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  1. April results: League table: May & June fixtures, the end:
  2. January Transfers: This winter I lost one of my key players. The new contract negotiations have fallen through and Palmeiras decided to pay the release clause. I don’t really understand this logic: he rejected our over 200k contract but he accepted 149K from Palmeiras. We made some good money, we almost double our investment, but the real problem is that I couldn’t find any replacement and now our right flank is really exposed. I decided to play my backup DR - the one that can play in CD position - as CD and bought a new DR: Igor Pavlov: 23 years old, pretty solid, I think he deserves all the money. We made some profit this year and cuz of that our new financial status is rich. January - March results: Europa League Our all European campaign was poor this year, without any big surprises. We are bound to win the league now, if not, the all season was a disaster. Friendlies & Premyer Liha League table: April fixtures:
  3. I don’t think I’m gonna buy someone this winter, but it’s nice to have it there. December results: Champions League Definitely it wasn’t an easy game. We just needed a draw, but till 69 minutes we were out of Europe. It may be the end of the journey. Premyer Liha Match of the month: League table: January & February fixtures:
  4. November results: Champions League Premyer Liha & Kubok Ukraini Awful month in CL saw us kicked out of competition, also we are out of Ukrainian Cup and all of that because of injuries. I needed to improvise in defense cuz I could only rely on 1 CD that usually is a backup. My DR is also injured and because of the lack of CDs I needed to play the backup DR as CD cuz is the only one who can properly play there and one of my DL as DR. Yap, a lot of improvisations in defense. Should I say that my defensive CM is also injured? I expect the next month results to drop the same, but we really need at least a draw against Dinamo Buc. to continue in EL. Match of the month: League table: December fixtures:
  5. October results: Champions League Chelsea played a 424 and we couldn’t resist under their continuous pressure. Our fullbacks were constantly caught out of position and because of that, their fast wingers punished us. Premyer Liha & Kubok Ukraini We maintain our winning streak with 9 wins in a row and 11 in total, but the most important win is of course against our rivals, Dynamo and because of that we are now sitting top of the league. Is way too early but is nice to see us top. Match of the month: League table: November fixtures:
  6. September results: Champions League Premyer Liha I really like how my team is moving this season it's like a totally different team. Yes, I made some minor tactical adjustments this season like changing the IF into IW with cross less often; changing the BBM into CM to get rid of that roam from position; adding move into channels and roam from position to AM for totally freedom and given an attack duty to my CF. Right now, I feel like we can beat every team we face, but let’s see how long this can go. We deserved to win against Atletico, unfortunately a free kick ruined an even better result. Match of the month: League table: Dynamo is having a good start so far and it seems that is up to us to stop them. October fixtures:
  7. August results: Champions League The Belgians from Kortrijk gave us a challenge, or at least they scared us a little bit in the first leg. Even so we are in the CL groups once again, something that I can’t say about our rivals. This season’s Champions League will see us traveling to England, Spain and Romania in a tough encounter against Chelsea, Atletico and Dinamo. Premyer Liha Match of the month: League table: September fixtures:
  8. Season III 2029/2030 Commercial Summary & Finances: Season expectations & Preview: Transfers: I’m still trying to get rid of some of the players, but only one in for us this season: Dejan Radic: A fast Serbian DL that will only be a backup for us. Squad: Top key players: Antonio Uallace Eder Luiz Tactic & First eleven: Well, I finally dragged my IF into IW role…let’s see how things will go this season. Friendlies & Superkubok results: No Super Cup for us this season. Superkubok: Champions League: August & CL fixtures:
  9. The bad luck, bottle job or call it how you want is back. 3 months in which we smashed everyone were ruined by just one game. May & June fixtures: We lost every chances of winning the title in the game against Vorskla. After that was just about squad rotation and playing around with the tactic. Well, at least we won the cup and super cup. Match of the month: League table: Some very good news for the next season! Kubok Ukraini Final: Team of the Year – Team of the Season - Top key players this season: Uallace: 13.9km distance/90; 411km distance covered; 87% pass completion ratio, 101.51 passes completed; 32% shots on target ratio; 0.81 shots on target; 9 goals; 9 assists and an average rating of 7.34. Antonio: 89% pass completion ratio, 86.17 passes completed; 74% tackle completion ratio; 0.81 tackles won; 7 assists; 10 goals; and an average rating of 7.28. Eder Luiz: 13.1km distance/90; 380km distance covered; 82% pass completion ratio, 37.43 passes completed; 39% shots on target ratio; 1.27 shots on target; 13 goals; 1 assists and an average rating of 7.23. Board confidence & budgets: I don’t think I’ll gonna do any transfer this summer. The first task is to renew some of my Brazilians contracts and get rid of any release clauses and then focus only on developing them further. Finances: Europa League & Champions League: Brescia & Besiktas: Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/2018 Serie B 1st Promoted, Champions 2018/2019 Serie A 8th Europa League Qualification 2019/2020 Serie A 5th Europa League First Knockout Round 2020/2021 Serie A 6th TIM Cup Winners, Europa League First Knockout Round 2021/2022 Serie A 3rd Supercoppa, Europa League First Knockout Round, UCL Group Stage Qualification 2022/2023 Serie A 2nd UCL Quarter Final 2023/2024 Serie A 1st Champions, UCL Quarter Final 2024/2025 Serie A 1st Champions, UCL First Knockout Round 2025/2026 Spor Toto Super Lig 2nd Turkcell Super Kupa, UCL First Knockout Round 2026/2027 Spor Toto Super Lig 1st Champions, UCL First Knockout Round 2027/2028 Premyer-Liha 1st Champions, Superkubok, Kubok Ukraini, UCL Quarter Final 2028/2029 Premyer-Lyha 2nd Superkubok, Kubok Ukraini, EL Quarter Final
  10. April results: Europa League Our European journey ends in Valencia this season, after a disastrous performance in second leg . Premyer Liha & Kubok Ukraini Our form looks amazing so far, too bad that Valencia ended our 2 months unbeaten run, but we still remain unbeaten for 3 months in the league. Match of the month: League table: We still have some chances in winning the league, but it not depends on us. We will wait for Dynamo to make a mistake and hopefully we will get a positive result in our next direct encounter. Very tough… they are in a good season so far, beating Man United in their way to the CL quarter final. May & June fixtures, the end:
  11. Youth Intake: It seems that we can produce goalkeepers…I have 4 right now. March results: Europa League We were very lucky in the first leg, they missed a penalty and a lot of chances. In the second leg a corner kick and a counterattack made the difference and we are gonna meet Valencia next. Unfortunately, I lost my DL for 2 months. Premyer Liha We finally start to be more constant in winning, or is just a good month, anyway I’ll take it. Match of the month: League table: 6 points differences between us and Dynamo, 4 from Olexandriya, a lot of games to go and it seems that anything can happen in the end. April fixtures:
  12. January Transfers: There’s a lot of great 22-23 years Brazilian strikers but I’ll not break my rules and I tried to improvise a little bit. A lot of money involved this year. 3 in, 3 out and a small transfer mistake: Murat Romanov: A much defensive solid, WB backup. I know, 9M for a backup is a lot, but these are the prices. Boni: Here I made a little mistake. I didn’t pay attention and signed him in December before his birthday and so he arrived at us at 21 years old. He can play in both ST and AMC positions but I’m gonna play him as AMC cuz of his traits. Thiago Rosan Junior: He’s mainly an AMC but I’m gonna play him as ST. Good finishing, technique, passing attributes and I expect him to score but also provide assists. He already has 2 goals and 1 assist in 3 games for us and I hope will continue like this. 22 games in Ligue 1, while he was on loan at Lille, it’s a big bonus in his development. I already received some 18M offers for him but no way he will be leaving. It’s not the right time and definitely nor the right price. He has a 22.5M release clause that I need to get rid of in the near future. January & February results: Europa League We managed to progress past Feyenoord but we are gonna face a much tougher team in next round: Friendlies & Premyer Liha Match of the month: League table: March fixtures:
  13. November & December results: Champions League With a little help from Brescia and a lucky 92 minutes equalizer against Barca, we are gonna continue in Europa League this season. Premyer Liha & Kubok Ukraini Our form is not looking good at all and it seems that it may be Dynamo’s year. We are not as lethal in attack as before, my striker being very inconstant. Luckily, the winter break is here. Match of the month: League table: My board expectation is just to qualify to CL this season too, that means at least 2nd place. Vorskla already sacked theirs manager, hopefully Akhmetov is not so crazy and our form will improve after the break. I’m looking for a new striker this winter, that’s for sure. Europa League Draw: February & March fixtures: