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  1. When's the next update? I stopped playing a month ago when every tactic bombed after some time.
  2. Just had this match home against Bayern (defending champions). Using TributeToTheLegendKnapLaBombasStyle tactic for a little while now. Results looks very good so far, but still very early days. Fifth season with Schalke so my team is strong. Might consider putting it up for testing?
  3. Has anyone tried removing the offside trap to cope with balls over the top?
  4. Keep losing stupid games, even at home. Conceding way to much. This is third season, and a pretty strong Schalke team so hoped for better.
  5. Only problem with the 4132 is the stupid amount of goals conceded over the top.
  6. Might have been that, feels like bad spells is harder to deal with now. Stuck with the tactic and managed to turn things around. Ever since the Real game early december things have been really good.
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