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  1. August & September fixtures: Champions League: We managed to pass Anderlecht, we have one very tough group and we managed to get an amazing and crazy result so far: Super Lig I have to do something about our leaky defence. Luckily, we are lethal up front. Hakan started to attract attention to clubs like Real and Barcelona and hopefully he will not moan about it cuz I’m not gonna sell him. Match of the month: Liverpool: 0-3 at half time, Hakan managed to do the impossible scoring 4 goals again. League table: October & November fixtures: It seems that October will be a tough month with full of derbys and tough games.
  2. Champions League update: I was scared for nothing of Shakhtar. It seems that Shakhtar is just a shadow of the past team. Wait for me Shakhtar, wait for me. I played both games with my counter tactic, tried to exploit their slow players. They have an old and slow team; their main striker is still Fereyra at 34 years old. I’m very lucky to have 2 very fast strikers and Hakan, just demolished them, scoring 4 goals in the first game. They managed to defeat us away, but 2 goals were not enough. I was also lucky to avoid Juventus and Porto in the playoffs and we gonna play against Anderlecht. I think we have a very big chance to get into the groups. Super Kupa update: Played the game in the same manner, on counter. With Hakan, again in amazing form, we managed to… ...defeat them 2-0 and win the Super Cup, my first trophy in Turkey. Our first goal came after a corner. Davidson recycled the ball and crossed long into the box. I don’t know how, but Hakan managed to be first on the ball and scored the goal. The second goal came after a very fast counter. Jager managed to get the ball after a good tackle and passed long to Hakan (nr10), that, with his amazing speed, ran with it into the box and passed to our playmaker who easily scored. 2-0 and we let Galatasaray know that it will not be an easy season anymore for them.
  3. Thanks After some unlucky periods at Brescia I think it’s time for the game to show me some love.
  4. Season I 2025/2026 Season expectations & preview: Transfers: Alpaslan Sevim: With only 3 actually CDs in my squad I needed one more. I activated his release clause mainly because he is a Turkish player and can help us also with the league registration. Franco Luna: He’s the DR that I was looking for: young, defensive solid. His acceleration is a concern but we’ll be working at it. Vedran Vidovic: A more fast and strong defensive midfielder. He’s gonna take Uysal’s place in the first eleven. Keane Davidson: I may throw him in the first eleven as well. A bargain that I really like. Alexander Jager: Signed him as a backup for Fatih but I want to exploit his talent at maximum so that, when Fatih will be fit, Jager will play behind my strikers and when he’s not fit or injured, Jager will take his place. I’m still looking for a Turkish goalkeeper. Squad: Top key players: Hakan Ulusoy Fatih Kutlu Bjorn Engels Tactics & First eleven: We’ve gonna start playing like this and see how we can improve the tactic during the season. Financial details: Houston we've got a problem, we are 256M in debt. And what on Earth is a “gift loan”, can somebody explain to me, cuz right now I’m just thinking that my chairman took a loan and bought him a new fancy car as a gift. Luckily, our sponsorship income is looking good. We produce 28.55M per season and 215.7M in total, so in time we can cover a big part of our debts, but even so I must help the club to pay them. I have just 3 options, I guess: Selling big: but right now, is not an option because my squad is pretty old and I can’t sell a 32 years player for big money. I have 2-3 players that I can sell big but, as well, not an option right now. Winning as many games as I can: Luckily, in Turkish league there is a prize money for every win and draw and that sound pretty good; 613k per win and 306k per draw. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I will have the same run as at Brescia, at least not now. Champions League: CL is full of money, right? But I need to past two legs to get into groups and it will be very very tough. Friendlies: Champions League: A very tough fixture. I don’t know where my team is right now. Yes, we had some solid results in our friendlies but are just friendlies. August & September fixtures: Because Galatasaray have done the double last season and because we finished second, we will play the Super Cup against them. It’s a big chance for a first trophy in Turkey for me.
  5. Thank you Johny. Glad to hear that.
  6. Thanks. Yes, sorry about that, I need to update the thread a little bit. My first intention was to manage only Brescia but, here I am. Thanks.
  7. Some Wikipedia history Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü (Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club), also known simply as Beşiktaş, is a Turkish multi-sport club founded in 1903, and based in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, Turkey. The club's football team is one of the most successful teams in Turkey, having never been relegated to a lower division. The club won the most recent Turkish Süper Lig championship, during the 2016–17 season. The home ground of Beşiktaş is Vodafone Park, a 41,903 capacity all-seater stadium located next to Dolmabahçe Palace. The club also competes in other branches including basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, boxing, wrestling, chess, bridge, gymnastics, rowing, table tennis, paralympic sports, eSports, and beach football. Legend of the Black Eagles There is a legend surrounding the nicknaming of the team as "The Black Eagles". Beşiktaş, the title holder of the previous two seasons, started the 1940–41 season with a young and renewed team. As the weeks went by, the team had built up a sizeable lead at the top of the league table. With five weeks remaining in the season, the opponent was Süleymaniye. The team went ahead in the first half. Midway through the second half of the game, Beşiktaş attacked continuously, despite being in front. And then, according to legend, a voice was heard from the stands towards which Beşiktaş was attacking. The voice said, "Come on, Black Eagles! Attack, Black Eagles!" The story goes that the owner of the voice from the stands was a fisherman called Mehmet Galin. Beşiktaş finished the game with a 6–0 win. The Beşiktaş players, who had very successfully defeated their opponents that season, were being described as "Black Eagles", and the football they played was being compared to "Attacking like Black Eagles". The comparison resonated with the team and the fans, and so it was adopted by the Beşiktaş community as their team's nickname. Besiktas under Lucescu Shortly after his departure from Galatasaray, in June 2002 he signed a contract with rivals Beşiktaş. It was a very important season for Beşiktaş since, in 2003, the reputable Turkish club was celebrating its 100th year since its foundation. They won the Turkish title, having only one loss and collecting 85 points – a record points tally in the Süper Lig in a single season. The 2003–04 season started well for Lucescu and Beşiktaş. The team could not qualify from a difficult Champions League group but was able to get a ticket to the UEFA Cup by holding the third position in its group – only to be knocked out by Valencia, who eventually went on to win the competition. At the beginning of the second half of the 2003–04 Süper Lig season, Beşiktaş were in first position and eight points ahead of their rivals Fenerbahçe, who were in second. On 25 January 2004, Beşiktaş played against Samsunspor at home, where referee Cem Papila showed five red cards to Beşiktaş players. After this match, the team's performance declined drastically, and Lucescu could not stop the decline. He blamed the Turkish Football Federation for one-sided decisions by the referees. After a disastrous second half, Lucescu decided to leave Turkey claiming that his championship was stolen. Finances & Board transfers: Toto, we’re not in Brescia anymore, but even so the finances are looking pretty good. We have 9M to spend but my board decided to overspend my wage budget for two “very young players for the future” that I will show you later. The transfers were made before I arrived. This is one of the downside of not adding the league from the beginning of the save. Besiktas was without a manager since 2019. Squad & Dynamics: At a first look, we desperately need a Turkish goalkeeper because the league rule says to have at least one Turkish GK in the match squad. As I said, the squad is pretty old and I have a lot of work to do, but I will not change it entirely from the first year. Let’s analyze position by position who’s gonna be the players in which I can rely on this season: Goalkeeper Silviu Lung: He is 36 years old and he’s not agile anymore but his goalkeeper attributes are still pretty amazing. He’s unhappy and want to return to Romania, but maybe after the holiday he will drop his concerns. Defenders Bjorn Engels and Guillermo Maripan are looking pretty solid. Fullbacks Orhan Dili and DeAndre Yedlin. Our DL position is secure but the DR is a concern. DeAndre Yedlin was signed by the board, I really don’t like him but I can’t do anything right now. His speed is looking amazing but beside that he can’t offer nothing special. I need to buy a more solid DR. Midfielders: Fatih Kutlu: One of our best players. He is mainly a playmaker but with his amazing speed, dribbling, bravery and work rate he looks more of a Mezzala for me. Necip Huysal: even if he is 34 years old and slow his defensive skills are looking pretty good. I think he’s gonna helps us one more season. Robin Yalcin: Another old and slow player but also like Huysal, his defensive skills are looking good and he can pass the ball also. I need to find some backups for these guys. Wingers: Sinan Gumus and Bright Edomwonyi. Unfortunately, our wingers are awful. Some old and slow or some fast but without anything special. Attacking Midfielders: Dejan Meleg and Deniz Turuc. They are slow but they are pretty creative. Deniz Turuc was brought by the board. As a backup, he may be good for this year. Strikers: Hakan Ulusoy and Mehmet Taskin. Hakan Ulusoy: What an unbelievable striker! I think he's the best player that I saw in fm18 so far. It will be a challenge to keep him in Turkey. Having 2 amazing strikers, a tactic in which I can play them both is a must. We have a very big problem in our wide midfield area, the players are just not good enough. If I’m gonna play with wingers I need to buy 4 of them, besides that, I also need to cover some other key positions like GK, DR, MC, and that will gonna cost me a lot of money. In conclusion, because of that, Besiktas will gonna play a 4312 under my command (at least this season). I’m not a fan of it but I prefer to spend money on positions that I really need right now. I have one month and 5 friendly games at my disposal to find and bring in the missing puzzle pieces and tweak the tactic before our first CL game.
  8. Well…this was quick. A lot of teams in Turkey were without managers and among them Galatasaray and Besiktas. I applied for both of them and managed to get an interview And eventually both of them offered me the job I accepted the Besiktas offer cuz is more of a challenge. They didn’t win the league for 5 years, they have a pretty old squad that need to be rebuild and most important they have better training and youth facilities than Galata. I could have accepted Galatasaray job, won the league and then moved on but I don’t want this. I want to stay at least 3 seasons in Turkey and build a team as I like and I think Besiktas is the club where I can do this because there is no rush from my board in winning the league. Brescia: I will update from time to time what is happening at Brescia. It seems that I left Brescia in good hands. In the next post we will be analyzing our squad, finances and what transfers my board made, because they signed with 2 players before I arrived here. As an idea: they are old.
  9. UPDATE I’ve been thinking a lot lately if this will be just one club career or I’ll be moving around to different clubs and eventually I’ve decided to follow Lucescu’s career path. Brescia is in a point where can easily win the league in every year…yes it would have been nice to win more TIM Cups and maybe a Champions League trophy but 8 years in charge I think is enough. After Brescia, Lucescu went to Reggiana ---> Rapid Bucharest ---> Internazionale ---> Rapid Bucharest. I have no intention in managing another team in Italy and is not time yet to go in Romania. I will let Romanian league at the end as a “returning home”. After Italy and Rapid period, Lucescu went to…. Turkey, managing Galatasaray from 2000 to 2002, winning UEFA Super Cup against Real Madrid, qualifying to the quarter-finals in the UEFA Champions League in the 2000–2001 season and winning the league in the 2001-2002 season. Despite winning the league, Lucescu was sacked at the end of the season being replaced by Fatih Terim. Shortly after Galata, he signed a contract with rivals Besiktas from 2002 to 2004 and helped them wining the league in 2003, in their centenary year. As you may notice, my next destination will be Turkey and the next club will be Galatasaray or Besiktas, but looking at the past winners it seems that Besiktas didn't win the league for 5 years and it may be my first option. I will resign from Brescia and Italy, I will load the Turkish league and I will apply to Besiktas or Galata. If they already have a manager I will wait and go on holiday till the post will be vacant. If they will refuse me, I will take any Turkish club that want me. The career path that I want to follow will be: Italy (Brescia) ---> Turkey (Besiktas or Galatasaray) ---> Ukraine (Shakhtar Donetsk); ---> Russia (Zenit); ---> Romania (Dinamo Bucharest) I will try to beat him and be first in Romanian Hall of Fame.
  10. May fixtures: Match of the month: League table: TIM Cup: Top key players this season: Adrien Bongiovanni: 14.6km distance/90; 2.51 dribble made; 78% pass completion ratio, 42.76 passes completed; 15 assists; 16 goals and an average rating of 7.93. Sergiu Mihai: 51% shots on target ratio; 2.13 shots on target; 35% headers won ratio; 83% pass completion ratio, 27.49 passes completed; 21 goals; 15 assists and an average rating of 7.59. Antonio Tagliaferri: 80% tackle completion ratio; 6.64 tackle won; 66% headers won ratio; 43 interceptions; 91% pass completion ratio; 54.89 passes completed and an average rating of 7.19. Young prospects: Tomas Counago Jiri Nemec Tomas Strnad Maicol Delogu Aitor Gonzalez Under 20 League table: Under 18 League table: Tactics & first eleven: Board confidence & budgets: Finances: Europa League & Champions League Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/2018 Serie B 1st Promoted, Champions 2018/2019 Serie A 8th Europa League Qualification 2019/2020 Serie A 5th Europa League First Knockout Round 2020/2021 Serie A 6th TIM Cup Winners, Europa League First Knockout Round 2021/2022 Serie A 3rd Supercoppa, Europa League First Knockout Round, UCL Group Stage Qualification 2022/2023 Serie A 2nd UCL Quarter Final 2023/2024 Serie A 1st Champions, UCL Quarter Final 2024/2025 Serie A 1st Champions, UCL First Knockout Round
  11. Goodbye Juve’s supremacy, there’s a new king in town. It was a must to win it again this season, to prove that the last season was not a “one season miracle”. We created a legacy for the next years to come and so far, we are looking unstoppable in the league. March & April fixtures: Champions League UEFA Youth League Serie A Match of the month: League table: Beside the CL disappointment, we had two seasons in a row in which we totally dominated the Serie A. Squadra Azzurra: May fixtures, the end:
  12. Youth intake: Even worse than the last year but, even so, I signed with some of them to refresh my U18. Champions League:
  13. January transfers: 1 in and 1 very important player out: Tomas Counago: He is our player since September. Transfer listed by Real and predicted to be a top scorer for them in CL (actually this is how I found him), it was a must to buy him. He already proved a point, scoring 11 goals in 9 apps for us and I expect him to continue like this. The biggest departure: Nikola Milenkovic. We lost our key defender. He wanted a bigger contract, that eventually I gave him but, in the end, he rejected it and wanted a move. I didn’t reinvest the money cuz I decided to recall Hromada from Genoa and gave him and other players a chance. Loaned at the beginning of the season to Genoa, he was pretty solid for them, playing in 20 games with an average rating of 7.16. January & February fixtures: Champions League Serie A & TIM Cup Match of the month: League table: With Donnarumma, Romagnoli, van de Beek, Moise Kean and Marcelino as their manager, Milan is looking pretty good this season. Juventus with Jair Ventura is back on business also, undefeated since December. March & April fixtures:
  14. November & December fixtures: Champions League Undefeated in our group. I’m really satisfied by our CL form this season. Amazing results so far. UEFA Youth League Serie A Match of the month: The Chelsea and Milan games were definitely our key games these months, but Torino game was just insane. One goal in the last minute and 3 in the extra time. Crazy game. League table: Squadra Azzurra: I changed the tactic. We have some amazing wide players and it's a pity not to use them. We will still play with 3 at the back but in Conte’s way. The next fixture is in March. We will focus on Brescia till then. January & February fixtures:
  15. September & October fixtures: Champions League Serie A Match of the month: League table: With Conte’s departure at Leipzig, it seems that Juve is struggling this season. Their new manager is Jair Ventura, a must signing assistant manager for me in the past versions. Squadra Azzurra: November & December fixtures: