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  1. Keep losing stupid games, even at home. Conceding way to much. This is third season, and a pretty strong Schalke team so hoped for better.
  2. Only problem with the 4132 is the stupid amount of goals conceded over the top.
  3. Might have been that, feels like bad spells is harder to deal with now. Stuck with the tactic and managed to turn things around. Ever since the Real game early december things have been really good.
  4. What is your best SUS tactic? Im West Ham and 4231 Beowulf works fine against small teams and home against the big ones (3-1 against Real Madrid and 6-0 against a very poor Spurs), but away I always seem to get spanked. Any tips?
  5. Knap is a legend and gives us by far the best tactics around here. He's great at responding, helping us as much as he can. He's at the top beacuse people want the good tactics.
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