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  1. @Lucas Weatherby @Alex Hall 🖕
  2. Absolutely agree wit ur opinion💯
  3. Hi @IvanDimitrov Try to relaxing your stressness "because six seasons managing a teams have no progress yet" by visiting http://www.fmscout.com Maybe those site will guide you to reduce your frustatedly, Greetings from Indonesia. Cheers🍻
  4. Hi @dejarik Of course, the Chief Scout's Adaptability and Determination absolutely will affect his scout's performance🤓
  5. need more info

    No sir, i've signed in the same Google Account i used to purchase the game. I've try opened from play store also out of play store, still error. I've try reboot my tablet also clear fmt cache, still error. I hope you investigate it asap, Thanks.
  6. How to solve this? Even i have very good connection, still said error code: 10000 Please help, Thanks.