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  1. info provided

    Lol, but the fact is Compatible sir @Alex Pitt
  2. info provided

    I bought it from Google Play Store
  3. info provided

    It's fine. Here's the clue's
  4. info provided

    Hello, any good news sir?
  5. info provided

  6. info provided

    Here it is
  7. info provided

    You're wrong sir, i have no problem wit my device to play FMt except The Store, only The Store. Sure.
  8. info provided

    A phablet, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 (6.3 inch)
  9. info provided

    I've tried to reinstalled too but still same.
  10. info provided

    And still... the store can't opened, i've tried using WiFi (Error code: 10000)
  11. info provided

    Oh OK thanks. But do I need to reinstall FMT?
  12. info provided

    I don't use wifi connection btw, always using data connection and i never use any antivirus on my tablet
  13. info provided

    Btw im living in Indonesia, i've tried to used VPN to access fmt's store/IAP still can't opened
  14. info provided

    Of course, i can access the store/IAP of fmm, the sims freeplay, etc but only fmt can't. I'd be grateful if you solve it asap! Thanks.
  15. @Lucas Weatherby @Alex Hall 🖕