next season. More facts: Lodz finished on 3rd position. Season Country League Club League Finish Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/2018 Poland II Liga Polska LKS Lodz 6th - 2018/2019 Poland II Liga Polska LKS Lodz 1st Champions|Promoted - /2020 Israel Liga Winner Beitar Jerusalem 5th -
  15. Strange thing, there is no unhappy player, they just don't like my reputation.
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