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  1. Yep i've tried both approaches. Even loaded up a Chelsea save as a test with their very fast CB's and high workrate forwards/midfield to try both approaches but it still happens regardless. They made a change to through ball decision making in a patch and since then it's been crazy in my experience. I still win the vast majority of the time, just wondered if anybody had consistent success with limiting this particular type of goal. edit: I'll take screenshots of the tactical set ups and post them here later
  2. hello my fellow tacticians, have any of you found a way to neutralise the cbs pogba level passing range
  3. Do your defenders get enough support from the midfield line when they have the ball? Usually your defenders will clear it out if they see no viable options, and i'm not 100% sure on this but i think take fewer risks might compound that in this situation
  4. I won the Bundesliga and Europa League in my 1st season basically using my own interpretation of Tuchels Dortmund. Used high Dline and LOE, intense pressing however i've been doing 4-3-3's/ 4-1-2-3's pretty much religiously since fm 12 so I felt like trying something different.
  5. Mentality: Positive In possession: Play out of defense Transition: Counter Out of possession: Prevent short distribution, Use offside Trap PI's: LW ST RW : Close down more. LW RW: Shoot less often. I stripped it down and made it simplistic to let the players do them as they're good players, I'ma give this iteration a few more games to get a greater overlook of what's going right and wrong.
  6. I've chopped and changed so much in frustration I don't even have a set tactic for it anymore. I've tinkered with LOE to allow space ahead of me to run in to on transitions, tinkered with passing range, speed, everything. Currently the tactic goes as: DLF(S) Fischer/Volland WS) SS(A) IW(S) Sancho/Bailey Havertz Bailey/Paulinho DLP(S) CM(D) Szoboszlai Ajer FB(s) CD(D) CD(D) FB(A) Pellegrini Wober Tah Weiser SK(S) Hradecky Szoboszlai has tries killer balls trait and the appropriate stats to in theory find Havertz whenever he pleases, however he just passes it wide instead most of the time. Overall it's been frustrating as Havertz has all the stats to be the deadliest SS in the game. I am super determined to get a working system for my Main save as Birmingham as I intend to develop Jude Bellingham in to my star SS
  7. Playing with Leverkusen, Trying to use Havertz as my focal point as a shadow striker, he makes the runs excellently, just players refuse to pass to him even though he's in acres of space. Any one had success using a Shadow Striker? If so, how did you do it. I guess you could use this thread as a discussion regarding getting the best out of shadow strikers.
  8. I am currently running a barca inspired system on a spurs save. At the moment I am using a midfield trio of a Half Back, a DLP support on the right, and and an AP attack on the left. I've never noticed it on previous fm's but this year you can instruct the AP to hold position, which is helpful as it means he'll stay within his own area of influence more and not automatically gravitate to where the ball is.
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