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  1. Thank you @Robson 07 and @lferreira for your input. I've had some experience, both before and after starting this thread, mostly after the changes I made after my dialog with @Experienced Defender in watching games at full game, but mostly comprehensive highlights. To summarize changes and what I have experienced: 1) change lower line of engagement to standard. I'm mixed on this and think I'll toggle the lower line situationally. I've noticed that my opponent can easily move upfield at times. I perceive this as being because I'm less compact. However, it is easy to imagine this could b
  2. Okies, so what I will do, by way of experiment is: 1) experiment with LOE. A key factor might be if changing it effects the squad's famialarity with the formation. If so, then maybe a topic for next year. But... We've gone through our hellish compressed schedule for the year. Most of the rest of our schedule is weekly games. Maybe extra time for training will mitigate against losing some familiarity with the tactic? 2) remove the regroup and see what happens. 3) set "waste time" = never and only use that situationally as you describe. 4) continue with the attack width, combined with
  3. I'm not surprised that your first take is oppossition playing me tougher. And you have a good point about unrealistic expectations. After all, I've spent 120+ seasons of FM (mostly FM09 and some FM12) overachieving. I've earned it! But, as I mentioned in OP, I'm not particularly looking forward to getting promoted. I just dramatically reengineered the team with the first promotion, and have doubts about doing it again to avoid having a relegation-class team. I'm all but sure to lose my two team leaders anyway (lack of skill and age). I've never wanted to play a relegation-class team since tha
  4. Honestly I can't (much) explain the things you point out. My technical knowledge of football and FM tactics is very low. And terminology could be an issue. I don't necessarily want to play "possession football" but I reckon higher attacking zone possession than my opponents attacking zone possession is a good thing. I'll try to explain/guess your points: 1) LOE and regroup - set based on reading various threads on tactics. Especially in my first year I had a slow defense compared to most other teams. So I'll guess that I went with lower LOE to keep my shape better - to reduce vulnera
  5. tl/dr - is it my tactic, something else, or how do you respond in general when your opponent is doing to you what you normally do to them? Probably my first post... I've lurked here for two years. I've played an enourmous ammount of FM09, some FM12, and a little of FM17 & FM19 (currently playing). In my current save, I am playing Ebbsfleet United. Last year I won Vanarama National with Ebbsfleet and am now in Sky Bet 2 and doing very well - fairly comfortable 3rd place 29 games into the season (of 46). I would be happy mid-table, as my team is realistically physically/technically
  6. I have always assumed that the ME worked out similar to what you mention of PI stuff - of highly mechanized things. "Units have this much attacking/definding power" vs striker has this much jumping reach/centre back has this much jumping reach... My interpretation of ME has always been of a series of "die rolls" where technical/mental/physical attributes "conflict", modified by morale, and other bits and such. The visual (or 2D) representation being "nonsense", or better, being feedback to the human player. Though, I do not discount your point that PI stuff has overtly defined stuff where FM t
  7. ok... I'll post in this thread, despite both my general ignorance of football, and of FM (so to speak). First, it has been a superb thread, with many comments about the "soul" of the game. A (small) few may recognize my nick from the Paradox Interactive fora - from 2001 to 2006 I was both a "professinal" beta tester, and to the public, an emmisary of PI to the public (ie, normal gamer folk) putting game issues in perspective - ie, Paradox have limited resources (at the time), fan requests might (while suggested as "easy" might be very "expensive" from Paradox's view) and such -
  8. I would take something/anything and just play it very deeply. Consider it as a role-playing experience (which it sounds you might be interested in) - even if things go poorly. My favorite save was my first ever (in FM09) where I took 2nd division, Irish, Waterford club to become a powerhouse (albeit in Ireland :D). The team performed quite well in European competition (ie, it had respectable losses) , and even made the Champions League group stage once (where it was totally demolished...) Meanwhile, I leveraged my success to get a job in Sweden (GAIS), thence to Germany (Schalke) where I built
  9. Hmmm, I must be super-star or something - I always overachieve, even though I do not delve into the tactical system very much, and do not try to optimize training and such. That said, my overwhelming experience is with FM09 and FM12. But, I'm doing quite nicely in my first save with FM17 (Blackburn in Championship) - being very solid mid-table with a chance of going into the promotion playoff 3/4 through the season. I do stress having good coaches and scouts that have high abilities with current and potential abilities (and ideally my assistant manager, as well, but sadly, not a
  10. Sounds like any of the prior editions... My experience is limited to FM09 and FM12, so I think FM17 is considerably advanced... My only tangible remark is about goal deflections - I've seen a few, but they seemed quite normal, or realistic - my experience being 3/4 of a season with Blackburn in Championship...
  11. My assistant prefers a different formation than I. His advise is strictly about how I should change to his preferred formation and such. Not useful... He does, as you say, provide good info about fitness and such. But, live and let live. I have my own tactical approach, and do not mind if it is not optimized for any given match, based on his advice. Obviously, I could make a wish-list request here... That is my approach and is clearly not universal, but is my individual approach... Cheers, State
  12. Restricting myself to FM17, and being "modest" in my team talks, my greatest event of the season as Blackburn in Championship so far is to decisively lose to 24th place Barnsley after running 7 games without a loss (5 wins against top table sides). OT, I generally play a conservative tactic - slightly attacking or defending. In match, if things are not going well, I might go to the extremes of attacking or defending, depending on the need. With predictable results... I do have a very good defensive team with little offense, but excellent corner and free kick takers make a great
  13. I'll highlight this bit. In FM09 and FM12 I ran several teams for decades and never had complacency issues. While being highly complimentary to my players... No matter, and just an aside. (and btw premature in my FM17 experience where players are complaining about hearing the same talks over and over again - so I do some variation and challenge them - oops, two bad losses in a row :D) I have a general question about man-management that I'll leave for some other time. To you and S111 and others... I form my team based on abilities, not star ratings. Though I use the star ratings as ti
  14. As do I... This is my first post on the forum. I'm a yank, so football is not natural to me... Meaning my analysis will not be based on a lifetime of deep immersion in the rl game... I played FM09 and FM12 a lot. I've just recently bought FM17, and am playing it obsessively. I've observed (in FM09, FM12, FM17) that team morale is the most critical factor in the game. That it is there is a "deus ex machina" factor - the higher team morale, the more likely a positive result will occur regardless of anything (tactics, talent, etc.), and the lower the team morale, the more likely a negat
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