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  1. The lucky ones are Billericay Town FC. They seem to be professional, is that right or I'm just lucky and they turned professional in my save befor I took them? Anyway, things are going pretty well so far: 9games in; 5W 3D 1L. And look who decided to cross the field when the ball is still in play. Hello there, the game is not over yet.
  2. Not so lucky. Got just 1 point in the next 5 games and I've been sacked . Congratulations, you've just been sacked Should I blame the players like Mourinho? No. After 16 games w/o a win, I deserve it. Nothing more to say, I guess. I will post just the league tabel and transfers and I will start again with another team, I think.
  3. Unfortunately my second season with Enfield is not going well. Actually is going awful. After 35 games we are in the 21st position and the board gave me an ultimatum. Pretty sure I will get sacked cuz I'm out of ideas. Is frustrated how sometimes we can't keep the lead. We are leading 2-0 or 3-0 but we end up with a draw or a defeat.
  4. Hi there. I just bough fm17 few days ago just for this challenge cuz I'm in love with the LLM (hehe). I must say that is a big jump for me from 15 to 17 and also my first save. I decided to take over Enfield Town FC (setup; manager profile) basically because I like their logo. My first season was a fiasco; with some luck we barely managed to stay up. So here it is: Expectations Media - 22 Board - Attempt to avoid relegation Squad - League - Cups - Fixtures1 - Fixtures2 - Fixtures3 - Transfers - Finances - Board Confidence Review Top 3 Players 1.Evan Garnett Stats: Position selected: ST| Apps: 43(2)| Average rating: 6.95| Shots/90m: 2.07|Shots on target/90m: 1.03| Shots on target ratio: 50%| Headers won/90m: 2.53| Pass completed/90m: 39.29| Key passes: 42| Pass ratio: 83%| Goals: 20 -my goal scorer, but a very good passer as well with no more then 42 key passes 2.Will Spetch Stats: Position selected: DC| Apps: 36(5)| Average rating: 6.94| Interceptions: 650| Headers Won/90m: 9.42| Tackle ratio: 74%| Key Tackles: 14| Pass completed/90m: 20.94 -a solid defender with very good stats; impressive 650 interceptions when Ebbsfleet top defender had 628 2.Scott Shulton Stats: Position selected: MC| Apps: 41(3)| Average rating: 6.98| Pass completed/90m: 75.57| Key passes: 41| Pass ratio: 80%| Interceptions: 302| -the key passes and interceptions speak for themselves Tactics About tactics, well I started the save with the idea of playing counterattacking, so at the beginning I played with a 4141 and 352. Things didn't go well so I switched to my 3rd tactic a 442 and in the end I listened to my coach and switched to a 4123DM. I didn't have a tactical identity and this was my big problem (that I will not repeat in the second season). That's it. For the next season my objective is (I hope) a playoff spot. Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Vanarama National League South 18th Avoid relegation